Why isn't smurfing a bannable cheating offence?

We’ve all had the displeasure of going against a smurf and either getting stomped or carried unintentionally, what I don’t understand is that why Blizzard chooses to prioritize the money from these accounts than focusing on a real issue in the game since it’s birth.

I understand resources are really tight right now for the team but I would honestly love nothing more than to have some kind of review replay system to let players help take off the workload from the Dev’s, just like in CS:GO it would allow the players who know better to better identify these people and clean the issue from the slate of the game.

I really do love this game and I want to continue to love it, but when out of 20 of my matches on my main account 7 of them had widow one-trick smurfs and utterly ruined the games for both teams, even both teams agreed it was pretty damaging. (This account just to play around with my friends. Not even level enough to go into ranked.)

What is even the point of ranked if this is a thing in the game?


Blizzard doesn’t care about you. You are cattle to entertain smurfs that keep buying new accounts.


Technically, being in a rank you do not belong in in terms of skill is not against terms of services.

Now, if you are throwing to maintain that artificially lower rank (which a smurf would have to do in order to stay in a lower rank), that is bannable.


It is reportable as cheating, given that the in game definition of cheating includes anything that gives an unfair advantage, and that’s very much smurfing in a nutshell.

Also, recently Jeff acknowledged smurfing is a problem and said they’re working on a solution but not to expect anything until Overwatch 2 or later as it’s not an easy fix because they need to consider how account creation works on consoles.

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LMFAO HAHAHAHA oh you crack me up

Bruh why do people continue to treat Blizzard like they a small time company. These the same people that made WoW… which still has a healthy amount of players even with a subscription. This is the game that Activision is in charge of

Resources tight my @ss. They have plenty resources. Please stop.

because Blizzard likes money

Try writing to the Blizzard Support about smurfs or avoiding bans by using a smurf account.

Answer will be:

  • The MMR system is so good (literal answer) that they won’t get any advantage, because they would climb really fast and not get an advantage.
  • Losing on purpose is banable and should be reported.
  • Using another account after a ban is ok if you behave on that one. If you don’t, the same will happen as on the banned one.

Really problematic are two things here:

  • Disregarding how many smurfs there are and how much they destroy any fun, not SR, but fun. Not only because of how they play, but also because they care less how they behave, since they can just switch account after a ban.
  • There is no punishment or reason to even get banned on the first account for bad behaviour if it’s ok for Blizzard to just jump to your next account.
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#1 tip if you’re gold or below—turn around, literally ever. Whenever I’m leveling up a new account I just flank and people don’t even begin to look at me until plat. Booming footsteps from roadhog doesn’t matter. I don’t even try to hide it until plat.

Contrasting with that, flank to get out of gold unless you’re main tank because people gold and below don’t turn around. Ana? Go for flanking anti’s and call it out. Hog? Flank for a free pick literally every push (assuming you can land hooks). Tracer/Genji/doom/soldier—hide until tanks start to collide and then shoot from an off angle.

How many times did you write this xd


So vicious, yet so true…

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Activision Blizzard are the parent company. Activision is just one game studio within the parent company.

Do not do this.

Ana is a Support hero, not a Damage hero.

Stay with your team and help keep them alive and you’ll help more teams to victory rather than pretending you’re a third Damage player thus leaving your team to be a Support player down.

Smurfs are free to make on consoles, so the money argument falls flat there.

And believe me, there are a lot of smurfs on console.

That’s why I said call it. If they don’t face tank damage as if they have heals while you’re doing it, you’re setting up an easy fight win for your team. A well executed anti is one of the highest value/cost ratio abilities in the game.

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Even worse.

/word count

If you play ana like a heal bot you won’t get far in rank. You have to use her utility. While flat out flanking isn’t good going for small flanks to get huge antis is better than being a heal bot.

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I never said or even remotely implied anything about being a heal bot.

A Support’s primary responsibility is healing the team. If no one needs healing then yes, absolutely use whatever utility you have, but doing Damage should not be the focus of a Support hero.

Antis aren’t meant for damage though. Sometimes going for a 6 man anti is better than healing the 200 hp your tanks are missing.

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Because smurfing is the prime revenue generator of this game, you ever seen a company actively turn down money?

“Or later”… lol. Figure it out peeps. Ain’t nothin’ changing.

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