Why Mercy Isn't Fun To Play | Video

Sorry for the incorrect pronoun then I guess? Nothing wrong with it. Lol

The main thing about this video is that it’s saying she wants Mercy to have a higher skill ceiling.

Which I don’t really think applies to Mass Rez.


  • Press Q to toggle between chain beams, and focus beams.
  • Focus healing beams have 80 heals per second, heal only one teammate, and the shorter basic beam length.
  • Focus boost beams have 40% damage boost, heal only one teammate, and the shorter basic beam length.

Secondary Ultimate: Resurrect

  • Ult Charge high enough to average 5 ults per game
  • 0.5 second cast time

Or alternatively, go for the full Tradeoff mode, and get really interesting.

Anybody want Faster Mercy?


what in the actual hell lol


Actually. I don’t know the OP’s gender either. They just sound like a boy, that’s all.

They sound androgynous to me. Not that I’m out here to speculate. My point is that I think I sound equally such lol

forum signatures are quite common on many sites.

We do think it does.


I’m going to start doing this. XD

So much skill injected into mass Resurrect now. :smirk:

You know you could just say

Valkyrie removed, and high noon rez mass-rez.

Don’t understand why people think word count makes someone’s argument more correct.


I never said that.

However, you just came and left your idea, so I suppose I was allowed to do so, or am I wrong ?


Welp, Mercys want a fun hero that you feel that you can impact with because of your use of abilities that are brief but powerful yet could be used non-optimally. Rather than consistent power which just gives you a participation reward.


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Titaniums, you need visuals on your teammates, and to lock on for 1 second before rez.

It’s basically High Noon Mass Rez, only difference is the range is only 15m.

I don’t get why people think new Mercy is less fun.

  1. Old Mercy was heal people and fly around.
  2. Oh, time to stop healing and hide!
  3. Fly in and Rez! Repeat

Valk Mercy

  • Has me constantly on the move.
  • Constantly gauging my position so I can keep everyone alive instead of let them die for a Rez.
  • Deciding when is a good or bad time to Rez.
  • Should I use my ult defensively or offensively?
  • When is a good time to go battle Mercy or not?

There is a lot more decision making and making a mistake in one of these decisions can cost a lot more.

I don’t know… maybe I just don’t think fun=easy. Besides, most people that complain about new vs old Mercy, have never actually played old Mercy.

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Most liked post of all time. :kissing_heart:

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Hey this was much better😂

Much more open to thought, and less in your face👌

I can agree and discuss things like this, and you kept it civil, so keep it up. Nice vid.

(Good to see you and stay cool):heart:

Even though we don’t always agree, at least we can discuss

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Do likes received, make an argument more correct?

Why can’t an argument stand alone by it’s own strength?


All of this already existed with old Mercy, stop ignoring an entire aspect on the hero only to fit your narrative.


I’m glad you agree!

Signatures will become a trend again. :smirk_cat:

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