Why nerf Bastion flexibility?


Now, we can’t self heal between Tank shot !
WTF Blizzard ?!
What did Bastion did to you ?!


Uh… you can still heal yourself, but if you’re full health, no need to do it.


For healing between tank shot ? Reducing the recoil in Tank mode ?
Snapping between people and healing during down time ?
No need to do it.


No need to do it anymore if full health.


i don’t see this as a nerf.

there’s no point to waste your healing tank when you’re at full health anyway.


For accuracy no recoil tank shot obiously.


the healing —> primary animation is a bit slower but its like a really tiny nerf.

I didn’t even notice it on the patch notes.


Yes, but you can’t even heal yourself everytime you shoot that’s a big nerf.


he cant heal himself while shooting?
I didn’t even realise that.

that’s pretty bad tbh.


I think this is the correct move.

You must debug the hero before you balance them.

Prepare for Bastion 2.0 in the upcoming months :crossed_fingers:


Debug ? How is this a bug ?


says it right here “correctly” don’t know why the other way was incorrect, but it must’ve been since they said it. What say ye?


Sure …
They just nerfed sym too … so I assume they simply flat out hate niche heroes for some reason. I expect even more nerfs to them. Meanwhile honza still kills everything at any range. Seems reasonable.