Why not delete Doomfist already?


Since he’s been turned into trash tier, doesn’t get any compensation on another PTR build or even bug fixes, might aswell delete him.

It’s like the devs forgot he exists.


Some heroes should never be meta. If a hero has incredible burst, hyper-mobility, sustain and CC on 3 different low-cooldown abilities this hero certainly falls to such category.


I got clapped by an insane doom player today, if the player is skilled enough at doom I feel like he’s still viable. He depends on team composition and map rotation more than he used to.

The Doomfist player needs to have practically mastered the hero to get any consistent value. His playstyle is much different now, he can’t just dive into an entire team and walk away with his life. He’s basically looking for single target picks then running away to wait for his cd’s.

I can’t say I’m upset that he’s not as commonly picked as he was before, but I do believe he could use some re-balancing. For me, the thing that set Doomfist over the edge in terms of annoyance was the buff to his passive shields, and the old meteor strike AOE size.


They also nerfed brig to the ground, shes in the same boat.


Didn’t play at all last season because I was at school. First game back I play Ana, Doomfist chages up a punch and goes thru Rein’s shield and punches me then shots me once in the head right after. Then he did his uppercut and slammed down on Mercy and shoots her once in the head. Doomfist did this in a matter of 2.5 seconds. Fun Hero


He never needed to be meta. All people asked for a long time ago was for his bugs to be fixed. I liked it back when he was considered sub optimal but could still do his job well.

Then they gave him the stupid passive buff and everything went wrong.
If they could revert him to that state, even keeping the uppercut nerf. At least back then only bronze players would complain about him.


That’s reasonable. He received multiple buffs in a row that people tend to forget about - ult movement speed, ammo regen and count, RP hitbox.

Without these buffs and with bugs fixed (including positive bugs) he could stay semi-viable while not being too oppressive.


Yeah I agree. The hand cannon buff was certainly nice, but I think the biggest problem was indeed the passive buff, since it changed his previous state of being a glass cannon and allowed him to get away with things he wouldn’t previously be able to.

That’s when he became mostly oppressive to play against and the complaints started to flood the forums.


I agree he should be deleted
but not because he is underpowered because he has 250 damage stun which is of course balanced


Please tell me you’re joking.

Anyone with decent game sense can hear all his loud sound queues and react in time to stun, boop, dodge or just kill him before he hits the punch.

Not to mention he needs to charge it fully and hit you to a wall to get that damage on a horizontal only ability, limited range, that has travel time and puts him at risk. Even if he does get a pick, as long as people can react in time, he should be dead afterwards. Tracer can get in, kill someone and get out with much less risk involved.

Most good Doomfist players used the SS + uppercut combo to get kills and use the punch for escaping, but now since that combo is gutted he really is a punch bot.


the thing with doomfist just like rein and hammond and dva
it is a physics engine based character maybe more than the others
and so he is very hard to fix without breaking tons of other things in the game…
and hard to balance again.


Rocket punch by far was the least of his issues.