Why is the SR/MMR formula kept a secret?

That is not an official, authoratative link. It’s a community member (Kaawumba). Good on him, but he’s trying to do their work for them, in absentia.

Basically just firing shots in the dark, because elo/trueskill accounts for solo queues and win rates, not pbsr and machine learned team rigging.

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It’s a link to a collection of official, authoritative information. The information that OP refuses to do his research on is contained within.

It’s not rigged. When you improve, you climb.

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I’ve read that thing every season for the past 10 season, what I’m asking for is not in there

Yes, it is. Try reading again.

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show me where it is please

I’m pointing right at it. If you want more than that you’ll have to do your own research.

See, I’ve done your research for you in the past and invariably when you’re proven wrong you either a) ignore it or b) more commonly, shift the goalposts. So not this time. They have explained why and it’s all right there in the link.

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not shifting goal posts, clarifying

I can’t find any orange text in any of that, at all. The source is speculative, and I quote Kaawumbaa here:

So basically he just drew his own conclusions based on guestimation and heresay. That is literally the opposite of official and authoritative.

That is tautological. I don’t want to get into this here, but it is much, much harder to improve in a closed-box hidded performance evaluation.

Hence why all the calls for transparency. People shouldn’t be tensors, and matches rated at the bottom 1-2% of all players ranked by skill shouldn’t be corrupted with people exibiting skill and talent far above that percentile.

It’s bad outdated math leading to a trash broken system. Show us the math so we can either fix it for them or see how they expect us to perform.

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Call it whatever you like, but when you claim one thing and get disproven and then claim that you were talking about something entirely different that’s called shifting the goalposts.

They’ve already provided everything you need to know - you climb when you win, so “how they expect you to perform” is that you’ll win until you can’t, and that’s where you’re supposed to be until you improve yourself.

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if you mean about the part where is says they want overwatch to be about winning and loosing and not k/d ratio and such, then I still want the MMR formula published

you play differently in the super bowl as you do when facing off against the team last in your divsioin at the end of the season. a tennis player doesn’t go all out on an amature

this is part of sports

Again, that is tautological. ‘Win more games’ doesn’t tell people how to win better, how pbsr or mmr works, or how they’re being sneakishly scored, assessed, and matched.

And we’re still waiting for an official source. Please post a non out-dated link with orange font that explains how people are being measured.

Oh wait, you can’t. Because it doesn’t exist. They refuse to be transparent and accountable on how they track, rate, and rank people’s behaviour.

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It is not really, the pattern for it can be viewed by anyone. Maybe not every detail but enough to get the gist of it.

Imagine if sports were the same… and yes that´s why ESPORTS will never be an actual big thing. Lack of transparency of what is actually going on.

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but that’s not even what I’m really asking. If MIT came out with this huge data set that spelled out the MMR formula with a 0.001% chance probability of error, I would still not be satisfied. I may be less persistent, but not satisfied.

I want the MMR formula to be public and endorsed. Official, if you will.

it’s like overbuff, I’m not asking to know what pick rates are, I’m asking for blizz to publish them

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As a customer of this eports product/service, I sure would like to know how my data trail is being used to decide that I’m bottom 1% of all players ranked by skill. Always. Not saying I’m even Silver or on some path-to-pro, but why am I not classified as bottom 4%?

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this matters little to me, but I can see your concern

this is how I feel about the ladder

Because they’re afraid of the truth. Or worse, afraid of what will happen to the player base should they learn the truth.

But they don’t need to expose anything to see how clearly flawed their matchmaking system is.

I mean, if matchmaking is working as ‘intended’, there’s no reason to keep it secret.

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They would be telling us it’s not true, and that these rumors are baseless and that they just patent liberally, if they weren’t at least partially using the patent. Think of this like a warrant canary, the lack of official PR putting this thread down shows the canary has died.

in my heart of hearts, I don’t believe OW uses the patent in Comp

and what if they only used it on the people that are between lvl 25 and lvl 50

that wouldn’t be too egregious, dishonest, but not egregious

i do think it’s very bizarre and unorthodox that they do not divulge the MMR formula and have a giant list of everyone in the world from 1st to last.

However, this does not necessarily mean that they are using the patent. If you’ve drawn that conclusion, very well. But I’ll need more evidence.

explain how a ruleset can be exploited by some but not others once it is known to all.