Why we need Mercy back!


It doesn’t FEEL impactful, that’s my issue. I enjoy Mercy particularly for Guardian Angel and her similarities to TF2 medic, I feel like she’s perfectly balanced and is a capable healer (though I do feel she could use maybe 10hps more on her non-ult beam) but when I press Q I don’t feel like I made a play. I KNOW I’m doing far more aoe healing or an aoe damage boost, I KNOW I can use the pistol to cap someone if needed (though I feel that’s a waste of a Valkyrie 90% of the time) but I don’t feel like I’m doing anything special.

Think about it. Ana causes someone to go on a murderous rampage. Lucio makes Riptires and the like ineffective. Zenyatta nullifies things like both the Shimada ults (boy does it feel good to watch Genji flail about uselessly). Brigitte grants massive aoe healing and armor while she bashes heads in. Moira channels a freakin giant laser beam of life and death. Mercy… continues to do what she always does, just from a higher vantage point. Sure its a bit stronger, longer range and aoe but… you still feel like you aren’t doing anything beyond just flying.

Valkyrie is a fine ultimate. Decently balanced, maybe a little on the weak side but fine. It just doesn’t feel impactful. Mass rez did, which just made the rework (aside from the moth meta which wasn’t even good, i play Mercy to support, not to be a dps) feel a whole heap worse as Mercy lost a lot of the play potential she once had. Now, I’m not saying we need Mass Rez back, I thought it was fine and I never hid for huge rezzes like people say Mercy did a lot, but I understand many people felt otherwise. But I’d love if Valkyrie got some tweaks, or we got something entirely new, just to add a little play making potential to her. Hell, I’d personally be all for her losing all the buffs to her pistol during Valk in exchange for, say, a big teamwide burst heal tacked on to the activation of Valkyrie. That’d at least make it feel like it made some impact.




Thanks for the clarification.


Ana’s does 50% damage Reduction, 50% Damage increase, heals for 300HP and has 40Meters :slight_smile: Mercy would benefit from something more along the lines of that than Valkyrie provides her team.


My bad, mixed up the numbers (it’s been a long day… wait, week). Still want Mercy’s ult to be more unique though.


Her Quickplay pickrates are around 6% today. Prior to the rework, they were around 12%.

If Mercy were really more fun and engaging now than pre-rework, her rework wouldn’t have been cleaved by half in the gamemode meant specifically for casual and fun playstyles.

So there’s one of the sources you were asking for. Want more? How about a survey conducted on the OW Forums with thousands of replies?

Mercy Survey - Results

Is that not enough? How about the most popular thread on the Overwatch Forums of all time, courtesy of myself, that advocates for a return of mass-Resurrect with changes?

You know… the thread that literally more than 1.5X as popular as the second most popular thread of all time?
Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

So, according to all metrics we can realistically collect from representative sources, more people would rather see the return of mass-Resurrect than see Mercy stay in her current state.


Well… maybe you ought to reexamine this assertion of yours:


False flagging a thread from a single post as “spam” is abuse of the report system. Period. Whether you perceive them as “new” or not is irrelevant to that fact.

The point remains regardless: This wasn’t a “spam” thread. And the topic was quite constructive. The world of overwatch doesn’t end on this site, and people with knowledge of the game outside of the forums making a post is not only feasible, but common.

Let’s put down the pitchforks and tinfoil hats against every tiny thing that disagrees with our own opinions. It’s not healthy… :blush:

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No thats ok! I completely agree, Mercy needs something that makes her stand out without giving up her spotlight to the team. Which is why I absolutely hate Valkyrie, it takes away her big shining moment and gives it to her team and then that’s it. Mercy needs something that makes her impactful, makes her important and makes it so she can turn the tide of battle.


We don’t know that it was reported for spam. We just know it was reported. I mean, I’m sure you know why your people flagged it. Spam isn’t the only reporting option.

In my opinion the intent of the user who made this account just to make this post, and the post itself, is clear and is grounds for flagging.


Sooo… what was the intent?


Plausible, however there are multiple individuals who have already called the thread spam, giving a reason as to why they feel that it was flagged. Besides how suspicious that is, seeing as the same exact group of people appear in every Mercy thread that this happens to, looking at Mercy threads in the past, and how a lot of them were flagged due to spam, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was in fact the reason. But sure, I would leave it up to the OP to update us on whether or not that was actually the reason as to why it was flagged. Though there is literally no other reporting option that would make sense for a false flagging, given the context.

