Why was brigs damage nerfed?

Would still be a lot of burst coming from her, and I doubt the devs or pretty much any non brig players would want that. But idk if it would make her meta on ladder or not. Would surely be more annoying to play against than now.

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Yea, and wonder why? Because she had a bug where armor damage reduction stacked…

And since then alot of dps heroes had been buffed.


Yeah I’m gonna go ahead and press the “F*** go back” button on this one.

I thought we learned our lesson with trying to make Brig a durable frontline brawler with AoE and single target healing. It didn’t work well. Furthermore the ability to heal/whipshot through shields is a gimmick Blizzard shouldn’t be giving out lightly.

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Because she could too easily go toe to toe with most of the roster, and delete Tracer from the game with swing/bash/swing/whipshot

Brig being able to deal 190 damage in a split second with next to zero mechanical skill was a bit too much


this is the only reason why i want it back :smirk::smirk: also i think it’s bash/swing/whipshot

i dont think that’s correct because i just did the calculation in the calculator app. 50+35+70 = 155

That seems a little too easy don’t you think? Burst of 155 damage with zero mechanical skill. Just 2 more swings and you’ve killed anyone with 200hp


Good catch, forgot I left that in the notes. Took that out

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yeah that makes sense, but what if it was 45 damage? it would deal 150 damage but still kill a tracer. or is it still too much?

Too much. Tracer has to work too hard to get value for Brig to stun & delete her on her own. Brigs team should have to help capitalize on the stun

I say this as someone who loves playing Brig but also doesn’t want Tracer unplayable vs. Her

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Oh shoot I thought those were actual OW2 notes, sorry for being mean about it :sweat_smile:.

Mostly I just think that the whipshot and inspire going through shields is not a good idea. Whipshot is one of the stronger knockbacks and would lack the same counterplay other kncockbacks have. Inspire going through shields is also a little weird because it would be the only AoE heal that would do so (Moira heals, Regen burst, Tranq, Lucio aura, etc.) and it would be sort of inconsistent.

Brig’s in a good place right now. People hate her but no one really complains anymore. As all heroes should be. We don’t need to buff her, nor does she need a kill combo on tracer.

everyone needs a kill combo on tracer

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Put the tracerkiller 9000 down

no. i will spam no at her and kill her with my words

Hard work-Hard work-Hard work

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It not only one shot combod tracer but screwed doom genji reaper over pretty hard too

Given how it has the same utility as sleep dart I think it’s fine having the same damage as sleep dart too

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I once tanked a full whole hog with rally activated. Once he was done i still had time to type: “you done?” before proceeding to wack him to dealth.

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that sounds like fun and sounds entertaining

Because if a character was within 7 meters you could pull off a 155 hp combo with Shield Bash + Flail + Whip.

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