Why is Symmetra always in the bottom, forgotten?

This very patch they overhauled how her beam works. She got a buff this patch and ya’ll are playing blind.

What about Bastion? What about my mains? It took years for McCree to get something to help him. Orisa is still suffering from certain changes, and she finally got one that actually benefits her instead of becomes an indirect nerf. It took forever for them to fix Ana.

Symmetra has gotten a lot of attention, changes, TWO reworks, nerfs and buffs collectively than many other characters in the game.

She isn’t the be-all, end-all of heroes in this game, and she’s perfectly fine where she is right now. I see plenty of her played in my games.

Idgaf if she’s not played so much at the top level, or in someone else’s games. I play her when I want to, others play her and wreck with her. It doesn’t matter what the stats say because the stats lie. Especially Overbuff.

dude I wrote that fix sym megathread and with the rework… I just gave up. I play her as a turretbomb in quickplay for funsies sometimes, but I literally haven’t touched comp in so many seasons now.

Maybe that’ll change with baptiste, but I gave up on her

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Maybe she hasn’t been in the meta because her character is just not fitting into the current meta??? Like how any of the dps aren’t even in the meta besides Sombra?

She has not been in the meta, not since the beta, across all of her various reworks since then. Even Sym 3.0 has existed for 8 months and never fit into a meta. The meta that catered to Symmetra has not existed in this game. So maybe, just maybe…it is the hero, not the meta.

So with this current PTR patch, at level 1 charge you gain +2 DPS versus armor, at level 3 you lose 24 DPS compared to before (now 156, previously 180).

It has been confirmed that the current patch is an overall nerf to her damage.

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But the change was made to make her better at charging up her beam and melting armor. If it does turn out to be an overall nerf, the devs are going to fix it.

They literally stated themselves that this was a nerf to Sym.


I won’t hold my breath. We waited 8 months for them to clarify what her damage numbers are after the rework.

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Do you mean them explaining the damage values or did Jeff literally say they wanted sym nerfed this patch?

That’s fair.

A meta doesn’t need to cater to anyone, characters have to fit into them. GOATS has been around for a long time and so has Brig which is a big reason Sym is not in the meta. Her turrets do little dmg to anyone if they have a big and another healer. Sym cannot use her tp to go aggressive because she will be pressured by Brig. Brig has made close range heroes which is what Sym is not good in metas since she was introduced.

I mean that they literally stated that it was a nerf to Sym.


I actually work in video games as a career and have done so for a number of years. I can see why Sym is such a hard character to balance. She has an interesting and unique kit, but her overall design is inherently bad for a game like OW. By nature of it’s design it’s very hard to balance her kit because she’s on a constant knife edge balanced between super under powered and extremely OP. There’s not a lot of middle ground to put her into just as ‘OK state’.

I feel for the balance team on OW because it must be extremely tough trying to manage a character like this, especially when it comes to taking her balance changes into consideration while constantly adding new characters to the roster that will no doubt impact how she plays.

The proof is in the pudding though, you can see why they have really adding anymore ‘builder’ type characters to the roster since the games initial release.

so much attention too the Devs can’t even list her damage right


I thought the problem was that how ticks worked made it impossible to reach high charge? Nobody was complaining that full power Sym wasn’t strong.

Still better treatment than the heroes I play. She’s leaving F tier, not sinking deeper.

People only getting it just now that symm is not even an afterthought in dev’s minds? That they more or less just hate this character even exists in their game but they can’t easily get rid of her?

I mean, Hanzo gets an utility buff before anything in symmetra is even fixed. Then they unintentionally nerf symm since they don’t care if she underperforms. After they reworked her at the whines of the dps community and screwed her accessibility and the disabled community over, for this lackluster character we got now.


I think Sym is pretty great right now tbh. I had a positive winrate with her all season above 3k SR, and that was with most of my teams not knowing how to play with/build around her all that well too. With the PTR changing beams damage to armor I’m not sure how that will effect her.

And the beam changes is a buff for her sentries damage on armored foes.

Overall, there is a buff.

Probably because she’s female and Indian.

That feels disgusting to say, and to even accuse of, but I can’t think of any other reason as to why they’d ignore and neglect Symmetra so often while feeding us lies that she’s okay with each iteration of her reworks.

Holy ****, stop. Lmao. She was used in OWL, and I myself had a 60%+ winrate with her most of this season above 3k SR, and that’s with teams that often didn’t want or didn’t know how to complement/play with her very well.

I think this is actually a buff considering her turrets will now do increased damage against armor (albeit slightly) and her level 1 charge does more damage as well. While her level 3 charge does a pretty sizable amount less damage to armor, by the time you’re level 3 charge they more than likely already don’t have armor, and if they do it’s a .17 second difference. Glad they cleared this up.

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