Why I won’t be buying overwatch 2

Replay codes or it never happened. Unless something changed the SR system is limited to 1000 range for SR. What you are describing is not possible within the roles people are being counted for. No way Bronze players are going against Diamonds in Comp unless the rank is on a different role than what they were then playing.

Pretty sure you can’t go by the diamond rank image on a person’s in-game hero image. Last I recall it shows the highest rank you were in. So if I was in diamond as a tank then dropped to gold it would still show as diamond. Maybe this was changed but I don’t think so.

there is no confirmed price for ow2

You will buy it and you will love it, you’ll see.

awww cool, congrats, awesome, want a cookie?

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“Guys I’m not gonna buy PvE because QuickPlay PvP MU is random”


I will be buying it for the pve and lore/story

Who are you trying to cheat? You are losing your time in a 5 years old game forum talking about Jeff.

You are buying OW2 day 1, please don´t fool yourself.

I’m not talking about quick play. I’m talking about comps when I talk about the matchmaker

It should go without saying that they care.

Why would Blizz want people to have something to complain about & bash their game, accusing them of not caring & being greedy?

Doesn’t make any sense.

After Reforged, I’ll wait until after launch and see what the reaction is.

This is PvP stuff. You don’t need to buy the expansion to play with the new PvP stuff.

So, what you are saying that you are not going to play the PvE game because the matchmaking on PvP doesn’t work?

Blizzard doesn’t care anymore.
Look at Warcraft III Reforged and how it ended up on release.

I maybe could understand if that happened to a indie company’s big game.
But for Blizzard to release something that broken and with such low quality… They just don’t care and expect for people to buy without questioning.

Unless maybe the plat player is only by the icon and still is not 5 games under 2.5k. He keeps his logo and the bronze can play with him since he is gold with plat icon.

Maybe we need to distinguish between the 2.

Who is “Blizzard”?

When OP says “Blizzard doesn’t care” does he mean Jeff Kaplan & the dev team, or the higher ups in charge who have nothing to do with the actual game?

When you just said Blizzard, are you referring to the Dev team who made WC3R, or the higher ups who aren’t hands on with the game?

Because I think it’s pretty safe to say the developers who spent countless hours creating the games definitely care about it… the higher ups? They just care about the money

Metas orisa sigma bap brig and widow Ashe. Pretty popular comp I would say, mabye a cree instead of widow in some cases but still, you get the idea.

Fun fun

Having smurf/alt accounts on your team is just as boring as them on the opposition :man_shrugging:t2: Unless you only play in groups of people you know or there’s some sort of kick function to remove these accounts… :thinking:

Ow2 is about pve. If you like pve, that’s a separate issue.

It’s if call of duty launched a mobile romance dating stimulator. Nothing about cod will be relevant beyond the aesthetic

Yeah, you are right and that.

But still, I do not believe that the higher ups are who said “Do not engage in any way, shape or form with your community”.

This forum is in this horrible state thanks to the OW team. If they shared more thougths (why they do not think that certain thing is a good idea for X character), searched for opinions, acknowledged things like completely broken (in a bad way) characters (like Doom with his thousand bugs), then maybe the forums would be a good place to look for information and answers, instead of the cesspool that is today.

I would say that although the higher ups are 60% responsible for things like WC3R (maybe even more), the devs are not clean. Maybe I’m wrong, but with no other information, one can just speculate.

In OW, with a little of information about the matchmaking system, Blizzard would have an army of players defending it, using that information.
But again, silence. That drives the people to think that not even the devs know what they are doing.

Okay I mean Ima buy it cause I like the PVE but you do you fam