Why Overwatch is a subscription game

That seems mighty suspicious that they were ALWAYS ON THE OTHER TEAM. It’s almost like you cry “smurf” at every loss!

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You cant ban skill nor can you make assuptions about if they are legitimately a smurf


Sadly, a lot of people make deaf ears to that.

On the other side, you have the ones that report a bad player because “soft throw”. “He is purposely playing bad, but not that bad to make it obvious”…

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I hate the types of players who try to make players play in a particular way and if not, scream constantly down the mic


Wow, is smurfing really this prevalent? How much money is Blizzard making on this scheme…

I don’t recall them ever saying don’t report smurfs.

And how do you think the Masters player got to Bronze on their smurf, hm?

Cheating is also defined as anything that gives an unfair advantage, which smurfing absolutely does.

Smurfing is extremely prevalent on consoles; however, that’s because smurf accounts are free to make on consoles.

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Go preach it on the mountain, brother.

Sharing opinion on public forum is not preaching… Brother.

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Having better mechanical skill is not an unfair advantage.

You can just play healbot on a new account from lvl 0 up to 25 (and during the placements). You are going to get placed on high bronze or low silver.
Although technically it is throwing because the player is not giving his 100%, no one is going to, nor can notice it.
Or you just lend the account to a brother/friend that you know is bad at FPS. Against ToS, yes, but the dude isn’t throwing nor griefing.

pcgamer. com/overwatch-director-jeff-kaplan-says-smurfing-isnt-really-a-problem/

Jeff doesn’t even care about smurfing because he thinks that the system works fine.
And what you have to look for, is for that one time when Blizzard said that it is ok to report smurf, not the other way around. You aren’t gonna find it, at least when talking about OW.


Smurfing is not that simple a case.

The fact is they’re using said “better mechanical skill” in a rank far below where they typically play, and that is what gives them an unfair advantage.

That is an almost 4 year old article.

Since then, Jeff has acknowledged smurfing is a problem and has noted that they’re working on a solution but not to expect anything until at least Overwatch 2, if not after.

Incorrect. See above.

Since smurfing is cheating according to Blizzard’s definition of same, then reporting smurfs is well within a player’s purview.

And the source? The only thing that I found about it was Jeff saying that they are working on something for the throwers, from a year ago.

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Well that’s interesting. I can’t believe people are actually willing to do that and pay money just to beat the system

It was a post from Jeff here on the forums. It was from a while back, but then they’ve been mostly radio silent for over a year now anyway and no indication that such previously mentioned plans have changed.

You are probably reffering to this, as there is nothing else about the smurf from him.

He is talking only about consoles. And saying that solution might come with OW 2 or later. Doesnt seem to be such a big problem based on the reply tho.

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I would like to know if Blizzard uses pseudo-anonymized records from computers to link accounts.

I actually think they do, unfortunately there is no official statement on that.

They can identify your multiple accounts.

By multiple things actualy. I dont want to say more, i just know they can if they want to :slight_smile:

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Yes I know they are able to do that. :grinning:
They could look at hardware ID’s (mac addresses), Windows licenses, IP addresses …
But the question I have is whether there is a database with this data for all players and if that is taken into account in the matchmaking process.

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IP probably is to determine where players should be playing. On which server. Maybe they keep info only for IP and hardware as support is able to tell you from where someone else accessed your account. My friend was banned for cheating(account completely locked for all games) and they told him there was coonection from SA on his account.

Wow. The reaching is strong with this one.

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