Why I wont ever buy loot boxes


I don’t support gambling in games and they are a ripoff.


You are so brave.

Thank you for sharing your story.


I mean, once you hit silver border, you don’t need to buy boxes anyway lol


Im not against it, I think its bad to be advertising it though. My brother is addicted to things like gambling and its this whole lootbox thing that started it. Its aimed towards kids which is… not good imo


I buy some every paycheck to help support the game, as long as you dont over do it OW lootboxes are fine


M’kay. Cool story bro.


I bought lootboxes but I wasn’t going to at first.
I definitely don’t regret it.

during the Halloween event, I bought 60 lootboxes and I got every Halloween legendary skin from each year + A LOT more.
it was really worth it, but I was just lucky.

it is gambling so it is risky but im not against it.


Nobody cares. What I say will be and sound hypocritical, but I dont either. But I dont have to share it on the forums. Its called vote with the wallet because we have said this everywhere and it wont change anything.


Is there a reason that you decided to share that?

Because aside from that statement, I’m not sure what else I can say except “Do you, booboo”.


No loot boxes here either.


Whats the point of these threads?

Do people think that stating their opinions will make others think the same way as you and you will get everyone to not buy lootboxes just because you dont?


I won’t buy them because I can get them and everything they include for free.


Yeah, my hero gallery has nearly been full for a long, long time.



Unlike other games… hearthstone What? I didn’t say anything… :innocent:

The more you play the more you don’t need to give in to their BS micro-transactions. I think I spent 5$ once and that was way earlier on, haven’t spent anything on lootboxes since.