Why this Moira Buff?

I’m not sure if many people are excited for this buff, but I feel like I’m one of the few moira players not happy with this buff.

Why was this the choice over letting her heal through shields again? This is the one thing we had wanted for a while after it was removed for being a “bug”

This buff has also caused so much more hate towards Moira players and we already receive a lot of abuse from DPS players just for existing lol.


No clue… It definitely has it’s uses, but the heal through shields would have been good thematically as all the rest of her healing goes through shields.


Yeah, I’d do anything to be able to heal through shields again,
and also it would be lovely if fade could be used to access high ground, I’d take that over this fade buff any day.


Well if can be used to get to some highground if you know the Tech. But I haven’t really got it working reliably.

I sometimes manage it by accident and launch myself off the map.

It is fade jumping, but it’s extremely inconsistent. I know exactly what you’re talking about. If I could use that to get to high ground effectively and consistently then I wouldn’t even ask for such a thing.

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Yeah I only seem to manage it when I’m trying to escape. and it always causes my death.

Because low level DPS thought they deserved to ever win a fight with Moira, I guess. And we can’t have that.

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TBH I don’t think it really helps low level Moiras as much as you think. Because they have bad cooldown management. What use is being able to fade out a hook if it’s on cooldown.

It definitely helps better players against the Ana Sleep Dart out of left field when she is a dot in the distance. And the Roadhog hook that was mean for your team mate but somehow managed to catch you round a corner.

I am however waiting for the compilation video of high level players jumping in front of hooks to save their team mates…

The problem is the level of skill required to not constantly waste fade is low and the amount of skill required for DPS to reliably kill Moira before she kills them is fairly high. That’s going to be DPS Moira’s hunting ground, now.

Moira’s TTK is dreadful. If you can’t hit your shots that is your problem.

I mean, I get what you’re saying and it is a lack of skill (and I’m not really thinking of myself anyway), but the low ranks deserve to have a good game too. And this buff doesn’t really meaningfully help Moira in the high ranks where she needs help.

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I hear this argument a lot, and I don’t entirely agree with it. At higher levels more Roadhog hooks connect, more Ana dart hit their target, anod you definitely get rocket punched by Domfist… You get CC at all levels.

Good Moira players usually position well enough that it’s just the rare luck shot that gets them with CC. Moira deaths usually come from snipers, or high rank hitscans.

But those rare luck shots, which aren’t as rare as a lot of people make out because the enemy also position better and have better aim at higher levels, ALSO a lot of the time send you back to spawn.

I still say high ranks need a more valid reason to take Moira along than being harder to kill.

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Because Moira needed utility and Grandmasters are toxic towards Moira players. It’s not about lower ELO but Moira with higher skill levels now have something beneficial and offers more gameplay style and chances for Moira. Moira can also become aggressive much more now which in turn leads her to getting more healing resources too.

It’s best to watch Tesla stream on twitch as he is one of the best Moira one tricks in Overwatch and he’s been playing PTR Moira a lot. He does amazing things and shows how strong the new Moira is.

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I mean, she is, at least in low and medium ranks… I’ve been playing heavy DPS Moira and I’ve just been wrecking the other teams. Probably too much so.

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Tbh, most dps hate moria because, moria usually have a hard time healing dive and flanking dps heros, like tracer and genji or doomfist. Which is a team comp problem. Moria is just not viable with dive comp.

:sunglasses: well if it’s such a big deal and they are upset about a 1 trick Moira, then why not change your comp? Why should it always be the healer who has to switch, why not DPS switch for the healer for once?

Not saying it’s not Moira’s fault, but if you can’t change a 1 trick Moira, then adapt to it by going back to her for heals, or just change to a DPS that works well with her.

Fade should be used for dodging these abilities

Not as a get out of jail free card so you can ignore hooks, charges, earthshatter, whatever else comes your way. It’s an absurd buff to her.

Reminder that she contests while faded. I’m going to go nuclear when the red moira trying to touch point with her team just shrugs off an earthshatter or similar move that would’ve otherwise won the game by stunning the entire team.