Why was my question locked? I don't understand

Did I say something wrong? Is it some kind of special privilege? A secret? Can I get unignorable status somehow? Is it a bug that no one is suppose to talk about?

I’m really confused now.

Your post was not and is not locked. The post itself was edited in order to remove the multiple profiles that you linked since we don’t allow call outs. While you may or may not have intended your post to serve as such, that is how it read, so that part was removed.

It did not stop anyone from answering you, just no one had answered you yet. I will lock this one, but to answer your question…

You may ignore anyone you wish, but if someone is hiding their profile (which all users have the option to do), you have to manually place them on ignore.

You do that by clicking on your posting icon in the upper right corner of the page and select Preferences (which is the person icon). Then click on Preferences (the gear icon).

Click on Users. If you want to add someone you’ll need to click the add button and then manually enter their name. Any account that matches that name will be displayed, you just need to select the one you want, which you can usually differentiate by the avatar they use.

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