Why is chat not recorded?

What makes you think Blizzard doesn’t have logs of everything? I know they have logs from WoW, I’m sure they keep logs from this game as well. They likely just don’t make them available to us.

Why wouldn’t they be allowed? It’s going through their servers. If they put something in their ToS stating they record them then they can.

That’s incorrect on many levels. There could be someone in the background talking that did not give blizzard consent via TOS. Therefore making it illegal.


Accusing them of being afraid before you even know the actual reason is toxic in its own

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I don’t think that would hold up. They could easily include anything in the ToS that include background noise.

It’s possible the EU might have laws but that would apply to EU servers.

Probably because:
a) it’s easier to let things slip in voice chat than while typing, so personally identifiable info might be recorded
b) real life people could potentially be identified by their voice as well


There’s a lot of legality to comb through.

That’s why naming and shaming isn’t allowed. Say you posted a video of a guy named BillyLasagnaPants no clipping through walls and aimbotting. But his unique Blizzard id doesn’t show his #< insert number here > while in game. So any other person named BillyLasagnaPants through #0001 and beyond could be falsely witch hunted.

*BillyLasagnaPants is name I just made up, if you have such a name I’m sorry for using you as an example :joy:

You have to ask? it’s so people don’t go “mommy mommy the bad man was mean to me”… Blizzards smart enough not to go down that rabbit hole.

They hid it because of privacy most likely.

That’s actually the primary reason I think, but they are smart enough to not have every one narcing on each other.

I’d really like to know Kaplan.[quote=“Oso-21940, post:11, topic:493266, full:true”]
They hid it because of privacy most likely.

Privacy? In an online game? With 5 ONLINE players on your own and 6 on the other team? A game that can be streamed on Twitch or any other service at any time?

What kind of PRIVACY are you talking about?

The same kind of PRIVACY Jeff Kaplan guaranteed for smurfs and derankers by allowing them to make their profile private, while game cards still show 80% accuarcy and 70% kill participation?

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There are a number of laws that vary by State/Country regarding when you can and cannot record conversations without notifying the other party that you’re recording them. I believe California is a two party State, which requires both people in a conversation to agree to be recorded. Its not worth the possible legal issues of voice chat accidentally picking up a third-party.

Plus, add on top the storage space, and the responsibility Blizzard would have to keep all that private information secure. There are various laws regarding keeping private data/information a company holds safe that vary widely by State/Country.

Its just not worth the potential legal trouble for the small benefit it would provide.

Why did I get a notification for this lol

Well I do think they have access to chat logs internally to check reports for abusive chat, so it is recorded for them.

Community Manager Josh Nash explains the importance of why replays do not include the chat logs.

Blizzard already has access to the chat logs and will use them to determine when a player is being abusive. We have seen this demonstrated in the past:

In short, we as players have a responsibility to be a positive member of this community and to report players who do not follow the Blizzard Code-of-Conduct, however it is not our place to try to take matters into our own hands. Doing so, can cause players to be bullied or shamed from playing the game when in fact they are not the ones that are truly toxic. Remember that nearly every player gets reported at least once, however only about 1% of the overall Overwatch community is consistently disruptive. (Source: Fair Play Alliance) We all can have a bad day (I sure know that I have had a few) and Blizzard’s actions are structured to give players a strong opportunity for players to correct their behavior. Remember if you do see someone being disruptive, Report, Block, and Avoid, but it is best that after that encounter you should take a small break, and move on and prove that you can be better than them by staying positive and friendly in this game.

Play Nice, Play Fair. (^^)v

Can always setup NVIDIA shadow play or a cheap PC Setup to record to.

Nope they are afraid of how many annoying little snowflakes will lose their sh´´t when they get laughed at for trying to convince anyone that people are toxic for calling out them for trolling.

Just mute people you do not like. Its a freaking luxury to be able to do such, frankly non of the people complaining about people being toxic can legit ever had a real job in their entire life. Frankly I do not believe you ever had deal with people that were not paid to suck up to you either.

Do people legit think they get a pat on the back for making mistakes ruins someone´s day, mistakes that potentially costs thousand of dollars or cause serious injuries or deaths? Seriously. Use the mute button if you do not like what another person has to say, instead of being on this stupid entitled little cry baby mentality, coz there is no way the “toxicness” in OW is anything near what you are gonna face when screwing up at several regular jobs out there, and you would be begging for a mute button than.

If I ever make a new account, this is gonna be the name for it.

How is match chat a privacy issue? No one complains about streamers showing chat…at least I don’t think anyone does.

Because private information can be leaked and stored? Also no necroing.

Demo codes are tiny, microscopic amounts of data.

All it’s basically doing is recording everyone’s input and RNG rolls which is just not a lot of data.

Audio recording is way more data, that all adds up incredibly quickly.

And some states have what’s called “all party consent” laws to recording people’s voice. So everyone being recorded needs their consent rather than only a single person. It’s too hard to tell which person is in which state and what this would mean with people playing over state lines.

These laws typically have generous exemptions but why take the risk? Even if no prosecutor would press charges the real worry is someone will think they can make a quick buck by suing Blizzard and use this law to help get a payout.

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