Why was brigs damage nerfed?

Not really. It’s a slight underestimate of the time, but not far off.

First flail hits for 35
Shield Bash immediately hits for 50, stuns for 1 second (85 damage total)
Second flail hits at 0.6 seconds (120 damage total)
If the target is near a wall, Whip shot doesn’t knock them out of range (190 damage)
Third flail hits at 1.2 seconds (225 damage total). Target has slightly less than 0.2 seconds to escape after the stun.

The slower version, if they’re not near a wall, required Whip Shot as the finisher, which extended it to 1.4 seconds, but no one with 200 HP other than Sombra and Moira could escape during that time anyway.

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It was little higher than that. 170 IIRC.

Doesn’t work like this.

So 750 effective health. Putting her in the same position as Roadhog, as a primary support.

So Shield Bash (35) plus + Whipshot (70) + Shield Bash (35) is 140 damage. Putting her burst potential well above every Damage-hero that requires aim, while also having the durability and effective health of Tanks and the healing power rivaling all other Supports.

Does calculate correctly. 55 damage per orb as a critical hit would 110 damage per orb or 220 damage. Plus the explosive radius would make this weapon the most powerful weapon the game. You either get explosive coverage, or you get pinpoint-precision for critical hit damage. You don’t get both.

There’s nothing wrong with the current functions of the ability. It has to be 4m, because that’s Sigma’s width.

It already knocks back further than Lucio’s, it has to stun otherwise the ability is too slow to be considered useful.

Not gonna happen.

Channeled abilities that do damage for their duration can’t be cancelled. This would be overpowering.

They both do 165 damage. One just travels further than the other. Come on, this is basic stuff.

No. Not while TAB exists.

Not happening.

Won’t happen unless FTH gets to fire a full six shoots after every cooldown.

He does not do this.

Won’t happen and he does not do this.

Won’t happen.

It has a slowing effect now, damage cannot be increased.

ALready does double damage on headshot.

There’s already a set maximum distance the target travels with Rocket Punch based on charge. It does not exceed 10 meters.

Secondly, Punch is not a stun, you can still fire while under the effects of the knockback.

Better to just let it have a set or fixed damage relative to the cooldown and difficulty. 75 damage seems appropriate, but it could always go lower.

Unlikely to change maximums.

Not happening.

Not happening.

None of this is happening.

It’s not just the damage that’s the issue. It’s also the fact that there’s no difficulty in doing it, and Brigitte isn’t supposed to killing targets with greater efficiency than Tanks/Damage.

no it was 155 because 35+50+70 = 155

Nah, I remember now. You could do two swings for 35 damage each and still Whipshot for the kill. Or you could swing, stun, swing then cancel into Whipshot to get 175. Point was, that it was really powerful for a stun.

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i agree, reading the comments made me understand

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50 bash, 35 swing, 70 whipshot. So 155. If we could a swing b4 the stun, then 190. But that would require being closer to start the combo, since it has less range than bash.

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You could do a 190 damage burst combo on someone the second they get within range.

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Not sure about this. This would make Brig be more played as a dps rather than a support. Increasing damage but reducing healing?? Her health makes up for the low damage she deals.

I think the reason they never went down that route is because while some brig players might like the change a large amount of your teammates would not. They already complain about her having low heals (true or not) as it is. You’d have to move her over to like DPS or something and losing another support also wouldn’t be popular.

It was 100% because of tracer. When that nerf went through even pros and gm players were baffled because they didn’t think the shield bash damage was the problem with brig.

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It’s 155. Lucio can do 30 + 25 + 40 * 4 = 215 damage.

That’s how reshell oneshots squishies.

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Tanks complained that she could stun through shield. It had nothing to do with bash damage. It was because stunning through a rein shield was way too strong. Even though there’s still a hero who can stun through shields.

because tracer players got mad that they got countered
In all seriousness launch brig was busted and brig in general was for a long time due to the fact her health packs gave armor and her overloaded kit
all could have been avoided though if they just nerfed tracer

When Shield Bash was 50 damage it had insane 1v1 potential on a relatively short cooldown.

You would want to swing+bash+whip.

If you bash first she can recall or blink before you land the swing and the whip. By hitting a swing first you force the recall, if she doesn’t recall or blink after the first swing the bash and whip combo can kill her.

Your way would work too. But you would have to be sure she has no recall.

She wasable to 1-shot the poster girl.

She was able to one shot Tracer and she was impossible to fight against by flankers. There was no way to outplay Brigitte, and I know that Brig should have the upper hand but not this hard.

It was nerfed because it’s not balanced if a support can kill someone by using all the cd’s.
If a tank with triple health does it from triple range without using survival cd, that’s balanced.

I mean, when you got heroes like Baptiste, Zenyatta, Ana, and Moira. I don’t see a problem with that.

Better that she fits an enjoyable playstyle for a larger amount of players, than having a Sombra tier pickrate, but hover around being gamebreakingly strong at the top 2% of players.