Why is leaving voice chat an option

Because I want to avoid toxicity and it makes me play better.

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mute… you can mute. Having a leave all button discourages communication, which whether you like it or not, offers a much better competitive experience

ok but whats the difference between someone leaving VC and someone just muting everyone?

Leaving VC is an option because sometime that helps people play better.

if you take that option away they will just mute everyone when they get into a game and it will be like they arent in chat anyways

Much better Comp experience to a lot of people, but not all. If I have voicechat on, and someone makes a rude remark towards my hero pick or my profile, I get annoyed and play worse.

Honestly, disable chat at low ELOs. It’ll be better off.

Toxicity seems to be a huge issue, and typically affects my performance.
So honestly, I’ve won nearly 16 - 18 games in a row over the weekend. I didn’t have my voice chat enabled.

Nothing screws you over more than your team mates saying you’re not doing your job or “trash dps, trash heals etc…”

It affects your mental state, you suddenly start making more mistakes.

So in my opinion, stay off VC at lowers elos


I think the biggest argument with simply suggesting to mute toxic players is, they don’t suddenly break the ice by calling you a trash DPS or Healer.

It’s when they step out of position, or go behind enemy lines, get killed and then get tilted

Then suddenly it’s…



Not quite. And I did it without joining voice chat.


Why I think voice chat is crucial:

  • Ana nano the Genji
    … Nothing happens
    “Ana nano me now” - Genji Player (Nothing happens)
    “Ana NANOOO ME” - Genji Player (Nothing happens)
    We lose the game because Ana didn’t nano the genji.
    Defeat Screen comes on.
    This team is horrible, they can’t get anything done (Guess who was saying this)
    The Ana player.

This is why you need to be in voice chat.

Not all people work well with voice I find. They can tilt and sometimes don’t join because they can kinda read what’s going on. this is especially true of DPS. It is value added but sometimes it can workout for the better for the team if someone doesn’t permit their rage problem to upset others.

Regardless I see your point.

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This is assumative that the nano would win the fight, which it probably would’ve . Remember not everyone is working as hard as you are all the time…it’s kinda like work in a way…sigh

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I usually dont use voice chat. But when I do I dont play the game.

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If i meet you on the street and start yelling at you, going away shouldnt be an option right? Just endure my screams plox or my feels get hurt!

Add me as a friend and I’ll explain it to you in voice chat.

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VC is completely pointless in a solo q envirenment. Well, unless you’re in gm.

As I have said before, VC on EU is atrocious. Its either dead silent or people flaming. Im not in high SR either anyway and my gameplay mistakes are why I am not higher. I wouldnt be miraculously in GM just from turning VC back on.

Lets not forget this, communciation is when a message that is pertinent to the situation and needed is used to give useful information to another or others who receive the message.

Toxicity, insults, and information that are not called for, call names, rant, cry, complain is not communication, in fact it is noise.
The amount of noise you have right now in solo queue without having a group of friends is terribly high, and so some people prefer to not have that “communication” at all.

This is from someone that for good or bad, stopped using chat after the moth meta, and been a mercy and receiving all kind of “noise” people tend to say it is communication. Since that Ive flexed played, learned a lot of different characters and what i realized is that if you type in chat:

“guys we need a second tank to defend the control point, or…only one healer in defense and 4 dps?” And people do not even care or switch… my amazing voice wont make them work for the team or together, and only will make them argue “i have gold medals” as we lose the point as expected and the match.

So yes, thats not communication, thats noise that makes the match even less enjoyable. Of course they miss the calls out like reaper behind or reaper has an ult… but if nobody ever thought on switching to counter after seeing it is not working…


Crucial to whom? I have to say not everyone plays this game the same way or for the same reasons. Many players cannot accept this. Avoiding comms has the downside of seeming like you aren’t trying or don’t care, but that’s the presumptuous persons problem, imo. People often look for whatever excuse they can and mutes are an easy target because they won’t fight back.

Crucial to people who have no observational skills of their own and rely entirely on others to understand what is going on in the game.

First of all, if you were a girl, you wouldnt be asking this.
Second, what with the people that dont have a microphone?
Third, some of the players dont want to be flamed ad abused in chat for not doing what other selfish players wants. In fact i had to get out because this toxic players makes me lose concentration and sometimes i truly wish for them to lose because they deserve it. They molest the team and make the redt of the team carry them.

If the fate of the team is depends on this combo, then the team is doing bad and just wants to be carried by this.

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