Why I won’t be buying overwatch 2

I will not be purchasing overwatch 2 when it comes out because blizz truly thinks their matchmaking and sr system is fine. My number one issue with overwatch has always been the matchmaker and how I can play a game as a gold dps and get bronze tanks on my team going up against diamond tanks. If blizz really thinks this is ok and refuses to acknowledge or fix it the I will not be purchasing the new game. Now if blizz does decide to fix the matchmaking and admits it is not working properly then I probably will but overwatch 2 bug until then I will just stick with playing the original overwatch in my spare time


The game is always improving, I don’t think there will ever be a point where Blizzard or the community for that matter will ever think the game will be “perfect”.

“Never perfect. Perfection goal that changes. Never stops moving. Can chase, cannot catch.” - Abathur, StarCraft II

If this is Competitive, the scenario you are describing should not be happening by the technical rules of Competitive Play. Please provide a screenshot if you have one or a more detailed description. However, this is perfectly normal and can be expected in Quick Play as Quick Play uses an entirely separate hidden MMR from that of Competitive.

I would emphasize that Overwatch 2 is more about a PVE experience, and that the core PVP features including the new “Push” gamemode type, new heroes, and new PVP maps will be coming to the overall Overwatch PVP architecture. Learn more here:


Well, OW2 and OW will be the same game on the PvP side. OW2 is really about the PvE additions. That’s unaffected by matchmaking and such.


My point still remains. I want more pve content for overwatch but I still will not give blizzard my money until the fix the matchmaker and sr problems this game faces. If Jeff were to come out and say that they matchmaker and sr system are not doing their job and that they will be fixing it then that’s good enough for me because it shows that blizz at least a cares but right now I truly think they do not care about the game and just want to make money and milk them game dry before moving on to the next thing


as long as blizzard keeps adding shields and cc to the game, no, no it wont be perfect. they are straying hard from what overwatch was which was a fast pased hero shooter to a turn based card game moba wow bfa 3v3 arena 30 min team fight simulator

oh and hard counters to flankers, how many flanker hard counters do we need before we realize its just the players?

Your response is unusual… in the last few months I have seen more player comments (both praise and complaints) that the game was becoming more FPS oriented and not so much MOBA oriented.

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the meta is double shield double sniper / any type of spam, and the fights take like 10 mins


I can imagine you buying OW2 in the future.

Me in 3 months time:
well, this aged well


People are honestly just frustrated that blizzard won’t talk to us. They don’t tell us what they are trying to do they just slap some changes on and we have to foggier out how good or bad they are with no context. I’m very upset as a doom player that blizz seems to just completely forget the hero exists and won’t even give us any idea what they think of him at the moment. It’s the same thing with the matchmaker. They won’t tell us anything other then they think it’s fine

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and no its not unusual, thats kind of out of touch of you tbh when tons of people are constantly saying how flankers in general are horrible to play, because there was already heroes that had ways to deal with them, hog, mccree, etc. and then we add more and more heroes with flankers in mind, ashe, sigma, brig (death of OW for flankers every having fluid games again), hanzos leap, sombra, echo, moiras fade, every hero you make in some way or another has a way to deal with flankers, and when you get 6 of those on the other team, it makes the game impossible

blizz has essentially made it so flankers will NEVER have a fun time again.

so if the goal was to get the game to be mccree widow ashe hanzo or heroes that dont do anything but shoot shields and let inanimate objects do the rest( torb) to sit behind 2 shields and have 2 healers pve heal you with 0 worry about a flanker, JUST LIKE IN CSGO, then mission accomplished

do u know how many insane GM players i know that refuse to play comp for seasons now and just sit in tryhard ffa because they dont have to fight tanks and healers which are 100 times better than dps heroes in like every way lol

blizz has gone beyond the point of no return with heroes like brig, sigma and orisa and imo they are, or should be panicking at how bad the game has gotten and how those heroes will never be able to be fixed and will ultimately probably have to ban having 2 shields or just add hero bans.

its insane how far we have come in a bad way

and also, youve completely done away with skill based match ups, its now just hard counters vs counters and forced swaps. horrible man. seriously its a crime against the game theyve committed


I don’t even mind swapping to counter. What I mind is that I can’t play certain heros in any game because how hard some of the get counted by fairly common heros

i mind swapping because a brig is existing

You get PVP and the current game with new client for OW 2 for free. Unless you want PVE/new cosmetics, then no need. But you will be playing OW 2 :wink:

Only possible in QP. And QP is a mess, no question. Really, sad to say, but Comp is the only most balanced path now.

The community asked for a shield tank. Don’t act like everyone didn’t want one :joy:

That’s super easy and too effective I agree.

They have not tried adding a difficult to land CC, or a lot not revolves around it. But Doomfist :slight_smile:

the community? this forum community? no offense, but this forum community calls for things like crouching to be removed, i think when people say shield take they think of a shield tank like reinhart, who is insanely well made, non invasive hero, who has mind games involved in mirrors, cant 1v1 dps but can carry his team with positioning and aggressive, not spam and endless shield like orisa and sigma with gross cc’s.

Nah more like, Forums, Sub Reddit, Twitter, Instagram and sometimes YouTube

I plan to hold off for several reasons. One I am a budget gamer, as in I have pretty low budget to spend on games so always want the best value for my money. This usually means waiting 6 months to a year to get a game at half price or some kind of Game of the year version with all DLC included.

Day one launch of OW 2 is always going to be the worst value for money. Second OW has spent about the last year and half entirely focused on Game balance at the exclusion of making new maps and hero’s.

Imo the game really doesn’t have much of anything to show for it. The game is still horribly inbalanced, it’s just broken in different ways each patch. Some hero is broken and OP, otehrs are trash on a rotating basis. Nothing has been “fixed” in a long time.

There is also the huge doubt over Blizzard doing PVE right. The built in events were pretty bad, good enough for free but still bad. Bad enemy AI, poor map design often because the maps were multi purpose and meant to be used in both Multiplayer, death match etc.

I have less than good faith every thing will be good in OW 2 to start with. Plus the price is bit high, I think I heard about $40 for what largely amounts to all the content they held back for the last 2 years.

Stuff that had been promised to be free based upon the existing MTX business model, that they decide to release as a “Sequel”.

i wouldnt know about reddit, i would never lower myself to use that website, no offense, same with twitter, and ive never ever thought of using instagram for checking for OW nerfs and buffs

That’s not true I have had it happen multiple times in comp and know many people it has happened to