Widow and Hanzo are absolutely broken


I mean just one shotting everyone. How do you deal with that? It’s impossible!

Really look at the evidence to back this up!

Widow:49% winrate overall! (That’s 8th to last)
Hanzo:48% winrate overall (That’s 6th!..to last)

Widow GM: this is where she’s her best and most deadly and it really shows. She has a 54% (14th best)WINRATE. INSANE.

Hanzo: 51%!! That’s the 26th best in Gm!!!

Please Blizz nerf these unstoppable heroes.


But winrates don’t matter, only my feels of being oppressed by OP heroes hurr dee durr.

Edit: do we have enough threads about this yet?


Yeah, player skill sOoO broken :roll_eyes:


It’s not the character that needs to be nerfed, it’s the player. NERF PLAYERS!


It’s really insane how people ignore these facts just to spout nonsense lol. Hanzo and Widow are the new Genji and Tracer


" 'Elp 'Elp, I’m being oppressed!"


For the past ~8 months in GM, Widow has been the #1 DPS, with Hanzo trailing a bit behind her.
And at only two points (within that time period) has any other non-niche DPS come anywhere close to their PRs/WRs.

But still not OP [in GM] somehow :man_shrugging:


Ashe is what actually fits this game. Hanzo and Widow, on the other hand, should be deleted, right now . Do it Yeff, I know you want to. I know you only forced Widow in there out of necessity, to please those “Do YoU WrisTaIM or ShoULdEraiM bRo?”, “oNe SHoT is aLL I nEeD”, CSGO-playing, edgelord scumbags . But you don’t need to listen to them Yeff. You don’t need to please them. This is not that game - you know it, everyone knows it - yet they are still allowed a place at the table, a festering infection within, that poisons and taints the harmony of the whole. Although it may be painful, it must be excised, for the good of all.

Delete Widow and Hanzo.

Do it, and watch the quality of the game and everyone else’s enjoyment of it skyrocket. Do it. Right now. Erase them. Let us have fun.


Half the playerbase isn’t even above plat, nevermind GM.


PLATINUM is filled with widow smurfs that range from 3k to 4.5k… it is not that much better


What has that got to do with anything. That still doesn’t mean that the majority of the playbase isn’t legitimately only plat.


Hanzo also has 4th lowest winrate in Gm. So I don’t see your point


Winrates havent been proven to correlate with balance


I know this is gonna sound really ridiculous, but every single map in the game is designed to provide cover from snipers, and there’s also this neat little thing called a shield so…


OP is being sarcastic… I think


if you mean in that they are perfectly balanced and are being hated on for no reason, then yes they are the new tracer and genji


Sounds like we need some more hardcounters to remove any facet of skill from the game one interaction at a time. Bring on the next Brig!


That’s what I mean lol