Why is everyone obsessed with 5v5?

To be fair, what else are we supposed to talk about? The lack of updates to OW1?


Ok I understand that. But just because they didn’t mention 6v6 doesn’t mean they won’t. Also if they don’t plan on reverting to 6v6 that means that they believe that 5v5 is as good or better than 6v6 or else they wouldn’t switch to 5v5 and stay at a 6v6 scenario

I mean… It’s not like that hasn’t been a source of discussion in the past

We haven’t had an update for a LONG time, and suddenly we get one that fundamentally would change the game if (and likely when) implemented.

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Yes, but they made an official announcement that it’s the direction they’re currently working towards. If people dont voice their concerns, how would they know that people dont like the idea? The earlier you can provide feedback on something, the more quickly they can take that feedback into consideration.


Because the devs did in fact confirm that is the way the game is going.

That sounds like a pretty hard confirmation… The thing they haven’t confirmed is if 6v6 will even exist.


They literally announced it will be the default mode and everything will be balanced around it, what are you talking about?

Ah yeas lets butcher the tank players even more who alreasy dont like to tank alone, most of the tank players will either got to other roles (presumably dps) or just plain leaving the game making the queues even higher than before

Because most probably is, 6v6 its a core element of overwatch that makes the game feel like overwatch and different feom Valorant,Paladins or Rainbow Six

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Aaron Keller:

“Overwatch has always been played with 2 teams of 6 players.
Overwatch 2 will be played with 2 teams of 5 players.”



I really doubt they’d have announced or shown it to us if it wasn’t going to be the end result. Blizzard is notoriously slow and hates walking things back, so if you saw it… that’s the way it’s gonna be. That’s the way it’s been with them for everything else, so why would this be different?

Because it’s a massive change to a game everyone on here has played for five years.

i like 5v5 and i think people are overreacting, but it’s obvious why they would be obsessed with it if they’re against it.

me? i’m excited to get season 3 dva back in solo tank form MWAHAHAAHAHAHA

who’s the filthy one-trick now? huh? who’s gonna switch to shield now? oh right YOU CAN’T!

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It’s confirmed. They’re rebalancing the entire game around this new format.

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They are going to spend the entire year balancing heroes and optimizing the engine for 5v5 lol, its 100% coming to the game. If they change plays they will have to delay OW2 for like 1 year and figure out how to prevent 60% of the playerbase from having 12 minutes queues when the game goes live.

Its the most massive change OW2 PvP is getting, everyone is going to talk about it, positive or negative.

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Because Paladins did it first!

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I am just glad to take a McBreak from all the McDrama surrounding McBroken.


Sure was McTiring

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Is there anything new coming to talk about? Not to mention it is just bad removing thigs for your new game instead of adding more.

It definitely has.

And when the rest of the tank mains leave it will be the same thing. Also the support q will be the next bottleneck too.

There was already test of 1 3 2 and most ppl didn’t liked it. 1 2 2 won’t be much different.

Just like 2 cp :cry:

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There actually is, but all of it is buried by 5v5 discussion. For example, my precious gold guns, what will happen to them? Or that Widow skin, crazy she gets another one, eh? Scoreboard overhaul, can’t wait for kids to sit down and shut up when they realize I am twice the pig they are.