Why not 4v4 in Lucioball

I think that in Lucioball 4v4 would be more interesting.
You have way more tactics to explore.
For example. You could play with 2 attackers and 2 goalies or even 1-0-3 or 1 attacker 2 who stay mid field and 1 goalie. And even formation wise.
You could play in a diamond formation or sort or like in a “Y” or simple square were the 2 at the back switch each other of being the goalie.

Thnx please let me know your opinion

I’d say having another player either on the field or in the goal would cause people to get in each other’s way.

My friend, who is a superb goalie, never performs worse than when someone invades his goal space.

There are plenty of times I’ve attempted to patiently line up a direct shot, to have it interrupted not by an enemy, but an ally :confused:

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You can set that up in custom game Lucioball.

Yes me too but thats more to your teammates always diving to the ball without thinking about it than to less room on the field (iho).

I’d say 1 player to the left and 1 to the right of the pitch is enough to cover the space, while still leaving room for the ball to actually land.

Having 8 players in a match pretty much means the ball will constantly be in the air, like those goalie back and forths.

When we were creating the mode we tried a lot of different team sizes and field sizes… we settled on 3v3 because it felt the most fun and skillful to us.


I think you found a great balance, as you did with the main game modes. Lucioball is one of my favourite modes.

1 goalie,1 striker,1 winger. 3 is good. But some variety for custom games would have still been nice.

The only problem would be how big you make the goal as more players equals more goals. Honestly, if you are one point ahead, you can just double goalie and hold the lead for an inordinate amount of time.

Hi Jeff, I love Lucioball. I have some suggestions: Add Lucioball as a year round selectable gamemode in custom games, and add an option to disable replays as they can get frustrating to watch every time someone scores.


Also, Rocket league’s standard mode is 3v3. I would think for a game that focuses entirely on a mode like this, they’d have put a lot of effort into finding the right balance.

While their pitch size and movement etc. may be different, perhaps simply the number of users plays a larger role.

Was 11 vs 11 one of them? :slight_smile:

I get throwers and leavers in competitive. I don’t even use Lucio so the mode is unfun for me. Please create a new event for Summer 2019. Give us another option.

Why not add obstacles in the middle of the field? Half the fun of Lucio is walliriding around, but there’s nothing to bounce off of in the field.

Have You considered different field shapes, slopes for the ball to roll on etc.? The biggest issue right now seems to be the field itself, as Lucio is all about that wallride, while the field is designed with complete lack of any consideration for the wallride.

Just dividding the field into the middle field and two side “terraces” ending with slopes towards the goals would ad both verticality and additional walls for the wallride. At the same time the jump pads would start to make much more sense.

Also one more thing would be a MASSIVE help - have two indicators on the screen to show if the ball is in range of abilities. Two icons with a fist and boop that turn red when the ball is to far away to be hit and green when in range. Absolutely simple and reliable solution for one of the biggest issues of the mode (or, just add an “aura” indicator of range that looks like the AOE range indicators in regular games).

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