Why you favor mercy so much?


She’s objectively balanced right now. Even if her pickrate is one of the higher one’s her statistics show absolutely nothing that points towards her being overtuned. She’s the only dedicated healer having mechanically no equivalents as main healers and she has very high team synergy with the current meta roster (unlike other main healers) so her pickrate is naturally bloated.

When you consider all these factors there’s just absolutely no objective reason to nerf her currently and the only valid subjective reasons to make changes to a hero are that an ability is unfair (hog’s hookcombo, scatter arrow, Doomfist, Sombra) or fundamentally flawed (Mercy’s hide n seek games, Sombra’s hack changes) and these are things that the developers work out only internally

If you want to fix problems with the supports then you should be looking at Moira’s resource management problems, Ana’s lack of healing numbers and Lucio’s ultimate being rather irrelevant under current meta.

You can look at average statistics of support heroes across the ladder from here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/805t6p/every_supports_average_healing_damage_per_game/


What ? You want buff mercy ? Bronze ?


Mercy in her current kit is … boring ( at least for me). She has a spectator mode(Valkyrie) and statue mode (Rez). When she was reworked I thought that with Rez on regular ability they might add some skill to Mercy like deciding who and when to rez , being careful with it etc. It turned out completely different. Yes, she’s balanced now but really lame. Ana still needs a buff. Believe me Ana and Mercy are my most played and favorite heroes. I understand their mechanics,etc. but when I play Ana i feel like doing a lot but it doesn’t make any difference. Ana just feels like “High Skill=Low Reward”. But Mercy is not the problem we have to deal with so Ana and the other heroes get their time to shine. If you think about it Mercy is the purest support of all the support roster. Nerfing her won’t solve the problems in the support roster. It’ll just make her less fun to play for the players but still be the best at her job.
And Blizzard could have done something for the other supports. Like the Moira Bug fix- It was a straight nerf, she had to keep it the way it was( Healing through barriers). Maybe they should revert it or give her something so she can feel more powerful.
Ana and her biotic riffle buff was strange at first when they buffed her , but she definitely need more power. Maybe lowering the cooldown on her grenade and on the sleep dart, or increasing the healing on the grenade idk. I have been playing the game for a year know and I’ve never been hear when the Ana meta was a thing, before her nerfs.
Zen- he feels balanced, if not , a small nerf might be needed. But I’m not a Zen player so I can’t say anything about him.
Lucio- Well, Lucio is hard to balance. One streamer/pro (I think it was Gale Adelade) said that even a small buffs can turn him into OP monster , so that’s why Blizzard are careful with him, probably we’ll see some changes in the future.
As for Mercy - personally I’d love to see some changes that would make her more fun but remain balanced. Like making her Rez an earnable ability( Come on Devs, It was requested from so many people)Maybe nerfing the healing of Valkyrie on multiple targets , but increasing it on the main target. Idk.
For Brigitte- she’s really strong, I don’t play her enough but playing against her is really annoying.


I am kind of okay with Mercy in her current form. couple of months ago we were told she was balanced by non Mercy plyers


How so? But they said it was a bug fix xd

And something not quite Mercy related, but still interesting to see:

Look at these stats… Usually in most scenarios, the higher you are, the higher the average amount of healing is. Stats confirm that. But then look at Lucio. He reaches the high amount in Platinum… only to have it lower in Diamond and even lower in Master, to reach the top tier in GM.


How tf is genji favored, never received a buff and has gotten nothing hut numerous counters. Tracer I agree is the golden child but genji has been just fine for the past 1.75 years (genji 1.0 was seriously op).


Luckily his damage output follows an upward trend. The reason why his healing is slightly lower in diamond and master (not very significant differences) is because other roles perform relatively better against him there. It’s much easier to heal and dodge as a Lucio in gold than in diamond/masters. The same trend doesn’t really apply to other heroes because they’re not built around high controlable mobility


Well, I think it’s different level to Tracer. Dive enabled him, deflect was broken for months and he was one of the top dog DPS. Maybe not directly favoured, so that’s my bad. But he was still very strong, and only fell out when Brig came in.

Tracer is the real beast though. Glad we can agree on that.


Tracer still needs some sort of Nerf considering she’s still a monster. Sorry if I got a little triggered there I’m so sick of the constant genji hate.


