Why we need old mercy (not mercy main btw)

Nawh 3.0 sym just needs some tweaks but as for mercy she needs a rework after they do bastions rework after torbjorns.

I can wait.


Mercy was more enjoyable with mass rez when you ult and got a good rez you were exited and happy (it was also more impactful) with her new ult your doing the same thing you have been doing all game just a little better. When you did ult you would go back to healing and boosting (like when most healer finish ults they go back to whatever they are doing) but at least old ult took you away from that for a bit. You are correct about her still being able to jump from ally to ally. I just disagree with the other two. Thanks for taking your time to read this.


As a Symmetra main, I say yes.


Not for me.

Current Rez also does this.

You’re welcome.

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lol while that is true please lets keep this about mercy

People hate this world. Here, feel free to discuss old Mercy here:

~ Sincerely,
:smiley: someone who likes to play old Mercy :smiley:
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No but a hero’s ult is an important part of their gameplay, and at least back then she wasn’t a must-pick.

Its about having impact in a teamfight. Tell me, whats more impactful: Bringing 1-5 heroes back into the fight, or an AOE 50 Healing/30 DMG Boosting? Lucio does the first on a CD.

PS: 50HP/S doesn’t do jack against focused fire or burst-damage heroes. And if you are boosting, you arent healing, meaning your team lost their already crappy healing.

Like I said in my first post: Out of Valk you do that even less because you heal less. You need to spend more time in the same target.

And in Valk, you don’t. You float as far as you can while healing very little health for an ult. You are removed from the fight. You are not jumping from ally to ally or running any risk.


The fact that current Mercy is mildly undertuned and extremely unfun justifies a third rework. It does not justify reintroducing a long list of issues that came from mass rez.


The only issues it had were “Felt bad for the enemy team”(which is bs because getting High-Noon’ed, Tech-Visor’ed, Rip-Tire’ed or D.Va Bomb’ed when you have no escape feels terrible) and “Encourage Mercy to let teammates die”.

All we needed to do to fix Mass Ress was remove the Invulnerability it had pre-rework, add a SMALL channel(like Lúcio’s Ult) and make it require Line-of Sight.

If you want more, make it so she can only Ress an Ally 5s after they die, so it limits 5-man Ress scenarios. All of these are small teaks they could do instead of insisting on a Rework that took 14 nerfs to be “”“balanced”"" and made the character a bore to play.


She isn’t a must pick anymore.

I’ll pull the “fun” card here. I genuinely find Valk more fun than Mass Rez.

You can still dash around just as much as before even if you have to spend more time healing a player.

So you are one of the people who go afk when using Valk and do nothing else.

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The amount of people hating on mercy in the comments of this post is way too high.
You probably are all dps mains who can’t just pick a hero to kill mercy with and then win the game, instead you probably just stick with your main which is useless in the current situation, but given that you can’t play anything else, you instead complain on the forums that mercy is sooooo overpowered.
I am a dps main myself, but i’ve never had a huge problem with mercy in the past 2 years.
Yes, there were times when she was a must pick hero, and just basically overpowered, and she did in fact deserve some slight nerfs.
But right now what we are experiencing are not slight nerfs, this is literally the obliteration of mercy. She is becoming unplayable, and blizzard can’t let that happen considering that mercy is one of the most “famous” heroes in the game. Without her, overwatch isn’t overwatch.

Reading people’s responses is a joke. Some guy says “an ultimate that makes her almost invincible”. What do you mean? LOL.
Pick McCree, Widowmaker, Soldier, and if you are not that bad at the game, you will be able to pick out an ulting mercy within seconds.

I’m also surprised there are people still saying that Mercy is the easiest hero in the game.
There is something hard about every single hero (except junkrat LOL).
The fact that she doesn’t need to aim to heal her teammates might seem easy, but since mercy players always get focused down, its really not easy to position well with her and keep your team alive at the same time so you, and them won’t die instantly.
If you try her out in a high rank, you might be able to understand that its not that easy to play her. Experience it! :slight_smile:
All im gonna say as my final words is, that if a main healer can’t outheal a damn winston tazer anymore, there is something wrong with that hero…


And it only took 14 nerfs and gutting every aspect of her kit to make it so. Hooray!

Looks like you had no argument there. Unlucky…
And that doesn’t disproves what I said. Her ult has the healing power of a heroe’s CD. In a smaller area. Good game design.

What I mean is, you are doing what makes the character fun LESS. More time healing a single target is more time before you can heal someone else, risking them dying. And healing a target for less means they will get burst down even easier.

50 heals cripples her whole kit because it means less GA’ing, less time DMG boosting(because you need to heal more), longer to get Valkyrie(less heals means less Ult-Charge). The only think it “helps” is making you need Ress more, which wait, you can’t use because you’ll die. Fun.

At this point you are just being disingenuous.

Mercy’s gameplay is about being in the middle of the fight dashing. Valk makes you stand away from the fight.
Mercy is supposed to be a powerful single-target healer. Valk makes the healign EOE and now her healing is lower than a side-healer.
Mass-Ress had a huge impact in a teamfight(be it ressing a single target or more). Valk has very little impact.

IDK what else to tell you. I’m giving you facts and you are covering your ears going “Mercy is fine! Nananana!”.


Those are indeed poor reasons but there were many others.

The outcome of the entire fight came down to a window of a few seconds, making it excessively decisive compared to literally any other ultimate, yet was still underpowered. Overall it put the team at a slight disadvantage for a chance to completely screw over the enemy team. Emphasis on chance, as it too often comes down to if a flanker checks the right corner in time. Making it more difficult to pull off actually makes things worse, as the outcome is even more volatile, unpredictable, and uncompetitive.

The ult was also best used for tempo rez, yet using it like that is extremely counterintuitive, which is a major problem when it is both excessively decisive and also the bulk of the character’s value. For the same reasons it is a huge problem that the value of the ult went up when the team did poorly yet went down when the team did well. This is something you do not want on any character, but especially the supports.

For the record, I want a fast, fluid, and ult linked tempo rez to be the centerpiece of any third rework.

#Justice4Mercy #Mercy3.0


Look, I know that there is frustration linked to Mass-Ress, but there also is to about every ultimate in a way. The stuff that made Mass-Ress toxic could easily be patched up, and there were many suggestions that were thrown straight into the trash by the devs.

What I’m drying to say is, between Mass-Ress and the Rework, Mass-Ress was way healthier to the game(backed up by stats, she wasn’t a must-pick and in-fact didn’t get picked much in high-tiers). With Mass-Ress we could at least work with it, this Rework could only be Nerfed, and Nerfed and Nerfed…until she was left a shadow of what she was.

A revert is more feasible than a new Rework because they’d need to devote way more time and resources to make something new instead of reinstating something they already have and make adjustments to it.

And At this point, I’d accept a single-ress on a low ult-charge if they reinstated her old healing and gave her a useful E, but that’s me tired after an year of constantly nerfing and people saying “she’s fine now” after every single one of them.


You would have saved yourself a lot of anger not Basing truth of something Blizzard “said” . By now, you should know better.

lol that is actually facts


Apparently being a flying healing chandelier in the sky box is fun to people with minimal impact but hey to each their own.

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If they do enjoy it, and aren’t just saying it as a an excuse for an argument. Who knows…