Why Mercy Isn't Fun To Play | Video

Get Interrupted

If you dont like jump escaping of your enemeis every 2 seconds and heal. Dont play support class go back HANZO…

What do you expect them to do? Make her pistol do crazy amounts of damage and also still have the ability to provide one of the most consistent and largest amounts of single target healing in the game?

Mercy is a healer. Just that. A healer. That’s her main role. You either like it or you don’t. If you think she is boring, then pick another hero.

You know what WASN’T fun for everyone? Mercy 2.0. People who played her then thought that was the only fun thing in her kit but everyone else didn’t have fun (I was on the verge of quitting the game during that nonsense) then Blizzard picked the best of 2 evils and they nerfed her. Now the game is actually enjoyable for most and luckily, they still made it so she has one of the higher pickrates in the game across all tiers

I’m honestly astonished how you still don’t get it… I was literally agreeing with you…

Don’t care my dood.

I mean it’s pretty subjective tbh. What you may see as the problem won’t be the same for everyone. I get your point nonetheless.

Niceee. I think something else was the problem.


I’m participating in a trend. :sunglasses: If that means I’m a follower, continue to call me one. I don’t consider it something too deep.

It’s not really all that new. Also, why would I be pretending if this is what I said:

You’re thinking way too much into it. :stuck_out_tongue:

~ Sincerely,
:smiley: Someone who hates to play current Mercy :smiley:

It’s 2018, can we stop with cringe culture?

Nah, just a woman with a deeper voice to me.

It is not faster. It is slower unless the Mercy pops off a multikill.

With uninterrupted healing, it will still take Mercy 31 seconds to charge Resurrect to full from zero. That’s a 1 second cooldown increase in the optimal healing conditions.

And let’s face it, no Mercy gets 31 seconds of uninterrupted healing.

If it is 6-6.5 Resurrects/game, that is still a huge difference in power from the current Resurrect. Why, you might ask?

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If the 30 seconds thing was so critical, wouldn’t you expect the average rez per game to be closer to 15-20 per game?

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Did you… read it?

If anything, the fact that it’s not affected by performance is a selling point to me.

Take a look at some of the best Mercy mains in the world. How many resurrects per game are they pulling off? About 6-8.

Means you have an ability that’s equally worthwhile at low ranks and high ranks. Rather than being underpowered on one, and overpowered in the other.

Furthermore, by having Rez frequently available, but difficult to perform, it gives Mercy players something to do besides Left Click 99% of the game, and spend 1% of the game pressing Q.

Which was rather poor interactivity.

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The fact that it isn’t affected by performance is more concerning than it being affected by performance.

The higher a player climbs, the better everyone gets at dealing damage. Everything happens faster. And then there’s Resurrect.

For reference, 9-9.5 was my personal average prior to the rework. That was top 5% of Mercy players in that category, and yet, Mercy was still “suboptimal” in high tiers.

That’s funny.

That is also funny.

Having an impactful ultimate with a lot of tension leading up to it combined with a mechanically simplistic kit is a hell of a lot more interactive and engaging than that same simplistic kit but weaker, plus a 2-second rock simulator or E and a spectator camera as an ultimate.


Then why don’t you focus on making Valkyrie more interactive?

For instance, if you could switch to second stage “expert mode” only once during Valkyrie. What would that look like?

Clearly the devs aren’t interested in making Rez more powerful.

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Valkyrie is flawed in its design and shouldn’t be an ultimate, that’s why nobody gives a crap about making it more appeasing. It’s not something anybody cares about because it’s bland and unengaging, why rework an ability that you don’t care about as opposed to just replacing it with something else, not neccesarily Resurrection?


Because the devs probably feel like they’ve spent too much time balancing Mercy already, and statistically she’s really balanced.

So probably the best you are going to get out of them is relatively small change.

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Nobody isn’t correct.

Lots of Mercy players on the forums think it’s healthier than Mass Rez ever was.

You’re giving the developers a pass because they can’t make a hero fun without breaking their knees? There’s an old kit waiting in storage if they want, or they could do something as simple as reducing its duration and increasing its healing.

They don’t want to change her because they’re ignoring player feedback, not because it’s a big ask to change some numbers.


Give me a survey, since you constantly mention how the forums are in the minority.

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Well, look at r/overwatch and any other subreddit.

r/overwatch has 1.4 million users. Do you see that many people commenting on the forums? Let alone anything close to the 40 million number the devs boasted about a few months ago?

Edit: Even Titanium’s thread (the #1 post of all time now), still hasn’t hit 20k views.

No, but you just said that your anecdotal viewing experiences has some sort of relevance to an actual statistical value. I never claimed lots of Mercy players think Mass Rez is healthier than Valkyrie, I was asserting my own opinion in a different format.


Sometimes it’s good to ignore player feedback.

Remember when people were saying Mercy was broken in February 2018? And that she needed a buff right away?

It was good that those people were ignored.

Yet you have no evidence to disprove my claims. They’re nothing more than that. They’re claims. Yet, my numbers prove true. It’s reasonable to assume that viewcount = players that have seen it. If a player has clicked on it at all, they count as viewing it. Considering this, and the fact the #1 upvoted post of all time on the forums still is under 20k views, it’s a very good assumption that the forums are <30k players, which, for you mathematicians out there, is significantly less than 1.4 million.