Why we need Mercy back!

That you don’t except it, doesn’t mean it has not been said.

Jeff Kaplan

I’d like to put the notion that Mercy will be reverted to rest

Both are not the case.
Mercy got reworked for valid reasons and current Mercy is more balanced than ever. There’s no reason to rework/revert just because some people are unhappy.

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You’re…seriously asking me to go through their ENTIRE post history-which thanks to their profile being privated-means I would need to search user name and scroll through every forum post they’ve made…

(If I was paranoid I’d say you’re their smurf but I have no proof and I’d like to think people ate that desperate.)

When arguing the stats to Overbuff, which yes privated profiles have skewed their acurracy, but it was stated on the forum it was only around a 5% difference from then to now.

There was another where they’ve stated she “Factually can use Superjump by herself” It was called out and they retracted it so I can’t find that one.

It appears they’ve also deleted their “Factually there is no issue with stack AoE healing” since it looks like once again they were called out on it and edited.

So each time they are “incorrect” by they’re “factual statements” they correct them.

I’m sorry each time they say factual, and it’s proved to be incorrect they edit it, it just makes it seem that they can point back and go “I’ve always been right”

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If he does value personal experience, then he used it correctly in this sentence.
“Factually, I think green is the best color.” I used the word factually correctly.
“Factually, green is the best color.” I used the word factually incorrectly.
And no, he and I are different people.

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Alright you’re a troll.

You cannot say an opinion is fact.

Is an opinion, there’s not FACTS based on this, like at all, in the slightest.

Fact: a piece of information presented as having objective reality

Opinion: belief stronger than impression and less strong than positive knowledge

You CANNOT expect to to believe that you’re “opinion” can be considered fact just because you throw “factually” in front of it.

You’ve gotten 3 posts of my attention, but that’s all. Have fun/

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It is a fact that I think green is the best color. What makes it a fact is the words “I think” are in the statement.
I’m not even trying to start a huge argument with you, I’m playing devils advocate.
But if you aren’t even going to debate me and just label me a ‘troll’, then that’s fine. Have a good one.

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I fail to see the logical connection between “We don’t plan to revert Mercy anytime soon” and “Mass-Resurrect is never coming back in any form”.

Would you be so kind as to explain it, if you can?

You’ve triggered my trap card!

Hold this:

Sure, if you exclude Mercy’s pre-rework state.

Funny how this logic is applied now, but it wasn’t prior to the rework. :thinking:

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Daily reminder that the developers of this game did not waste the time, money, and energy changing one hero just because some people complained on the forums. Stop saying this everyone

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But’s that’s exactly what it was.

The complaints were nonexistent in season 4. In fact, most people still assumed that Mercy was a troll-pick.

And then season 5 hit, and complaints started appearing on social media about how Mercy, a D-tier hero, was somehow overpowered. Throw in a few streamers raging about their Q presses getting countered by someone else’s Q press, and poof! We have a Mercy rework!

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Does it matter that she’s easy to play? In the right hands, mercy could easily be one of the more powerful characters on a team. Just because a characters easy to play, it doesn’t mean they have to be stuck in the lower ranks. Plus, the thing that people are asking for is to make mercy fun, not op and a must pick. Idk about other mercy players, but I hated how powerful valk was; to me it felt like a real mess of an ult to begin with, even before the endless stream of needs. And I don’t see how she’s a ‘mind numbing character’. Is that because of her low skill ceiling? What Reinhardt? He’s a one star tank, just like mercy’s a one star support. I’d rein a ‘mind numbing hero at the top’ too? He’s everywhere in GM

its more how she’s designed to play

no resource management, need to aim, reload independent use of her mobility

You can’t really inherently do any sort of skill expression there, it’s basically just GA and pistol use

Plus some people always found Mercy boring and don’t want her to be a must pick again, it’d just be boring for them

It’s really not as simple as that

People are asking for changes, not all of them are reasonable and balanced, some are, some make her weaker, some make her ridiculous, some find her fun just not impactful, some say she’s not fun because she’s not impactful, etc

The star difficulty just shows how easy it is to pick up a hero not how limited their skill ceiling is

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I responded to Candi, basically saying that some people (such as yourself) will always be arguing for Mass Rez, and even if the devs said that it’d never be put in this game, you’d then argue that they can change their mind.

That’s fair, right? Pretty accurate. That was my response to Candi.

You then quoted and responded to what I said. The goal wasn’t to continue anything with you, you’re not irresistible. However, I am open minded to talking to you about Mercy.

I do now.

Cool. Read what I’ve said in your rework thread regarding Mass Rez etc and the 1:1-5 mechanic. All the posts are recent so you won’t have to look far. I’m waiting on people to get back to me sadface :frowning: Then hmu. Obviously you’re for Mass Rez, so might as well start there. Just throw your thoughts at me on that in this thread, as the other is approaching the 10k.

Look forward to it! :slight_smile:

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It’s the narrative that benefits their argument the most. They’ll stick with it. I don’t think there is a way to convince them that Mass Rez was changed for more than just “feels.” We’ll see though…


Mercy never left. She’s still in the game.

Whether you like the current Mercy or not, Mercy is balanced atm. Her pickrate is healthy and her average healing is on par with that of the other main healers.

And balancing on fun is impossible. Fun is subjective.
You might not like the current Mercy, but other might do. To whose fun do we balance Mercy?


That’s the crux of the issue. So many arguing for Mass Rez to be put back into the game do so because of feelings and such mainly. That stuff is just white noise. Your feelings are negated by the feelings of the other people in the game with you etc etc. Futile exercise.

The arguments for Mass Rez being in the game, in a game health, mechanical, sort of way, are weak at best. Nonsense most of the time.

It reminds me of addiction in a lot of ways. People just wanting a certain specific experience, don’t care the cost, and they’re mad upset if they can’t get it. :thinking: Not good imho.


I just think have the option to put it in custom games where game health isn’t an issue. Mass Rez, Symm 2.0/1.0, Torb 1.0, Scatter Arrow-giving people who never had a chance to see these mechanics a place to try them to see if they can form their own opinions; and to those who miss them a chance to relive using them without hurting current gameplay modes.

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Yeah I’m down for all the crazy options in customs tbh.


Give the chance to let people have that Mass Rez high, and then maybe they can look past that and see the actual issues with Mercy-like how her kit flows instead of bringing up Mass Rez.

(Yes I agree Mass Rez could have been tweaked and I would have liked Blizz attempting that first.

I would have also liked them to have hold off the rework since they were releasing and Anti-Dive healer shortly after but was overshadowed because Mercy was able to enable Dive–why pick an Anti-Meta healer when they now have a healer that improves survivabilty at the cost of some utility.

But those didn’t happen and this is where we’re at now-and Mercy isn’t unplayable just underwhelming and a bit lackluster experience in this now high impact and fast paced game.)

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Hmm… How I see it is that there was basically fundamental issues with how Mass Rez as a mechanic interacted with this game. It resulted in an ult that some would argue was OP (I don’t agree with this, but in disorganized tiers/QP/etc, I can see how it could appear so). And for others it was just used to bring up a pocket DPS.

Like you weren’t given the opportunity to really make big rez plays. And trying to could also result in just feeding ult charge to the enemy and running down the clock. It made it very basic and simple of an ult to use, no galaxy brain like stuff going on in coordinated settings, etc.

Valk was designed initially with a lot of interaction with Rez in mind. That was broken af, and when they removed all those interactions and such and now we’re left with this shadow of an ult. I think Valk could definitely benefit from reduction in duration for more power to the ult. For more of a swing potential and to appeal to those feelings.

Mass Rez is a hard no go from me though. I see legit no reason to even bother with that noise. Especially considering most suggested versions have cast times and LOS restrictions, no invuln… Making a bad ult (imo) even worse… Just no reason for that imho.


Like I stated I would have like to see some tweaks to it-or at least have been informed about ideas much like how they handled ideas with Symm’s rework and Hanzo’s rework with the reason as to why it wouldn’t have worked outside the realm of “it’s unfun to play against”-then, I wouldn’t have minded jumping straight to Valk.

And I agree Valk 1.0 should have NEVER gone live. The idea behind it is VERY promising-however adding that to Mercy’s consistent kit makes it broken.

I do not want to see Mass Rez return to the game-OUTSIDE of custom games. The game as of now is much more focused on high impact damage and fast paced play. Mass Rez voids out both of those.

Had it stayed the same before all the burst damage-sure because it felt more objective based; but again that isn’t the game we have now.

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Yeah I agree with you. It all could have been handled and done better, and in hindsight a lot of stuff should have been stupidly obvious but you go back in the forum to those times you can see it was anything but obvious to many.

I do support the basic change of rez going from 1:1-5 to 1:1. You press E, 1 person get rezzed now. As opposed to you press Q, and anything from 1-5 people could be rezzed within an area. That lead to a lot of stupid stuff.

Could’ve been handled better though.

And. I find that now the dust has settled, we’re left with what feels like the shell of an ult. One that’s been “gutted” with it’s “impactful” and "swing"y elements via the removal of Rez interaction. It seems drawn out and mediocre.

I can totally understand all that. I’d like Valk reduced to 8s-10s and shifts made in it’s values and such to compensate. It makes sense.

I like how you said

I think it’s really important to acknowledge just how much the game has changed since Mass Rez was last in it. And Mass Rez wasn’t a problem free ult. Like I come from the rare POV that it was a BAD ult. Not OP at all. I think I make a decent case. Then you consider all that other stuff applying to like QP and mid ladder… It’s a mess…