And in my opinion, I disagree. Making an account to “make a post” isn’t against the CoC at all. However, I think people who falsely flag others under suspicions on what they “think” their intentions are without proof, should be reported, as that is actual abuse of the report system. :blush:

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Factually, her pickrate is not entirely determined by how fun and engaging she is, regardless of game mode

One example of many of other factors: there are far more characters in the game now than there were at the time of the rework. Just as tv channels get lower ratings in the internet era than prior to it because there are more entertainment options now than there were then

Factually, this survey was conducted with improper methodology and the results are therefore invalid

I dont believe that there is an accurate measure to determine whether it is or is not the most popular thread on these forums

One may point at the number of likes, and in response, I would point at the absence of a functionality to dislike the thread, and wonder whether this thread might also be the most disliked ever, if that functionality were available

One may point at the number of posts in the thread, but one will quickly find upon reading through this thread that there is a great deal of disagreement with the concepts espoused in the OP, as well as strong disagreement on whether Mercy needs to be changed at all, not just in the manner that the OP suggests

I dont believe that there is any valid evidence to back up such a claim

I agree that there are a large number of people on both sides - the unfragmented pro-Mercy posters, who want her to remain as she is, and the fragmented anti-Mercy posters, who want her changed but do not as a group agree on what they want changed, and in some cases want mutually exclusive changes - “I want mass rez” “I want rez removed from the game”

It is an opinion that I and many other pro-Mercy posters agree with, though it is always good to re-examine one’s position when elements of the item in question change, like when Mercy received her fairly recent set of 2 significant buffs


How do you report someone for false flagging? It’s anonymous. Am I false flagging if I believe I am flagging for proper, valid reasons? Or just when I don’t agree with you?

I think you guys get an A for effort, but this false narrative you’re trying to manufacture with threads like this kind of works against you in my eyes. Maybe better luck next time.


Your thread has 1805 likes and while yes this is a big number, this isn’t even 1% of the Overwatch total playerbase, consider also that the forum system has no dislikes and all you can measure from that statistic is that people agree with you

consider also that the survey you linked was comprised of 80% of people who consider themselves a “Mercy Main” and of those at least half wants mass rez back

Both of these statistic can be used as based to assert one thing and one thing only: Mercy enthusiasts frequent the forums a lot more than any others, out of the bunch, a lot of these agree on wanting mass rez back

But that’s about it, your numbers are just a representation of the forum reality which is honestly not needed, we all can see the many Mercy threads posted constantly so we know that Mercy enthusiast frequent these forums

When you talk about pickrates you also forget four huge factors

  1. Moira
  2. Brigitte
  3. Mercy was nerfed to keep her in line with the rest of the roster
  4. Other heroes have gone through heavy changes as well, I won’t go into specifics but Mercy not being a must pick wasn’t just because she got nerfed but because her effectiveness with other heroes was diminished, on purpose


Sorry kiddo, but for all your efforts, the results of those surveys aren’t even applicable or valid. Nice self-promo, though.


Some peope just don’t realise how broken 60HPS Mercy with Mass Rez and an E ability would be.

Main healer with a defensive ult + utility. that’s…too much.


How do you report someone as “spamming” for making their only thread and a single post? It didn’t break the forums CoC. Yet here we are.

“You guys”…?

That’s a strange projection for you to make, based on past posts and the blind suspicions you’ve made… Oh well. You do you I suppose! :smiley:

As I said before, and despite your self-proclamations…

False flagging a thread from a single post as “spam” is abuse of the report system. Period. Whether you perceive them as “new” or not is irrelevant to that fact.

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She’s not impactful because her biggest impact play is with rez. We are in a very tanky meta where if a teammate dies they will be swarmed by stampede of mega hp monsters. There is no way she can get a rez off now. If these ptr changes really hurt tanks to where we see triple dps or more dive she will be more impactful because everything will probably be more spread out giving her more opportunities to land a clutch rez.


Like I said; spam isn’t the only option for reporting.

And yes, you guys-- you can say my suspicion is “blind” all you want but I think a lot of the forum is onto you, how you operate, etc. and these new tactics you’re trying to employ are not a shocker in the slightest.


Oh I can? Well let me stop you right there then, since you gave me permission…

At least we both can agree on something. :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.