Why is open Q such a dumpster fire

It is a competative mode yet is it full of “only hear to have fun”, “i dont care if i win or lose”, that mindset doesnt belong in any competative activity, if you are competing you should care if you win, that is the whole point of a competition to focus on beating the other person/team, it is just sad that the whole idea of rivalry and competative mindset is so lacking


What did you expect when they added DPS queue … I mean Open queue.
Figured it was the DPS that didn’t want to play comp but wanted golden guns that would move to that mode.


Because everyone who queues for it is planning on playing a dps and it is just impossible to have a proper match with 5 or 4 dps in a team.


Because its a game and games are about having fun



You meant the Purple Quick Play


Because there’s really no incentive for tanks to queue for open queue since they get pretty much insta-queues in role queue and are guaranteed healers.


^^ this
As a D’Va one trick open queue is not something I would ever even think of approaching much less queuing up for.

  1. It is your region thing
  2. It is your bracket thing

Korean region Open Queue is awesome. Thats what I play most nowadays. Though I dont like that most players try to run 222. Why play OQ if you want to run 222 lol


I agree on this statement but as:

JoeHL says it kind of functions as purple quickplay only meant for those who want golden weapons.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the rank u got when first placing in the mode dependent on mostly ur wins. So people who were plat/diamond ended up getting master. Such ruins the overall competitiveness of it. Considering people who are 4.1k to 4.4k in real comp (top 500) end up being master in OPEN Q.

In master open role q (im master in both modes, role q and open q as dps) this happens:
Whoever gets the higher ROLE Q SR player wins. The people who get the plats usually lose.

Because of the randomness of peoples real rank it truly does feel like rolling a dice. It is far less fair compared to normal ranked.

If one wants a proper competitive experience id suggest playing real comp aka 2-2-2.

I have rarely seen 6 dps being a dps main myself. I usually always get people picking tank and support for me. I however do feel like the games are far less balanced than normal.


i still can’t wrap my head around why they used that system to determine open q mmr instead of just using players averaged role q mmrs. it pretty much ruined open queue at its start

which is ironic because the placement system they used for the beginning of role q just copy-pasted everyone’s pre-role queue rank for every role. which was also an awful idea that ruined a lot of 222 in the beginning

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2-2-2 is another form of dumpster fire tbh


You want to hear my opinion of it or why I think they did it? I think they wanted to create chaos in a sense. As it has fixed a lot of the DPS problem OW has had after Role Q became a thing a year ago.

Many people have also complained about being hardstuck… Getting that extra SR in open q has made many feel better about themselves. Although I would not personally say that ones open role q rank is anything similar to a normal role Q rank. I think Role Q is where ones rank and true skill lies.

To answer the question I was just about to answer: Blizzard made people place higher in open Q as a way to test out what would happen if MMR reset was a thing. They in a way from my view wanted plats, golds, masters and top 500 to hang out in a fellow space… I suppose in a way to show people that such would not be smart. Who knows.

222 is not a bad baseline, but the reason why people play OQ is that they don’t want to be locked in 222. Sometimes you need a third or fourth of a certain role to bypass a certain enemy comp, or cross a specific choke, and then swap back when it’s no longer useful.

If I’m on Zarya and I notice enemy Ashe playing free on high ground and no one go up there to contest her, in RQ I’m forced to play Winston or Dva if I want to get up there consistently, and I’m terrible at those two heroes. But I can harass her enough to jump down if I swap to Lúcio, Pharah, or Junkrat. Which I can do at OQ. And I can keep focusing her down until we win, or the player swap off Ashe.


Because you don’t bring 5 other people with you.

If you want actual teamplay solo queue is not going to give you that.

It literally is just an arcade mode with SR. I mean that. Sort of like getting Top 500 Deathmatch or Lucio Ball or something…


Just play with friends and you’ll have a great time… just like role que :confused:

Sounds like every overwatch match I had before 2-2-2. Thank god 2-2-2 came in so I wasn’t forced to play heroes and roles I suck at because 4 people would insta lock doomfist, genji, hanzo and mccree


I’ll add, the problem is not limited to OQ, it afffects RQ to a degree, and QP is replete with it. Players who refrain “I BoUghtZ Da GAmeZ I WulL PlaYZ iTz LiKEz I WanTZ TOoZ” is common, which includes dancing with enemies, emoting in spawn, doing absurd play maneuvers despite absolutely no hope of success, playing ridiculous picks (I cannot count the number of McCree / Ashe DPS pairs into double shield)…

Open Q is much pretty much what comp was before 2-2-2. Seems like not much have changed


Might be a unpopular opinion. But it feels like openQ needs more players to be taken seriously.

I have 4 alts that are in top500 (Well atleast the SR is, damn phone authentication). And all of them still get matched with diamonds and masters. The game mode is kinda dead. Comparing current openq to what once was normal competitive is a joke. Taking it seriously would only get you frustrated.

(Edit) Might have spoken too soon by saying the game mode is dead. It only seems that way at the high end.

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