Why is Hammond's shield cooldown longer than Winston's?


Winston as a dive tank is built on a rotation of abilities, Jump Pack in and Barrier Projector down, Barrier Projector ends and Jump Pack out into waiting for Jump Pack to come off cooldown before repeating Jump Pack in and Barrier Projector down. Hammond has a similar rotation of abilities, but Adaptive Shields don’t align with that rotation like Barrier Projector does. Grapple in and Piledriver down, Adaptive Shields and empty clip, Grapple out and reload, empty clip, Grapple in and Piledriver down and now Adaptive Shields is left with a ~3 second cooldown so he’s vulnerable while re-engaging.

Is there a design reason for this that I’m unaware of?


Because a good winston doesnt just auto drop shield everytime they jump in so you are probably playing both wrong?


A rotation existing within the design of a character’s mechanics and that rotation being disregarded on account of situational awareness are two different things, the question is why is one character able to perform that rotation while the other isn’t based on the timing of their cooldowns and not whether or not it’s optimal to do so at any point in the game.


They want Hammond divey, but not too divey. If his shield, with how powerful it can be, were on that small of a cooldown, then he could be in and amongst the enemy team way too much.


Maybe you need to add “empty clip from medium range while you wait for Adaptive Shield” to your rotation.

Hammond is a mid-range hitscan hero. Just like Soldier and McCree, falloff only brings his damage down to 50%, not 30%. Softening somebody up before your engage or farming ult between engages is really useful.


Are you positive about that?

Last I read the only characters affected were mccree, Mei, soldier, bastion, and widow.


His Quad Cannons go down from 5 damage per pellet to 2.5 damage per pellet with falloff.

Hammond was introduced with that falloff. It never needed to be changed because that’s the way his gun always worked.


Here is the exact rotation so that you clearly understand what I’m trying to explain,

  1. Empty clip
  2. Grapple in
  3. Piledriver Down
    Guns have passively reloaded
  4. Adaptive Shields
  5. Empty clip
    Grapple has come off cooldown
  6. Grapple out
  7. Reload while in Roll
  8. Empty clip
    Grapple and Piledriver have come off cooldown
  9. Grapple in
  10. Piledriver down
    Adaptive Shields is till on 3 seconds of cooldown
  11. Empty Clip
  12. Adaptive Shields
    Grapple has come off cooldown
  13. Grapple Out

What I’m suggesting is Adaptive Shield’s cooldown should be reduced from 15 seconds to ~12 seconds so that Adaptive Shields can be activated as soon as you re-engage the enemy instead of after you’ve emptied your clip i.e. reverse steps 11) and 12) so that the re-engage doesn’t put you at high risk of dying before you can empty your clip.

Winston already has a similar rotation, because the bubble expires as soon as the jump is off cooldown and the bubble is off cooldown as soon as you jump back in. For Wrecking Ball there is this non-congruity with how his defense ability’s cooldown doesn’t line up with his re-engage so you either durdle for 3 seconds (gun is reloading at this point) or you dive back in unprotected.

I’m not proof positive of what the cooldown should be because the greater the distance the longer the ability has to come off cooldown, but judging from completing that rotation as fast as humanly possible in the training range the lowest that rotation “needs” to be is 12 seconds if you immediately Piledriver as soon as you reach maximum speed with Grapple.


Or you just simply live with it, and realize they didn’t want him to be in amongst the enemy team that often.