Why you hate Mercy?

from what I’ve seen there are 3 types of Mercy haters:


Mostly dps players, they despise Mercy for having rez on E
They don’t want their picks to be nullified with the press of a button and I believe that they have a point.
Example: Me as a sombra player, sacrifice myself to hack an ulting dva and my tracer goes for the kill. Mercy press E and all our effort meant nothing.


Especially Ana players. their team always ask them to switch to Mercy because Mercy has more healing output + survivability
they also have the right to be upset, not about the fact that Ana is a hard hero to master, but because Ana is High Risk Low Reward.


Imagine that your favorite hero gettting a terrible, unwanted rework, then getting 11 nerfs in a row and become one of the most unfun and boring picks in the game. yet is still hated by everyone and is considered a must-pick. also I’m pretty sure Mercy mains hate rez on E for its cast time. (you can’t even crouch if you’re rezzing.)

now I’m asking YOU
HOW do you fix Mercy?

My Answer

Rez should only be available during valk with 2 charges and no cast time. This is an overall nerf since current Mercy can have 2 rez per minute. But valk takes at least 2 minutes to charge.

Other than that, it ain’t Mercy’s fault that Ana is weak! let her heal thru barriers but no damage. barriers are supposed to block damage.
also she needs some sort of mobility like widow hook (activates by holding Jump Key) or self heal as passive, like other supports have


Rework her, with resurrect being tied to her ultimate in some form again, new E and no weakness-erasing Valkyrie.

Or delete rez, because this poo is getting tiring


exactly. it doesn’t matter what they do to resurrect. it will never fit as a normal ability

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It really is funny to watch the decline of us all, beginning to ask rez just be removed at this point.

I used to avidly defend it-- but now? Just throw it away and work some interactivity into Mercy’s kit.


“you just want her to be OP AGAIN”

“She is still best healer”

“mercy is fine”

“I ,who never play mercy,think she is fun”

…and other such nonsense


the number of Mercy related posts in these forums is unbelievable. yet they always move these posts to the mega thread. i’m actually hoping that now that the mega thread is locked, I can have my point and not get locked or moved to that dumpster

Mercy is in a very sad situation right now with the devs not knowing what they do and the community hating so much about her. In case you havent seen it yet here is Titaniums latest thread with another rework idea put together by several people.


I think Rez should be worked into ult again. It’s never going to be balanced as it is now because the other healers with actual weaknesses will never be able to compete with that on top of Mercy’s base kit. Mercy’s weakness was suppose to be that she was the best healer, but had less utility than other options. Rez takes that away, and now Mercy’s only weakness is lack of damage.

We don’t need mass rez back. For all the complaining about that skill, it was bad for both sides of the roster. But, currently, we need to address the fact that I have more rezzes now than when mass rez was a thing. A utility skill shouldn’t have the same number of rezzes per match as an ultimate. So I say tie it into her ult somehow, or give her another utility skill and change her ultimate to no longer take away her weakness of only being a single target healer.


At this point I feel like devs are too proud to actually try one of these amazing ideas. I mean, people ask for a rework or revert that works around rez. BOOM they nerf her Healing


Nah. Ana’s still the play maker she’s always been.


Oh that’s what. You’re biased.

“It’s the fault of the dev making Ana weak in the first place.” - Cpt. Obvious.

Except Ana is not weak. She does fine in her strengths, and when her team builds around her she thrives. The exact same can be said for Moira.

Mercy for the last year has just done everything, better than everyone, for a lot less drawback, so why play the other two? Of course, when you place balanced hero’s next to a broken one, they are going to look weak.

All I get from ur words is that you like Ana too much to actually agree that she’s not great atm. I’m mostly saying the words of Ana players here. ml7 says Ana is takes so much skill to be effective yet can’t provide enough for her team so that her team won’t prefer having a Mercy.

ultimate abilities take at least 2 minutes to be ready. 2 rez during valk means 2 rez in 2 minutes. current Mercy can rez 1 guy every 30s

Again, wut? If it takes you that long to charge valk, You’re doing something wrong.

To nobodies surprise, GM and top 500 players who are playing at the highest level where everyone abuses the Meta, that is defined by the most broken hero’s in the game, have a hard time playing balanced hero’s in it.

What purpose does the current Mercy serve ?

I want a purpose for Mercy.

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Can we stop using “hater” to describe people with rational, reasoned opinions towards a topic? “Hater” implies that the person has an unfounded, irrational dislike of something. In the context of Mercy, a deep disliking of her is understandable. Some people are just SICK of hearing about her and seeing her in game. I know I am.