Yeah, I’m pretty shocked that Tracer’s nerf is the first ever change she’s received… since launch.

It’s all good, I get where you’re coming from. I find Genji more counterable than Tracer tbh, so that’s something.


Mercy depends so much on her team, just like Rein. So, she is only powerful if the entire team co-operates with her.


Is that what happened to titanium, I’m assuming if they she earned enough suspensions that she is now permanently banned. Or as she just given up… I’ve reached that point. I come here to check on updates but none of the updates have brought back my desire to play the game again.


I don’t disagree with you. Ana’s problem is her own and unrelated to Mercy. That is true. Yet I nonetheless feel compelled to play Mercy simply because I undercut my own team if I choose to play Ana as is.

Ana needs her survivability and throughputs improved. She needs her dart to be far easier to land on high mobility targets at near point blank ranges and for the sleep not break so easily as to allow her to slip away. Further she needs her end game total healing numbers to more or less match Mercy’s. I get that Mercy is consistent healing, that’s her strength. So it’s okay with me that Ana’s healing is both bursty and staccato so long as at the end of each match the healing numbers line up if both put similar efforts on keeping their crews alive.

Short of these two taking into effect Ana will never hold a candle to Mercy.

As far as Rez vs Nano, sure there’s work that can be done but you really can’t compare the two since they’re incomplete on both heroes. They need to be rethought to give a fair comparison to.

I kinda wish Mercy’s E was a mini Valkyrie and her old Rez returned; and I kinda wish Ana’s nano would nano’d Ana when fired without an expressed target. That way she can use the nano much the same way that Zenyatta sometimes uses Trancendance as an escape tool.


statistically proven? show me the stats provign this?

As pure healing she is NOT the best.

Moira and Ana both have potential to out heal her in nearly ever case. (barring valk chain heal but even then properly positioned moira and team can still out heal the mercy)

on the bit about ana specifically…nerfs/buffs wont fix her. her problem is a flaw in design that shouldnt of existed in OW. (she cant be flexible if the moment demands it)

you mean the trashpile they dump all mercy topics so they dotn have to see em? ;p

umm… most mercy mains never WANTED the rework…a good portion dont even LIKE valk still.

what other hero is treated better than mercy? oh idk…how long was tracer and (to a lesser extent) genji untouched while both being extremely oppressive ?

Entire reason Mercy was reworked and became the monster of 2.0 is BECAUSE people asked for change…this is the case of “be careful of what you wish for”.

you mean how mass rez and mercy before invuln buff were a troll pick?
Peopel seem to forget that bit…rather than remove the buff that MADE the issues with mass rez…they rework her :expressionless: and the devs get PAID to do this stuff…


Anyone who honestly thinks Mercy is favored…nees to take a good long look at the mercy megathread… we are NOT favored.

As to why devs dont wanna change Mercy anymore… They have honestly put mroe time into that single hero than any other hero in game…other heroes need fixes too and cant dedicate all the time and effort to a single hero.

(last bit is ofc my opinion)


Your last opinion isn’t an opinion. It was stated. They see her now in “a good place” (a quote they also used on Ana too) and moved on to work other heroes. Same too they also said that if she still has issues that they’d revisit her.


Mercy pickrate this month across every rank : 11.90 % most picked healer
Last three months : 10,52 % pickrate most picked healer
Last six months : 9,62 % most picked healer
Now if you go to see her pickrate on every single rank in this months she is the most picked support .

Gameplay wise means that if your team doesn’t have mercy and the other does your team is at a disanadvantage

Edit : stats shows that in healings done per match mercy always outshine ana and mercy in healings done per game is still able to battle Moira. Also master gm mercy mains that i’ve talked , all pretty much says the same things that mercy is op and that as a nerf they should try to make rez only available during valkyrie


I wouldn’t mind Rez in Valkyrie if they also eliminate the cooldown. Then it’s a case of defining how easy it’ll be for Mercy to get her ULT.

She may not have an E anymore but like Zen she can save the ULT too if she needs that hasty escape.

That kinda leaves Ana as the only support without a panic button. :frowning:


Yeah, Titanium got suspended on the old forums but they undid it because of an immense amount of backlash. They got silenced again on these forums after posting one of their (informed and detailed) topic.

Also fyi Mercy got nerfed, again. Probably gonna uninstall.



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