Why not make him louder?

There is no purpose to removing this; every hero with mobility can get out of it. Every without mobility is supposed to be countered by it. Or did you forget?

Doomfist is supposed to be a devastating, combo based hero who was a sitting duck if he used his cooldowns wrong. If you wanted immobile heroes like Ana or Zen or Sym to have a better chance against Doomfist, why not just make him louder? Why not allow the team to react to Doomfist sooner by making him shout as he uses Seismic Slam? Why punish Doomfist for landing his abilities?

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NO PLEASE NO!!!, He sound like a very loud sneezing grandma everytime he using rocket punch already. Don’t make it even worst!!!

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Rocket Punch is the loudest part of his kit. Seismic Slam and Uppercut, which are far more devasting, are nearly silent in comparrison.

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No please not, it already annoys me so much everytime I hear this rising uppercut vioceline. Making this even louder would be worse.