Why is the hanzo nerf taking so long


Tanks and most of supports have been shafted by the devs for an eternity. The only ones not shafted have been mercy/zen, and for now hammond.


“Better player” is subjective. And this argument is only ever used if someone doesn’t like a certain hero. I’ve seen this very same one against Widowmaker players too, and I see “nerf Widow” threads popping up as well.

You cannot make everyone happy in this community.


Ana will frankly never be buffed to meta again because she has been labeled ‘tank meta’ enabler but they seem to forget that the tanks have been nerfed a ton since ana, and the games changed a lot. They used this as an excuse to reverting meis rmb drop off. Why cant they buff ana if ‘the games changed so much’


I mean, every Hybrid in WoW is either a Tank or Healer. The only non-Hybrids are pure DPS like Warlocks, Mages and Rogues. So Hybrids are always going to be the best Tanks or Healers.

In either case, Druid dominance is spotty at best. Bears were the best Tanks in Legion for sure, but Blood DK’s weren’t far behind them and IIRC Holy Paladins were the dominant raid healer for a large portion of this expansion. Druid DPS strength is basically a rollercoaster. You either get to be a Tomb or Sargeras Balance Druid, or a Antorus Balance Druid and there ain’t much inbetween.

They’ve got nothing on Warlocks who are consistently top tier in both PvE and PvP every expansion.

Source: Play a Warlock.


I guess some blizzard enpolyee is still not hitting GM yet this season… we need for him to get GM for him to finally nerf him.


Not sure if it’s been mentioned already but

This’ll hit live probably next week.


“No weaknesses”
Hello, Winston wants to talk with you


Did someone say Peanut Butter?Winston deals 60/sec It takes him 3-4 seconds to kill a Hanzo.Meanwhile Hanzo deals 70*6(420dmg) in a way shorter amount of time.


And you avoid answering my question so let me ask again; Which hero is excelling at long, mid and close range?

Druids have always been strong in WoW and had some good strength on several arenas. Not only in Legion but throughout WoW’s history.


Mei will have no fall off damage, McCree to an extent, Soldier will have his primary damage increased at range, and obviously Widowmaker.


Pretty much every healer and every tank has been strong at several points in WoW’s history. If it isn’t Druids dominating in Arena, it’s Resto Shaman in comps like RLS or LockSD (or is it LockSD 2.0 with the Resto Shaman, I forget), it’s Holy Paladins in comps like TSG, or it’s Disc Priests in the old favourite of RMP.

Though I haven’t PvP’d in WoW since like Cata, so I dunno what’s good anymore. I think it was Mistweaver Monks and Holy Priests actually.

Plus, the meme of WoW is that it’s always been Mages who were the Devs favoured child. Druids get shafted just as hard as everyone else.

Also the team comp of Warlock/Shaman/Druid is censored ayy lmao.


Will have but aren’t here now so they have no effect on live servers what so ever. And both McCree and S76 will still have fall-off damage. And I have serious doubts that Mei will in any way be as dominating as Hanzo because what breaks Hanzo completely, is those absurd storm arrows.


Jump plus melee = 55 (Melee does 35 dmg, does it?) + one second tick = 115 dmg. Then you use the bubble to dodge like the arrows and you got him.


Paladins were buff-a-dins, shamans were totem riders and mages were sources of food. A priest was suppose to heal and nothing more and a warrior was laughed at for trying to play anything but a tank. Druids on the other hand always have had a special position in WoW’s history and haven’t had any significant nerfs to them throughout time. They’ve always been a reliable go-to class.


You asked, I answered. What your opinion is on that matter is entirely up to you.


And you answered in hypothetical terms and glossed over the live servers.


Because the patch is literally coming out in a few hours.


The game hasn’t been like that since Vanilla dude.

Druids are no longer consistently the best Healers. Warriors are no longer consistently the best Tanks and Warlocks/Rogues are no longer consistently the best DPS.

Currently Druids are meh healers, good tanks (DK’s are better for Mythic+, Druids are better for Raids) and meh DPS.


It has been like that since vanilla. They’re the only class that haven’t been drastically changed through WoW’s history.


If armor werent a thing at least other deeps could contest him outside of widow. Tracer genji in a face and all of that. But armor makes tracer absolutely useless. And dive tanks. And other tickle damage aswell.