Why new Mercy skin does not come with the sprays?


When I saw that the new sprays are only available through twitch stream rewards, I was very disappointed.

As it is for a good cause I bought the new Mercy skin right away, but I do not have time nor interest to watch any twitch streams. As this whole event is for a charity, Blizzard should give us the option to buy the other event rewards (player icons, sprays, etc.) for cash purchases as well or just include them on the Pink Mercy Skin package.


What spray?


Well, just let the stream run while you’re playing OW or watching a movie or something like that. You don’t have to “watch” the stream :wink:


These sprays!


What stream?


Never thought I would ever need a spray until I saw “Together”

Edit: Wait… where’s Sombra in it?


Look here for the links to the streams :slight_smile:

QueenE is streaming right now!


i am currently watching QueenE’s stream and will watch the bulk of it to ensure the sprays, but truthfully, i enjoy her personality and presence. i feel they did this to promote Overwatch streams and have the community (should they wish to) engage in Twitch streamers and their communities.

if you don’t have the time, that is very unfortunate, but i hope you can get them! however i can understand from a business standpoint as to why they would perhaps want their player-base to interact with streaming personalities. sure, there are views, but to have the community donate to BCRF is incredibly wonderful to see.


What exact streams it’s bs trying to find them why isn’t there links or any damn info from blizzard I payed 15 dollars it should all be unlocked no Matter what


Read the posts above! :sunglasses:


there is a link on the latest blog post as to the streamers who will host their charity streams over the next fourteen days. links are provided within the latest developer update and social media posts.


Do you have to send any bits or can you just watch it.


From the official post:

Q. Do I need to do anything beyond linking my Blizzard and Twitch accounts to be eligible for Pink Mercy Twitch Drops?

A. Nope! When the criteria for a Twitch Drop has been met (for example, watching two cumulative hours of participating streams while logged into a Twitch account that is linked to your Blizzard account), you must simply be logged in to Twitch at the time.


I just read it, I am going let it play for an hour and move on the next one.