Why was brigs damage nerfed?

i mean her shield bash damage. why was it nerfed to 5 down from 50? i really don’t think her bash damage was the problem, or was it because she countered the poster girl?


Dunno. But she’s probably getting changed in Overwatch 2. So dunno why one would focus on the past.

My current notes look something like this:



i could probably make that in the workshop, what do you want her self heal hps to be?

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Why? Orisa’s barrier is far less flexible and has 600 HP.

Think it was because she was dominating Tracer to the point where Tracer was pretty much unplayable

Not 100% on it, but it’s just what I’ve assumed for the longest time.


why was that removed??? it’s so much better when tracer is unplayable


50 shield bash was kind of too strong. She melted dps pretty much in a second. I would be all for brig buffs if it weren’t for the fact that they have a history of breaking her when they do so


Dunno guessing 15hps

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Largely because this is a part of OW2 change ideas

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I would take these changes if she could be more brawly.

Because hard countering tracer alone also means screwing over every short range character with a teammate. Even tanks were complaining, that’s why we lost bash shatter.


i cant make it in the workshop due to limitations. great work tho!

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:wink: I presume you weren’t around the forums when Brig was in her prime? :grin:

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briggite was designed like a support tank hero… why also a damage?

Sounds like you weren’t around when Brig was in her prime. She was a monster. Not even a tank could last vs her.


:grin: When Brigitte was new I was in a game like this:
“Let’s do pirate ship on cart! We have Torb, Bastion & Mercy. But we need a shield.”
“Oh, we have a Brig. She has a shield!”
“Good, let’s go!”

And that s… actually WORKED in that match. :joy:


especially with the bug that made her almost immune to damage when she was using rally. nano rally and she was an unstoppable raid boss. her rally armor stayed on forever and her 600 hp shield…so glad thats gone


35+35+50+35+70=225 is why

If she hit you with two swings, it was a free kill. By nerfing the shield damage, she now has to hit 3 swings for the combo


Because doing 155 dmg during the stun was pretty silly from a support. Her burst dmg was crazy and near impossible to miss. Plus she had a much stronger shield then.


but would 50 or 45 damage work now?