Why try anymore?

What is the alternative? Throw games?

No one is forcing you to play OW. If you don’t like it then don’t force yourself to play.


Nothing is forcing you to stay. I personally feel burned out of the game but I’ll think about it on my own. If you’re too frustrated with the game and you don’t find much joy in it, maybe it’s time to dip.

For me, Competitive lost its spark because of the season reset. So, I’m now playing QuickPlay which is guaranteed to put me against Grandmasters even though I’m high-plat.


I think maybe i just hate the entirety of the game. I have been playing way more ff14 because the devs know what they are doing.

This game deserves to fail for how many basic things it is lacking. Scoreboard? Clans? Ranked that is actually balanced and not three different ranks in one match. Proper mechanics and not OP hero’s every patch.

This is the kind of stuff an indie company puts out not a multi million dollar company.

Why are you caring about a game you think deserves to fail? Like, just go play ff14 then. The game has issues, but if you think the game deserves to NOT EXIST anymore, than clearly you have no opinions or ideas of value that would help better the game.



Release hero’s that are not cheese.
Hire someone who understands analytics so they can spot problems in balance.
Design maps that don’t ha e built in hard chokes that force people through one opening.
Learn how to tweak numbers and not just pick random ones.
Hire someone who can read code and fix bugs that have been in the fame for four years lol.

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But that goes against what you said. Either you want the game to fail or you want it to be “fixed”.

You said to give ways how to fix it. If they continue to neglect it as is then it deserves to fail.

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hmm blizzard standart have been lowered to even lower that’s why Reforge’s quality is so low that they just released it instantly withou any delay

and Diablo mobile happened ( sadly i don’t have a phone blizzard )

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I didn’t say to give ways to fix it, I said you have no opinions of value if you want the game to fail. If you REALLY wanted the game to fail, you’d like that these issues were around. Clearly you don’t want the game to fail, and you’re just whining and acting like you do.

Well for me, it’s because I genuinely enjoy the game, and I go into each match with the intention to win. That’s why we play games, after all.

Everything in this thread just sounds like any person upset with a game. I have seen it in GW2, BDO, Pokemon, Smash, Magic the Gathering, etc. Everyone claims a game is unbalanced. Usually, people who see ‘balance’ are just new to the game and haven’t played it very long.

Play something long enough and you’ll find its flaws. The challenge is finding something you can put up with despite those flaws.

I’ve got some earthshaking news for you

Are you ready to hear it?

If you don’t like a game,

then stop playing it.


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I still care about the game because I still have fun playing it.

Trying your best at everything you do is a solid character trait that will serve you throughout your life.

Until you reach middle age and find that capital still has power over you and that all the effort in the world still doesn’t buy you freedom from rent seeking scumbags.

I think we should keep trying since Push will replace all the other core gamemodes.

I would love if that replaced 2cp that mode is garbage.

That’s a good thing. Yoshi himself endorses spending time away from his own game if you’re ever feeling like you do now. Overwatch, I would imagine, is no less different.

Though I do agree with you, even if it might be an unpopular topic to want an in-game scoreboard because I’m sick of the cards/medal system. At least in Paladins, when my team was complaining about not getting healed, they can compare my healing to the enemy and see that I did more for them overall. Some people will argue that it would generate more toxicity, but you can’t control how people will react. You can only decide how you react, at the end of the day.

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What do you mean by “replace”? I’m not up on the news. Are they reworking current maps to be push modes?

I have no clue on the maps.
They stated during the reveal for Overwatch 2 that “Push” will be the primary mode for Quick Play and Competitive.

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