Why is Reinhardt banned on PTR?


Why is Reinhardt banned on PTR? Is he broken or something.


he broke his spine.
he hammered down 2 hard
u can give him some flowers on the hospital while he recovers though!


He hammer down hits so hard it crashes the game and gives you a win lol



There was a bug with rein that caused server crashes, so he’s disabled until they can get the patch live on Monday. It’s happened a few times before with other heroes.


in quick summation, he was too buggy for the game to handle so they disabled him.


Those replies sound like jokes, but hes literally causing servers to crash. He’ll be down until monday.


There’s a bug with Reinhardt in the live version of the game where you nano him and he shatters multiple times.

I don’t think the effect is triplicated but it does exist


Hammer down? More like Servers down amirite