Why Mercy Mains Are Complaining About the Nerfs

Hi guys! Let’s just jump right it.

For the past year, mercy has been recieving constant nerfs. Ever since her rework came out, Mercy has recieved nerf after nerf.

I’ve met people in competitive who are very pleased with Mercy’s current state. They are happy that mercy’s kit has been completely obliterated, and call mercy mains one tricks, boosted, and lash out because mercy takes less mechanical skill than other supports.

Okay, then let’s take a look at skill floors and skill ceilings.

What is a skill floor?
A skill floor is the minimum amount of skill reuired to make an impact with a hero.

Lucio is a good example of a hero with a low skill floor. The average player can generally be effective with this hero, because of his AOE healing/speed boost. Lucio can still have an impact simply by staying near his team.

A hero with a high skill floor would be Ana. You need to have decent aim and positioning to be effective as Ana.

What is a Skill Ceiling?

A skill ceiling is the amount of skill required to have the most impact with a hero.

A hero with a low skill ceiling would be Moira. She isn’t very mechanically demanding, and there isn’t many abilities to improve on.

A hero with a high skill ceiling would be Genji, because there are more abilities to master. You have to improve with aiming primary and scondary fire, animation cancelling, using swift strike, deflect, and using dash resets the most effective way possible.

That being said, heroes with low skill ceilings are harder to improve with, because many of the improvements have to do with small adjustments. Heroes with high skill ceilings are easier to improve with, because there is a much larger gao between the least effective you can be and the most effective you can be.

And pertaining to heroes with low skill floors and low skill ceilings, I’m not trying to imply that they take no skill. There is a huge difference in skill between a bronze Lucio and a GM Lucio, and it is very apparent when you compare the two ranks.

So why is this relevant? Mercy has always been considered to be a hero with a low skill floor. This leads to many people getting angry with high tier Mercy mains, and calling them “boosted e-girls” and other names.

The problem with lashing out at Mercy players is that it creates a double standard within the community. You don’t see people screaming to Junkrat and D. Va mains about how they don’t deserve their rank, or how anybody can climb to Top 500 by playing those characters. Mercy mains are constantly reminded by the community that they are raving cultists, the hero they play requires no skill, and that by playing Mercy you can easily rank up without any effort.

If that were the case, why are their Mercy mains spread throughout every rank? If all you have to do to play Mercy is stand still and hold down on primary fire, why isn’t every single GM a Mercy main?

Being called out for playing a hero that is “easy” and “doesn’t take skill” is incredibly demoralizing to everyone that plays Mercy. Why is it okay to spam Junkrat’s primary fire down a choke from across that map, but not okay for Mercy not to aim when healing?

What made Mercy’s rework overpowered was her res. Res does not belong as an E ability. No matter how skilled the individual Mercy player is, you still have the opportunity to res every 30 seconds. You could stand in a corner, not healing, for the whole game and still have just as many chances to res as a Mercy player who avoided enemy fire, knew when to heal and damage boost certain targets, and stayed just out of enemy sights to stay alive. Res is too good of an ability to be on a cooldown.

In an effort to balance Mercy, every part of her kit has been reduced to garbage. She can’t keep her allies alive when they are being focused, even while ulting. She has a cast time on her E ability as well as movement reduction. Why were these nerfs put in place? Because res is too good.

Instead of being reworked, Mercy has recieved nerfs over and over again. When Mercy mains complain about her kit being butchered, we are instantly accused of wanting Mercy to be overpowered again. We are constantly told that we want her to be changed so that she is the best hero in the game, but takes absolutely no skill.

This is not what Mercy mains want. We want our main to feel useful and impactful. We want our main to stop being nerfed. We want our main to feel fun to play.

The Mercy mains that are constantly shouting to revert Mercy aren’t asking for her to be overpowered. Most are asking for the old Res to come back without invulnerability. While I personally don’t agree with reverting Mercy, I do think she needs to be reworked.

What so many Mercy mains are asking for is a new kit, with abilities that feel impactful and add more skill and depth to Mercy. They are tired of constant nerfs, and feel that the Mercy rework was a failure.

We aren’t asking for Mercy to be in meta. We are asking for her to be viable.


Welcome to the club of low skill ceiling heroes from Bastion to Pharah.

Junkrat got trashed months ago because of players complaining about his spam; he’s literally as bad as Reaper at most ranks.

Forum goers aren’t complaining about threads that are giving suggestions to improve Mercy, it’s the posts that take things too personally that are dragging Mercy mains’ reputation through the mud.


Welcome to the Overwatch forums.

We know.

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But hey what would be the OW forums without the constant reminder.

fixed it for you there

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Mercy’s in an unhealthy for over a year… and the spam continues…

Wonder why. :thinking:


at this point I dont think they could get mercy mains to be quiet no matter what they did

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If you played other heroes you might find out other heroes have been too.

Check my profile, love~

I’d say some mercy haters would be like “Why did you listen to them” as Mercy gets a 3.0. -shrug-

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I don’t see how other heroes being in a bad state makes Mercy automatically not horrible…

Once again love, Constructive Threads are not spam! :smiley:

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I love constructive threads. Unfortunately there are so few of them amidst the spam that it makes it hard to find the good ones. The posters are running out of ideas so they just keep making worthless posts about the same. old. thing.


Mercy never had a high ceiling to begin with though and she was always boring the fact that you need an ult that’s inherently broken or at least better than trans says how boring mercy in to play pre or post rework

Mhmm… Okay.

They actually seem to have plenty of ideas. I haven’t seen a single actual spam thread yet! Except for you know, the ones spamming about the nonexistent spam. XP

Probably going to get some heat for this, but it needs to be said.
I completely agree with you- Mercy has been attacked and beaten down since the game started, from the toxic, unappreciative players who underestimate the “no skill gamer girl Mercy mains”, to the Devs who are going on her 15th or 16th nerf, to the community who generally hate her for simply existing.
I don’t want her to be OP. I don’t want her to be garbage tier. I want her to be a viable, powerful main healer too. I want the Mercy mains to finally stop suffering and for everyone to enjoy a good Mercy on their team. After all, she’s the game’s most iconic healer- she needs to be a good, if not great pick! So why am I going to get hate over this post? Simple.
The only way to fix Mercy and get her in a good place is to remove Rez
The player base hated when a Mercy could swoop in and rez an entire team, so what do they do? Start nerfing her into the ground, trying to balance it out. They made it an extremely restrictive ability, and her others are even worse. Her Ult is a glorified ability at best, and Mercy players using it can tell you they don’t feel very effective when using it. Everything about Mercy is centered around her Rez, an ability that cannot be balanced. For the good of the character, it must be removed.
What, then, could replace Rez? There are other possible ideas. Temporary invulnerability for a single character, damage reduction, massive healing output, or maybe something that gives Mercy more survivability if she’s attacked by an enemy. Regardless, something needs to be done to stop the Mercy hate.

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I think quite a lot agree with that. It is just easier to repeat “revert Mercy” than to make long big posts that get ignored anyway. You know like this one.

To be honest I do think they could have balanced mass-rez but instead they removed it and went with the failure of a rework we have now. Overall it would be sad if Mercy had to lose the ability of rez but I would be alright to sacrifice it if we can get a better hero in return. I would still like to see them try and balance it as an ultimate where it belongs.


Thanks for the heartfelt post and adding another voice to the call to fix the rework.


i love how they swapped her skill floor and ceiling with valk. basically the relatively easy things you do regularly are made easier with valk. that ult is dumbing to use unless you swap onto your surprisingly good pistol :joy: