Why was brigs damage nerfed?

I think they wanted to make sure that even with damage boost you couldn’t kill combo a tracer.

I would just like to see the following

  • White HP increased to 175 (225 total health)
  • RP heal reduced from 55hps to 40hps

This would solve her not being a must pick in higher leagues while giving her more survivability in lower leagues.

white is health, yellow is permanent armor, cyan is permanent shields, orange is temp armor (like rally), dark blue is temp shields (like beat drop), and every hp square is 25 of that category. like how mercy has 200 hp, that’s 25 of each health meaning 25 health each square

No worries, it’s good feedback.

Been slowly working through like 20 different rework suggestions for OW2.

hopefully i can make those in the workshop, the workshop is so addicting but frustrating when you are unable to do 1 thing due to its limitations

50 bash damage was part of what made her op.

Cause she can oneshot tracer with 50 dmg on shield bash.

What are you gonna ask next, why was being able to stun through shields nerfed?Any more stupid questions.

I don’t see the problem with damage boost killing her. It’s taking 2 heroes, both healers to stop helping their team and to focus 1 hero.

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Probably because back when her bash did 50 damage the stun was also 0.9s and on a 5s CD and could go through barriers.

When they decided to nerf the damage it was on the 7s CD.

But the 0.9s stun duration meant she could Bash -> swing --> whipshot for 155 damage through barriers.
This killed not only Tracer but most other flankers because after the 155 damage they had 45 health left. And that’s 2 swings.

So probably just the combo in general had very high damage.

Although I would like to see it go to 20 or something. Maybe even 35 if they reduced the stun duration a little. But I’m not certain on that.

Edit: worth noting that damage boosted the combo did 201.5 damage. So that’s pretty lethal as well.

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It is when it’s supports killing flankers with consistency.

She was able to combo tracer down instantly with it. Why to FIVE though I’ll never understand.


because it’s already a stun on a support and if she had 50dmg stun rn she would be overpowered

She also destroyed ulting nano genji.

She was able to solo-kill most of the character roster in 1 second while stunning them for the entire time, after initiating the combo from behind a barrier to ensure effectively zero counterplay.

Yes it was especially effective against Tracer, due to the massive auto-aim and instantaneous 155 damage at the start of the combo, but I sincerely doubt that Tracer had much to do with why it was removed. If anything, Tracer was one of the best characters at escaping her. Having a healer be by far the best assassin in the game was just obviously unhealthy.

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i’m guessing the “kill in 1 second” is just an expression?

Not really. It’s a slight underestimate of the time, but not far off.

First flail hits for 35
Shield Bash immediately hits for 50, stuns for 1 second (85 damage total)
Second flail hits at 0.6 seconds (120 damage total)
If the target is near a wall, Whip shot doesn’t knock them out of range (190 damage)
Third flail hits at 1.2 seconds (225 damage total). Target has slightly less than 0.2 seconds to escape after the stun.

The slower version, if they’re not near a wall, required Whip Shot as the finisher, which extended it to 1.4 seconds, but no one with 200 HP other than Sombra and Moira could escape during that time anyway.

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It was little higher than that. 170 IIRC.

Doesn’t work like this.

So 750 effective health. Putting her in the same position as Roadhog, as a primary support.

So Shield Bash (35) plus + Whipshot (70) + Shield Bash (35) is 140 damage. Putting her burst potential well above every Damage-hero that requires aim, while also having the durability and effective health of Tanks and the healing power rivaling all other Supports.

Does calculate correctly. 55 damage per orb as a critical hit would 110 damage per orb or 220 damage. Plus the explosive radius would make this weapon the most powerful weapon the game. You either get explosive coverage, or you get pinpoint-precision for critical hit damage. You don’t get both.

There’s nothing wrong with the current functions of the ability. It has to be 4m, because that’s Sigma’s width.

It already knocks back further than Lucio’s, it has to stun otherwise the ability is too slow to be considered useful.

Not gonna happen.

Channeled abilities that do damage for their duration can’t be cancelled. This would be overpowering.

They both do 165 damage. One just travels further than the other. Come on, this is basic stuff.

No. Not while TAB exists.

Not happening.

Won’t happen unless FTH gets to fire a full six shoots after every cooldown.

He does not do this.

Won’t happen and he does not do this.

Won’t happen.

It has a slowing effect now, damage cannot be increased.

ALready does double damage on headshot.

There’s already a set maximum distance the target travels with Rocket Punch based on charge. It does not exceed 10 meters.

Secondly, Punch is not a stun, you can still fire while under the effects of the knockback.

Better to just let it have a set or fixed damage relative to the cooldown and difficulty. 75 damage seems appropriate, but it could always go lower.

Unlikely to change maximums.

Not happening.

Not happening.

None of this is happening.

It’s not just the damage that’s the issue. It’s also the fact that there’s no difficulty in doing it, and Brigitte isn’t supposed to killing targets with greater efficiency than Tanks/Damage.

no it was 155 because 35+50+70 = 155