Why the #Reworkmercy is very important

THAT was ONLY valid PROVIDED you could position your Mercy in between those 5 bodies perfectly, inside what became a rapidly shrinking (with each nerf) radius of effect.
In the end, it would ONLY work when the enemy team had 'wombo-combo’d the defenders with a Grav effect + additional ultimate or the bodies were tightly clustered in death (Junkrat bomb/ reaper ulty). Mercy was specifically a counter to ‘small radius doom’ spells, provided she was able to avoid being destroyed by the enemy survivors whilst she had no one to protect her from their attention.
I’m sure you’re telling me “This would be easy, even if you don’t think so.”

Just read her twitter, and I saw her Video on the raid before she took it down. And boy this pisses me off, She is playing the victim so hard it’s unreal, She knew she was doing wrong, but when her breaking of the ToS and annoying several other forum goes she just turns around and acts like a victim when it backfires. Geez…


I’m fairly sure it had a consistent 15 metre radius for a long time. What I was getting at, is that it didn’t have the same variables that a ‘team wiping’ ultimate had, so it can’t be compared.

I wasn’t trying to argue that it was easy to pull off 5 man resurrections!

How about how the forums have been since valk came out? Or youtube? Or elsewhere? How about the survey? You’re really saying people have generally been happy? If you do I’ve got this used car I’d like to sell you :stuck_out_tongue:
I can’t say I’d interpret daily rage against the existence of valk as a good sign. Unless you work for Blizzard maybe. They seem to like upset players.

Also as for this:
“Factually, many players, myself included, enjoy playing Mercy in her current state”

Putting the word factually in front of the sentence doesn’t make it true. There are those who do, but “many”?

Yeah, it’s really funny when they think they speak for all of us. I don’t want Mass Rez back, it was unhealthy for the community.

Mercy is fine and balanced.

It’s literally the same 10 or less people constantly spamming the forums and bringing their alts to “raid”. At this point, I think I can name them from the top of my head.

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So how about the people here? In just ONE of the mega threads?:

854 likes on this comment:
"Please try to see the Valkyrie rework didn’t have the desired effect and try something else. Mercy 2.0 just gets so boring to play.
Sincerely, most Mercy mains


Or heck maybe this thread with 1825 likes as time of writing

Yeah man, just 10 people want it changed back. I’ve never started a thread myself, doesn’t mean i don’t respond to a number of them.

they overdid mercy character. That hero has entire community behind it, should’t happen in game build around switching heroes.

Even genjimains or d.vamains can’t be called community. They should just rework mercy into highly mechanically demanding hero just to watch what will happen

I feel I should be owed an apology for reading your post because if you won’t even read what you’re replying to you’re not any better than a troll.

Might as well just say what you really mean, “I don’t want it and all you people who do better shut up”.

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Many of the likes being from alt accounts of people with 0 posts on the forum and level 1 bronze border.

It’s literally the same echo-chamber that brought in all their alts to vote on this thread and the occasional clueless bottom-tier support main who is bronze-silver-gold and objectively doesn’t understand the game at all. No rank shaming, but the game shouldn’t be balanced around the bottom of competitive tiers for obvious reasons.

If you spend some time you will see it’s literally no more than about 10 people constantly spamming the same thing. Luckily, the latest raid by “Revertists” (or whatever is the appropriate term for them) got some of the constant spammers banned.


If Rez is 4 seconds longer than a sleep dart cooldown, it’s obviously too short.

“mercy community”

You guys finally started the cult?

It’s almost like people come here to complain, and those who don’t feel anything wrong with their hero won’t have a reason to talk about It…

You can’t use a small vocal crowd as the voice for a whole community.

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They already said several times that it wont be a thing and why it wont be a thing. Its a fact

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I see these as evidence of there being many folks who feel this way, rather than a majority

Although you are not specifying which survey you are referring to, all of the surveys I am aware of on this topic have been conducted using invalid methodology, and ergo the results are invalid

If you care to specify which survey you are referring to, I could take a look at it

Fortunately, I am set in regards to transportation at the moment

I am saying that there are a large number of folks who are happy with Mercy in her current state. I am not claiming a majority, as I do not believe there is any valid data to support a claim of a majority on either side

These complaints are a clear sign that some folks are unhappy.

In the marketing and PR communities, it is well known that a person is something on the order of 10 times more likely to complain about something they are unhappy about, than praise something they are happy about

I don’t think thats true, rather, it seems like a statement one would make when they wish to paint themselves as a victim

Blizzard (or any company) exists to make money, and unhappy customers are not generally inclined to give you more of their hard-earned funds. AS such, Blizzard does not like to upset customers. Generally, as I see it, the upset customers do not understand what they bought and have unreasonable expectations for what they bought - such as characters never changing

I dont put factually in front of a sentence to make it true, I put factually in front of a sentence to mark it as a truthful statement, as opposed to an opinion

If you read all of the many Mercy-related threads scattered across these forums, you will find that there are indeed many folks who like Mercy as she is and do not support a revert or rework.

So yes - Many.

Member of the Mercy community here officially requesting that this movement end today.


Given the fact that a “dislike” flag isnt available, and the fact that a like doesnt necessarily equate to agreement on the OPs points, likes arent a good measure of consensus of opinion

a statement that concludes with “Sincerely, most Mercy mains” doesnt mean that most Mercy mains sign off on the statement. It means that the person writing the statement is claiming this to be true, whether supported by valid data or not

The cult so to speak has been a thing for a long while now, a year or more at the very least and arguably since mass rez was (thankfully) removed from the game


though I dont think that the anti-Mercy’s will ever give up their bitter and entitled fight because among them, they seek mutually exclusive goals (return mass rez, remove rez in all forms) and ergo - factually - it is not possible for them as a whole to ever be happy


Then I guess it’s a fact deathmatch will never happen cuz they said that too. Also, everyone who ever says anything never evolves or changes their opinion, and no one ever lied or was wrong. Wow the world is so simple now, and all politicians tell nothing but the truth. Oh wait.