Why was d.va nerfed?!


Whoops i misunderstood ur question. The pRoS are probably happy right now.


Masters-GM is fine place to balance. I’m merely Gold, and think it’s fine to balance at that end.

Balancing for the ridiculously unreasonable standards of OWL though seems absurd in the extreme, not least because you’re basically balancing for viewers rather than the number of players who actually dwarf that viewership by orders of magnitude. Why give the overwhelming majority - people who play the game and are likely in turn to be interested in viewing it - a crappy game to play? How is that going to hook them into watching it?


And yet, the moment Dva comes out, GOATS is almost at its strongest as well. Mentioned earlier, Zarya bubbles saves those crucial moment and Rein is a lot longer lasting. That’s true.

But DVa is the glue that allows Rein and Zarya to get those precious moments to recuperate. Only she can do it because of DM, and that she can also burst down 200 hp heroes quite well adds her importance to the lineup.


I agree. The pro scene plays with and against people they know. They scrim. They come up with strategies for specific teams. They have very low latency. They play with so many different factors than everyone else. Besides, they play in GM/top 500 when not playing with these advantages.


they should balance for normal people who play ranked… not OWL.

they can give OWL hero bans and thats it.

on ranked normal people cannot master dva like OWL players who get paid to play this game, who get coaches and all kind of resources to get a hero skill that high.

now normal people have to suffer because of the 0,001%


Read developer comment

To give more counter play for DM spam.

The nerf is deserved


Not it’s not. Youre probably one of those dps that think they should be able to get in dva’s face and delete her. Lol


And remove counterplay to everything else spam. Especially ult spam, which is an issue.

Because GOATs is mostly 3-3 and Roadhog is terrible.

Literally two seconds. Blocking less damage than Zarya.


Not really, they only now because of the meta, it’s only dva which is about 2 years in every meta, something is wrong here. Btw ana even isn’t in the meta in pro play.


Dva was picked precisely because she’s can soak in damage but also deal out good damage.

Two seconds that can be extended constantly if the D.Va is good. So it’s more than that.


D.Va wasn’t in sniper meta.

The cooldown effects when her DM starts to recharge as well, this is actually a substantial reduction in DM up time overall as well.


Yeah how I am suppose to shoot that ulting genji while dva behind him holding m2? Ult was always has a counter that is not defense matrix


DM still starts recharging after one second, fortunately.


The issue here is not D.Va then, but the lack of alternatives. Which people with common sense have been pointing for months. Add more tanks instead of nerfing D.Va…

No it can’t. If DM is not up, it’s not blocking damage.

How am I supposed to kill the ulting Genji with a Zarya bubble on him ? At least you can still use beams and melee on a DM protected Genji…



Dva in her current state is far too strong.

Heck, even with the nerfs, she’s still frankly strong.


Tbh I’m just gonna gear my shaman for next raid tier and sit here, sagely, until I receive vindication and recognition that I was right… Sounds arrogant but that’s my mood
And if not… Wig


WFT Blizzard? Goats played only in GM? What about other players?


Goodbye tank’s meta! Hello DD’s meta!


Explains why she’s picked far less than both Zarya and Rein on the ladder, while having a worse winrate and worse stats than Zarya from Diamond to the pro scene… Oh wait, it doesn’t make any sense.


Zarya bubble doesn’t disable my gun, there is few heroes has beam type weapon.

I don’t see anything wrong with the nerf, having more downtime for DM mean players can take advantage of this to attack dva before DM refresh and 1 second was too short.