Why is Demon Hunter purchasable for 1k currency

We are told it’s a special skin you get for buying a 40 or 50 dollar ticket for blizzcon (I don’t remember exact price), and then you make it just purchasable for currency? It makes people who forked up the cash for the seemingly special one time feel really screwed over. Felt this way when you made Oni purchasable too. But at least Oni didn’t cost money, just a bit of time. Really scummy blizzard.

(Edit: Friend told me that it was said when it was originally released that it would be purchasable at a later date. If this is true, my bad, I didn’t notice that. Apologies)

I worked hard last Fall to make sure it was well known the skin was going to be available everyone even if they did not attend BlizzCon or get a Virtual Ticket. For your reference:

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Thank you for the reply. My bad.