Why the Mercy changes feel bad

My Point I’m making here is none of us was like yes please nerf her movement.

Most of us were willing to take a nerf somewhere else if needed.


Shouldn’t it be a red flag when an entire community tries to negotiate other changes all the way up until the patch? Movement was hands down the strongest aspect of mercy so it’s only natural it would take a nerf.

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But it was never a problem until they reworked it for OW2, Sojourn needed her to pocket, and some rage streamer complained that he couldn’t kill her in valk.


Mainly because besides movement, she doesn’t really have much going for her.


This is my whole thing. Feels like I lost a crap load of independence and for what ? I want to make space like I used to, now I feel like I’m in the hands of my team mates performing well. It’s so frustrating.


They already have.

The thread is years old at this point, but it’s still active and talks about issues with Mercy that have gone unaddressed (and are still pain points with Mercy players) to this very day.


Do you see an issue with this statement ? The whole argument is that we have less choice in plays to get value since the changes. Your solution is stop complaining and play Ana instead. What lol.


What independence did you lose?

as far as I am concerned, this latest set of changes gutted Mercy

hopefully these changes will be reversed out soon, despite the devs claiming they have no upcoming Mercy changes


In my experience people don’t seem to like Bastion. He’s a bigger target for the tank to protect compared to other DPS, the supports have to try and heal him more due to his larger hitbox, and his players hate him because when your not in turret form, it’s boring AF. The enemies hate him because he shreds the enemy tanks most times, before getting killed by the enemy dps.

If a player repositions when you get to them you are now stuck, when you want to help play aggressively up front with a team mate you either A) don’t go because it’s risky or B) leave early because you can’t effectively get out if pressured, you can no longer use GA to bait CDs or Ults in most situations, you can no longer bait an enemy to dive you and get them to waste resources, not being able to stall on your own etc. When I say risky, I mean 99% chance of death since you only get one chance to reposition or you die. When I say bait, I mean intentionally trying to take aggro to make space (which you needed to be confident with movement as if you mess up you die lol). Mercy is now the only mobile hero that can’t stall objectives on her own in most situations.


What’s the change from before? You are keeping the cover for 1 more second? Not a big of a deal. Saying that the longer CD of GA ruined the flow of the play style is still more effective as an argument.

No? she is perfectly fine at level of power.
To be fair with this “reduction in autonomy” she is even stronger that before. You can discuss how much do you want about the design choice and the fact that you don’t like it, but you can’t ask for an increase in general power, she already got it and she doesn’t need it.

Mercy is by definition the exact opposite of “autonomous play”, her whole design goes around the fact that she is the purest of the supports; she exist wherever she can rely on someone else.
The core of Mercy is the lack of autonomy and that’s also the reason why she is so played. She appeals to a certain type of players that perfectly fit this play style.

If you feel like you would like to have more autonomy don’t complain about the fact that Mercy’s autonomy went from 0,1 to 0,099, just play something else.

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Such wall of text for a simple thought: everyone hates hard-pocketing Mercys, and the changes incentivize more hard-pocketing through worse mobility (commit to a player or risk dying thx to longer GA cooldown) and increased healing to wounded players (hard-heal your target until they outDPS 70hps).

And they know the changes they made are horrible. But they can’t undo them. Maybe it’s old Resurrect problem where they lost the code, maybe it’s their unwillingness to acknowledge mistakes. What is for sure is they are committed to suck the fun out of OW2 and make it a “hardcore competitive game”.

Mercy has no place in ‘hardcore competitive game’. So it is either they keep came casual friendly and mercy needs to be fun or they delete mercy and make the game ‘hardcore competitive’.

The changes feel bad because the character’s identity was broken by them.

Nobody wanted a heavy and tankier mercy. She’s a lightfooted mobility character.

…Mercy is viable and fun to play without needing to queue with people to enable her…? :thinking:

…what I did say is, to use GA ‘at will’ (whenever she wants), simply requires a more coordinated team to be mindful that Mercy needs line of sight at all times which is unlikely to happen when playing with randoms… :wink:

so… you agree that it’s unlikely for randoms to keep mercy’s line of sight in mind to use GA, the thing that makes her fun…?

So to use GA effectively, you require a more coordinated team, despite even top 500 players’ rarely prioritizing mercy sightlines unless you’re in a duo/group. So they can be coordinated, but still not always be thinking about “can my mercy get to me”.

Let’s crunch some numbers here-

GA is what makes her fun, Using effectively needs coordination, even top players don’t prioritize mercy sightlines, so you can’t use GA effectively unless your team is actively catering to you-

Did I get that right…? :thinking:

…random players are random yes but I also didn’t say Mercy requires 100% GA uptime to be ‘fun or viable’, I just said she can benefit from coordinated teams but to suggest she is unplayable with randoms is simply untrue… :wink:

Your words, not mine.

Also, where did I ever say she was unplayable? Can you quote that real quick for me?
We’re talking about fun factor here, and being able to use mercy effectively, which is generally how you have fun, in your own logic, requires coordination. That even top players do not always prioritize, and randoms definitely do not.

this is a general statement, viable does not equal unplayable :wink:

How bout being able to battle mercy!? Now with the loss of constant self regen in Valk, good luck doing that. Now it’s incredibly risky. What if I want to try to damage boost my team in Valk too!? Sorry healing only allowed since they added in sympathetic recovery… Thry absolutely destroyed the versatility in Valk. It’s disgusting.

Wait my survivability is directly tied to healing from this new passive? What if all my team is full, but I’m not? I can hide behind a wall but it’s going take a lot longer to heal up. God forbid if your support isn’t attentive of you or currently dead…

Now the risk of getting “left behind” is more plausible. One moment of my ally going behind a sharp corner or wall - and I may be left behind or in the open because 1 second on GA is a lot.

I loss the agency to be able to stall. You want to know how bad that feels?

I lost being able to be bait. The cat and mouse game is more just cat and the mouse hides.
I’d say that’s definitely a loss of independence. Did you even read this post?! It’s literally covering the loss of self agency with these changes.