Why is jeff blaming the community for the introduction of brigitte?

Actual factual statstics that ignore things like oh I don’t know but teams want more than just winston as a tank? Actual factual statstics that ignore things like I don’t know there are more dps than tanks. Want to play dive and not play Tracer that’s fine Sombra fits just fine. Want to play no Genji dive sure play Doomfist. There are some other dps that can work too. Now lets compare that to the tanks of the time shall we want to play Dive with no D.VA sure the og dive tank Zarya can fill in (she was in the original dive comps for so long). You want to play dive and don’t want to play winston or d.va as your tank? Tough luck pal guesss you got to try to make Rein dive a thing.

People need to start acknowledging that role number descprincies create inflated pickrates. Have an important role and no competition
you are going to be picked more than a class with more competitors.


I think it’s fair to say that when someone refers to “the community wanted X” they are simply being metaphorical, not that every single person asked for the same thing. There are of course many people who wanted dive heroes nerfed, but places like this forums and reddit are actually a tiny fraction of the community. If you base your representation of what the community wants base don this forum then we’d have a very different (and probably unbalanced) game.

Bit late to the party buddo.

This debacle was already cleared up and ended.

I’m not in the mood to debate with people again, so please don’t add fuel to a fire that’s already out.

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I am full aware that the tank and supports are normally the hero who make a meta, however, in dive it was just that each and every hero had Adequate way to get from point a to point b.

As much as I point my fingers on Tracer and Genji for being the untouched offense heroes who normally get some form of immunity to a nerf that literally mess over the whole heroes as a whole…

I still believe that Zenyatta- Lucio and D.va were the source of the problem.

With Genji and Tracer, they just have the kit to play around his or her counters, and I feel like that is what people were most frustrated about, as the window time to counter these heroes were subpar to the rest of the heroes.

Instead of addressing these heroes (DIVE), they introduce a hero that was particularly made to counter DIVE, but what people failed to realize that whatever counters DIVE, which has the damage, mobility and utility just straight up counter everything. Now we are in this predicament that just does not feel good overall, this whole thing could go completely different if they would have address the heroes that were the problem in DIVE. Who knows, Brigitte may have turned out differently.

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I feel like Moira was an attempt at trying to make Dive simmer down.

She was a good and healthy counter to Genji and perhaps a few other dive heroes.

They could have full well made new heroes to counter dive and done it in a healthy fashion where nobody got nerfed. There are ways to hinder mobility without outright loss of control and stuns.

If Blizzard had executed Brigitte differently, to where she countered dive well but didn’t ruin tank’s lives, this whole GOATS situation would have potentially been avoided.

If you ask me GOATS is like Dive, the heroes individually are balanced and fine, but they just synergize extremely well. The best way to go about dismantling it isn’t nerfing the heroes and potentially making them VERY bad outside of that one meta, but to add a new hero that leaves the meta a bit weaker, but doesn’t completely destroy and fabricate a new meta all on their own.

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I am the complete opposite as I think GOAT is powerful because the counters are weak, not only that but Blizzard really need to do something about Discord as that seems to be the problem, that and speed-boost.

Call me what you want, but it seems like we are doing a full circle and it seems to always circle around these two abilities.

The community being back seat drivers and demanding this and that definitely has some blame to take but since we never “pushed” the button, we are without partial blame right?

If you looked on the forums for those asking for a hero like Brig, it was rarely players masters or above.

Well they did nerf Doomfist and Junkrat and such, which are why said counters are weaker.

To me as I have said, GOATS is similar to Dive in the fact that it can be solved without nerfing, it just needs to buff counters. It has to be done delicately though.

Also, I won’t call you anything, you have an opinion, I’m not a salt mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Would of, could of, should of. This whole thing is a moot point. Dive is dead, it had its run. Honestly do you think they made Brig for their own personal amusement to make the players upset or did they actually listen to players saying they wanted that comp gone?

Nope, makes too much sense. Especially for Actiblizzion.


Sorry, what?

Dive wasn’t even a thing in lower elos. Why would anyone from there will need a dive counter.

Also plot twist: she was hardly even played in lower elos after certain point.

Because of Tracer and Genji.

It’s a mystery to me too. It’s just how it was.

Even then they werent even much of an issue.

I agree but this forum is ridiculously biased - and stupid, when it comes to Tracer/Genji.

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Um…because the community did say it? LOL


I’m locking this topic as the discussion is taking a negative turn.

Thank you.