Why is Symmetra always in the bottom, forgotten?

I actually work in video games as a career and have done so for a number of years. I can see why Sym is such a hard character to balance. She has an interesting and unique kit, but her overall design is inherently bad for a game like OW. By nature of it’s design it’s very hard to balance her kit because she’s on a constant knife edge balanced between super under powered and extremely OP. There’s not a lot of middle ground to put her into just as ‘OK state’.

I feel for the balance team on OW because it must be extremely tough trying to manage a character like this, especially when it comes to taking her balance changes into consideration while constantly adding new characters to the roster that will no doubt impact how she plays.

The proof is in the pudding though, you can see why they have really adding anymore ‘builder’ type characters to the roster since the games initial release.

so much attention too the Devs can’t even list her damage right


I thought the problem was that how ticks worked made it impossible to reach high charge? Nobody was complaining that full power Sym wasn’t strong.

Still better treatment than the heroes I play. She’s leaving F tier, not sinking deeper.

People only getting it just now that symm is not even an afterthought in dev’s minds? That they more or less just hate this character even exists in their game but they can’t easily get rid of her?

I mean, Hanzo gets an utility buff before anything in symmetra is even fixed. Then they unintentionally nerf symm since they don’t care if she underperforms. After they reworked her at the whines of the dps community and screwed her accessibility and the disabled community over, for this lackluster character we got now.


I think Sym is pretty great right now tbh. I had a positive winrate with her all season above 3k SR, and that was with most of my teams not knowing how to play with/build around her all that well too. With the PTR changing beams damage to armor I’m not sure how that will effect her.

And the beam changes is a buff for her sentries damage on armored foes.

Overall, there is a buff.

Probably because she’s female and Indian.

That feels disgusting to say, and to even accuse of, but I can’t think of any other reason as to why they’d ignore and neglect Symmetra so often while feeding us lies that she’s okay with each iteration of her reworks.

Holy ****, stop. Lmao. She was used in OWL, and I myself had a 60%+ winrate with her most of this season above 3k SR, and that’s with teams that often didn’t want or didn’t know how to complement/play with her very well.

I think this is actually a buff considering her turrets will now do increased damage against armor (albeit slightly) and her level 1 charge does more damage as well. While her level 3 charge does a pretty sizable amount less damage to armor, by the time you’re level 3 charge they more than likely already don’t have armor, and if they do it’s a .17 second difference. Glad they cleared this up.

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No symmetra wants her turrets to get locked into beaming a 500hp tank instead of quickly getting the squishies down as they have far less time to react before dying. Because they are really inefficient at killing tanks before they can just swipe away the turrets. Giving enemy healers more ulti charge to work with is not very optimal.

It’s not a buff, it’s a net nerf.

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This is false, Symmetra was a meta pick back in closed beta when she still had her shielding ability on her Shift, and it gave allies 75 shields.

The strategy was to give Genji Symmetra shields, Zenyatta would pocket the Genji with harmony orb (it would never detach when LOS was lost), and Zarya would pocket the Genji with bubbles.

Okay, good for you? What does you having a 60% win rate with her have to do with anything? Are you the absolute purpose and divine Symmetra player? And iirc she was only played in OWL for a minute, that’s it. So again, good for you. /golfclap

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It depends as I explained in my comment. Symmetra doesn’t get to pick who her turrets target so if they happen to be a tank with armor (such as Rein pushing through a choke first) this is a buff. Her turrets are in no way nerfed at all and are just as strong against squishies, and even stronger against them if they have armor.

As for her beam, her level 1 charge is buffed against armor, and yes, her level 3 charge received a sizable nerf against armor, but if Symmetra has level 3 charge the target more than likely already doesn’t have armor, making these changes irrelevant, and if they do have armor there’s only a .17 second difference in destroying 200 armor, which not many heroes have. I’d say she’s about the same.

If you ignore the turrets, it is a 0.17 s nerf to deal 200 damage to armor. Most tanks has less armor than that. It is a net buff.

The high tickrate meant that Sym’s damage was doing bad damage against armoured targets. It also meant that each individual tick dealt less damage, making Sym bad against mobile targets as well.

The tickrate was fixed though.

And no-one complained that full power Sym was too strong. And yet, here we are with Sym being nerfed.

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Symmetra is always in the bottom?

Excuse me, do you even Bastion?

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You accusing the Overwatch team of sexism & racism because you think they “ignore and neglect” Symmetra while I had not just a positive winrate, but over 60% winrate for the majority of the season is pretty clear evidence that Symmetra hasn’t been “ignored and neglected”, especially since she’s been reworked more than once. Symmetra is fine. We’ll see how these PTR changes effect her. It is quite disgusting you would make such a baseless accusation. Not everything is about ethnicity or gender, but I guess in your world it is.

And the shotgun changes started with Hog getting his alt fire nerfed. Consistency first, than effectiveness. They could even have Sym buffs planed but are waitimg to see what the beam changes do.

Again, good for you. I have no idea what your win rate or performance or anything with Symmetra has to do with the devs neglecting Symmetra and giving her a nerf. But you keep stroking yourself, you’re doing a splendid job of showering yourself with praise!

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I’m not stroking myself, you’re being entirely disingenuous. I’m simply giving evidence that goes against your opinion that Symmetra --who has been reworked multiple times, not many heroes can say that they’ve gotten that much attention-- has been ignored & neglected. How could you possibly come to the conclusion that Symmetras race & gender are the reasonings behind what you think is a lack of balance to the character? It makes absolutely no sense.

What card game do you think sym and soldier play, since theyre both rock bottom?