Why the f*** is there a queue when u dc from comp?


How has no one at peabrain HQ come up with a work around so that people who DC from comp aren’t put into a queue. literal potatoes at blizz


not to mention that the servers worked just fine last week

They’re working on it.

Man, their excuses are pathetic

I understand that they’re working on it, but like in WoW they have it coded where you get some amount of queue grace period after restarting, logging or getting a short DC.

This is a separate issue to the server overload is it not?

I don’t know necessarily that they could easily differentiate that (or if they would given the work they’re already doing).

I’m not experienced in that by any means but they’ve cited that as the reason they still punish DCs as if you had intentionally left. Obviously those are different situations, but it could stem from the same thing.

It’s unfortunate, though. I’ve just avoided comp for the time being.