Why is there so many fragile egos?


This is why I think Blizzard should add some server side code to detect people who keep leaving matches right before they end, after their team losses round 1 of a KotH map or after they lose the first point on a map (just some examples). If you keep leaving during those then you’re clearly leaving before you feel your team might lose. Those that trigger this get a warning that if they continue that they will get a 30min ban.

I play a LOT of Mystery Heroes and you can not play a match without at least 1 person leaving because their team might not win. KotH maps after see 2-3 people bail after losing round 1.


Nobody is saying you can’t. Just asking why you have fragile ego.


I didn’t say it’s my business. Just pointing out that nobody is saying you can’t do it. Just why the fragile ego, and I guess we know the answer now.


Those people can’t accept the lose,they can’t even let them see the lose screen.


I hate every mode in Arcade, i just hate MH a little less but i have to play it to get the three free lootboxes and i not playing 10 loses to get 1 win so i farm games looking for easy wins, the xp penalty and edorse lvl doesmt matter to me at all


Oh look… someone else that only thinks about themselves.


Or subject themselves to a game whose defeat feedback is pure negative reinforcement. And frequently the other team isn’t shy about trying to get that little bit more of a dopamine rush telling the losing team how bad they are at the game.

People play to enjoy games, not be insulted and belittled by them.


I don’t get it either. It’s hilarious, what on earth makes them so upset that they can’t finish?

Granted not all leavers are leaving out of anger, I know some have unfortunate problems that come up or are just playing until they need to go. (Though I doubt the people playing until they have to leave are leaving right before a match ends)


Unless the fix hero stacking in MH i will not take it seriously, maybe i would actually have fun and stay but untill then playing it is like pulling teeth hat is how un enjoyable it is, so i am inly gonna farm wins fir lootboxes


That’s part of the mode. Deal with it. I’ve seen it countless times and we got past it. Grow up and stop leaving matches.


I do deal with it, arcade is garbage, so i am inly there for the loot boxes then back to the real games of Comp


Please if you’re going to say it’s garbage then don’t queue for it. I’m SICK AND TIRED of backfilling half my night of games because of people like you that leave every game because you might lose.

They REALLY need to add 30min bans for people that keep leaving.


Change the lootboxes to games played instead of win then i would only have to deal with 9 games of garbage before going back to real overwatch


I don’t get what is up with these last second leaves either. It just makes wasted time even more wasted.


No, it absolutely is toxic. Most communities are and yes there might be some more toxic communities but youre absolutely joking yourself if you think the cliche “oh you think THATS BAD!?!? You should see THIS!!! Since i think THIS is worse, then THAT isnt actually bad at all!” Excuses the terrible behavoir of gamers.


Toxicity is very much tied to the individual and what the individual is influenced by.

Overwatch has a lot of parameters enabled and included that can be used to mitigate what you are exposed to and what you can do about it. Personally, using the included functions I’ve actually managed to avoid a lot of what the forum goers like to point out as “toxicity”.

My overall experience has only been marred primarily by patches and balance, not player behavior. Not to say It doesn’t happen, but doesn’t happen all that often.

Rust on the other hand had very few safety barriers, and is dominated by the “survival of the fittest” almost Mad Max “dog eat dog” vibe. You’re rewarded for being a monster, and punished for showing compassion and weakness. Rust is much more toxic than Overwatch ever will be.

CSGO is another one that matches Overwatch in terms of competition and mentality, but lacks the safety barriers and features of it. Because of this, toxicity is a lot higher in that game.

It very much is a case by case situation. League had a huge toxicity problem for a while, but ultimately turned its course around.


Just because options to mute players exists, either via text or chat, doesnt mean they still arent toxic. You just dont hear it. (Or see it)

I absolutely refuse to join team chat and i hate group finder because people prefer to use mics. Its THAT bad. Ive never done that in any game ever before. Not even league.


It’s hard to build up a thick skin from your mom’s basement thats why lol


You’re missing the point.

You as the individual is the only person that can decide whether you as the individual deals with toxicity.

If you can make your personal experience better, that is your choice. You are not responsible nor capable of being responsible for anyone else’s choices or experiences, doing so will only make your experience worse.

I used to think this way, and once I changed the way I thought, my experience became much better.

As someone with tremendous social anxiety (just got done with 3 days in a new state around an influx of new people I’ve never met :grimacing:) I know what it’s like. I’ve started to add people who are nice in game and on the forums about 2 years ago, and my outlook and appreciation for this game has improved dramatically. Being surrounded by nice and likeminded people really does go a long way. Talking a little, and even just hanging back and being passive in TC is really a good route to take. You can always mute or block the people being toxic.


Dont get me wrong im not having a bad time with overwatch what so ever. The problems i have now arent with toxic speech or text. Ever since i stopped going into team chat its been so much better.

What im saying is the gamers here are toxic as all hell. Just because youre doing the equivalent of closing your eyes, covering your ears and yelling “nananana” repeatedly doesnt mean its not there.