Why Mercy Isn't Fun To Play | Video

Her Guardian Angel is still, as it always has been, 20 meters per second. When Mercy was reworked it was increased to 50 meters per second only during Valkyrie. So still, her basic Guardian Angel speed has gone unchanged.

The point I’m trying to make is that her core kit has gone unchanged, she still has consistent unlimited healing, damage boost, guardian angel, and rez, plus a very useful ult that can make or break a team fight. So what is the issue? You and many other Mercy mains on here love to say how unfun she is but you don’t tell us the actual issue you have with Mercy other than either A. wanting her mass rez back, or B. wanting her current abilities to be be stronger, which leads me to believe you only like the character when she is OP.

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($#!% that ended up being a lot longer than I thought)

I mean, I’ll be perfectly honest, half the time I’m just playing devil’s advocate because I feel like someone needs to (that, and I just like arguing “debating” :P). There’s no point to a discussion forum without an actual discussion, and if everyone just agrees on one side, then “reality” starts to get skewed for the exact reason as stated above. Opinions and misleads start to become facts that are taken for granted if no one says “well what about…” When all is said and done, I do sympathize with where you’re coming from a lot.

This thread in particular is tough for me to argue against, which is why I just jumped straight into replying to random comments. The video’s right. Mercy’s skill ceiling is indeed lower and obviously her fun suffers from the lesser challenge, as would happen with any mechanic in any game. Half the fun comes from the challenge of doing so.

I really like how this person put it, actually:

The best part about every competitive game is making those plays that you can write home about. The ones where you hope to god the video saved properly just so you can go back and rewatch it over and over again and feel “Damn, I did that. I’m that good.”

And in a game with so many diverse heroes, with each one attracting different players to main them specifically, they all deserve to at least get the chance to make those plays rewatchable plays. But Mercy simply doesn’t.

And this isn’t just a case of “well doing your job as a healer means giving someone else the spotlight” either. I’m not talking about PotG, I’m strictly talking about doing your job and feeling rewarded about it. Zen and Moira can both heal and get kills. Ana can do her job by landing amazing shots on enemies and teammates alike, and shut down ults with her sleep and nade. Lucio? Boop! Even Brig can both shut down ults and set them up with her stuns, as well as just being a general monster on the point if left unchecked.

Mercy? E.

That’s her big play. E. Then someone else takes over. If you want to make one of those “look what I did” moments, you pretty much have to go Battle Mercy, and by then you’re not even playing Mercy anymore. Yes, there’s Valk for impact, but again, I’m talking about those “skill plays”, which sky-boxing + auto-chaining doesn’t really count towards.

Do I still think that Mercy is enjoyable? Yes, and always will. That is until her GA and beam juggling are butchered, but let’s not give Blizzard any ideas.

Would I be happy if Mercy were reverted? Insanely. I just don’t think it’s realistic to ever expect it, which is why you typically see me being so negative. If people put at least as much effort into giving ideas on how to actually improve the current Mercy as they do with just saying “revert and slap a few nerfs on her” then Blizzard would probably start taking us, as a whole, much more seriously.

Anyways, now with this I realized I’ve started to ramble again (funny how such a small little comment can prompt this much). It was nice to say all that though, so thanks. Hope you have a nice day!


I feel like once again. Someone does not understand. With every change that does not bring us to a Mercy that is consistent because the player is consistent instead of the abilities being consistent of their own stats, this is what will happen. To remind that there isn’t happiness with her state.

She feels like a shell of a hero because rather than remove passives, make Rez earned, and promote variability the Devs have pushed that all away just to leave consistency.

The only redeeming quality in terms of fun on Mercy is GA because it isn’t self punishing, because it be varied in how effective it works, and has at least the basic combo with Angelic Descent!

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I’m all for earned rez.Finally killing a Mercy will make a difference.Instead of it just being on a CD and available after she respawns.

how the hell did she rez that falling pharah?
she got out of her range?

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I’m pretty sure that Mercy’s GA was 30m, not 20m. Also, Mercy’s GA at the start of the rework had a speed boost along with it’s range. Such a speed boost was removed. So no, Mercy’s GA was certainly changed, and is now slower than what she had at the beginning of the rework.

The issue is impact. With the exception of maybe, damage boost, nearly all of the buffs in her abilities she had in Valkyrie have been either removed, or toned down in place of slightly increased range. Her healing was reverted back to the healing she had in 1.0 and her self regen and speed have also been nerfed. She no longer can instant rez during valk, and now she can only rez once on a fixed 30 second cooldown, with her being locked behind a cast time.

For me at this point, it’s better off if they start from scratch, back to where she had true fair and fun balance. It’s time for them to revert her Ultimate back to mass rez, not what feels like a glorified spectator cam. My opinion.

Oh here we go. “Time for the generalizations and insults because my opinion on Mercy differs from yours…” Go on and get your projections out of your system then…

You seem to have not been aquainted with one of the most popular threads in this forum, allow me to inform you on Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy’s Current State. Me and literally 1000+ others can agree that this details exactly why she is unfun. Here, educate yourself. :blush:

I’m sorry, where have I said that “I only like Mercy when she was OP?” I literally said that not everyone is happy with how she turned out and they have a right to have a say about it. How did that translate in your mind as “Oh they mean they want her OP?” [citation needed]

I’m here saying that everyone’s opinions matter on their frustrations with mercy and while I have a view on what I think she needs, that one opinion isn’t better than the other in what should be done with her. What are you trying to say right now?

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

No GA has always been 20mps, you’re free to go look at past patch notes if you don’t believe me, I’ve been a Mercy main since beta. The speed boost was a glitch, which is what gave us Angel-hop, so yeah they fixed the glitch that made her extremely fast, she’s hard to hit while flying as it is she doesn’t need to go that fast.

Her self-regen wasn’t nerfed, just rez, GA speed during Valkyrie, and now HPS. As for the range it’s not “slightly” her beam and GA range are increased from 20 meters to 50 meters, that adds a lot of room to play with especially when you have free flight. Mercy can still have a huge impact on a team fight/match, no she can’t bring a whole team back from the dead but you have to be proactive now instead of reactive, you just need to make the right decision at the right times to make an impactful play.

Nobody but you and your band of # Revery Mercy activists want mass rez back, nobody else thinks it’s fair or fun. You need to understand that, it might be your opinion but frankly your opinion doesn’t matter more than the rest of the communities as well as the dev’s opinion.

I didn’t insult you, and the generalization I made is true, you literally changed your name to RevertMercy.

I’m not gonna sit here all day reading that post cause it’s unnecessarily long, I did however read the solution, and that bring me to the point about you (and most other Mercy mains) simply wanting her to be OP.

Now obviously you didn’t outright say you want her to be OP, I actually think you (and others) don’t even realize that is what you actually want. Nonetheless the solution Titanium proposes is OP, as well as the majority of other suggestions I see on here. So if that is the ideal Mercy rework to you, then to me it seems like you want her to be OP.

:sob: niceness is nice!

Just wish people would stop settling for lesser design (at least for the select that do) that really pains me to see as a designer!

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Balance is more important than fun.

Well keep it coming friend, I’m always ready to hear more🤗

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Balance may be a requirement for fun, at least if it’s supposed to be fairly spread across all the heroes. But games are about being fun, so balance without fun is a serious game design flaw.

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If there is a competitive environment then balance is more important.

Only if people think winning or the competition itself is more important than having fun, although I would argue that in such cases people are still playing to have fun. But as I said, balance is a requirement for fairly spread fun across the heroes. But if balance makes the game boring or not fun, then the game has missed its purpose of being a game. The main purpose of games are to be entertaining. If you are talking about the overwatch league then it’s different; they get paid so it’s not as important if it is an entertaining game as long as they get their paycheck.

If balance in competitive environments were more important than fun, then there should be competitive tax-reporting. People would balance the heck out of their economy and taxes and compete against the opposition about completing the quickest, or getting the most tax reduction. That sounds like something people would love to do at their leisure time, right? It’s balanced and competitive, what’s not to like? (sarcasm off)

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Even for the normal competitive ladder balance is more important. If there is no balance because of fun then you can’t have a competitive mode.
Mercy might have been fun for Mercy players but for all other players she was not fun.

And if there is balance but no fun then you have no players.

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Sure, XC2 is good, but have you ever heard this?

It’s fun to just sit back and watch the “fun.”
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The entire point of mercy is to be basic. Not a game changer

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No need to get combative lol.

It is subjective. Just a lot of people have the same subjective thought as you.

Also, there’s people that liked the post, not because of the ideas, but because it promoted discussion.

This is literally Sprinkles and RevertMercy every thread