Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State


Factually, the main determining factor for SR is the end result of a win or a loss , and this doesnt affect any of the very many players who dont play competitive at all


Oh my god I don’t know if I should laugh or cry…

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Mercy turns her fallen allies into her servants, and not even death will set them free :smiling_imp:


True, but it wasn’t always the case for Mercy. Her number of rezzes is valued so high that there was a point she gained Sr for a loss . That only came from the value sr gives rez. So the main determining factor based on player performance on a hero was and is rez for Mercy players. This is not the case for high noons, dva bombs, etc.
Mccree s stop looking for only six man high noons as they climb because that’s the very nature of how they climb. The same should apply to mercy.

Should McCree and other ults be eliminated because they encourage waiting for a six man to use them in qp?


I have a similar idea for an ultimate:


With the exception of the many biscuit statements made in the last 12 hours on this thread, I can assure you I have understood everything that has been stated

I believe you are the only one who has acknowleged this.


I have never to my knowledge stated x is a fact because it is a fact.

In terms of convincing someone, I can only lead the horse to water, the drinking part is up to the horse, not me

To the best of my knowledge, my statements have been either purely facts (ex: Factually, Mercy can move during rez) or have factually lined up with my experience (ex: Factually, Mercy can get PotG because I have gotten PotG as Mercy multiple times)

I do not believe I am required by forum rules to answer every question asked of me.

Further, the information in question is often available publicly and/or has been related many times before in the current or other threads, and as such, in my opinion, repetition is not needed


I do not feel I am trolling either - rather I am merely responding to the topic of the thread and to statements made over the course of the thread.

I think for some folks here, the act of disagreeing with their stance constitutes trolling, but I do not believe this to actually be the case.

I do find that a lot of folks appear to want to argue with me over my terminology and/or my profile and/or proof of whatever I have stated and/or other items I see as unrelated to the topic at hand, like the biscuit thing last night

That said, I have no control over what direction others will veer off into

Factually, none of the above is true.

Every response I have written is genuine, nothing is fake

I would prefer to not deal with statements relating to semantics, but this is the direction that many others on this thread (as well as other Mercy related threads) appear to want to pull the thread.


I saw this behavior in Quickplay.

many, many, many times

no SR was at stake whatsoever

with apologies - I dont play McCree except when forced to do so in Mystery Heroes.

As such, I have not formed any opinions about how his abilities should or should not work

Perhaps another thread could be opened to discuss the overarching concept of ults that incentivize a player to withhold their efforts from their team


This is fine then because it isn’t applied to just mercy or McCree but any hero who wants the max number value from their ult. This includes soldier, zarya, dva Hanzo, genji, reaper, roadhog, zenyatta, Lucio, Mei, ans junkrat
But nothing is at stake. A mercy waiting for maximum rez in qp is no less valid than a battle mercy.

You could.

I think it’s a good topic to separate but the purposes of Mercy and mass rez in comp, mass rez imo didn’t incentivize anything. The game did. And in the purposes of this thread regarding her state now versus before, rez was no more incentivize than now


Actively making use of the healing and boosting beams as efficiently as possible could delay, or even prevent a lot of kills to occur, thus forcing the opposition to throw in more of their resources in an attempt to override the effects of the good usage of healing.
As a consequence, if Mercy’s team eventually wipes, the opposition will not have access to the resources they had to burn to complete the teamwipe. After Mercy’s teamwide rez, it will be rather hard to win the fight a second time considering they have fewer options available.

Otherwise, if Mercy willfully decides to withhold healing for an important period of time before the fight, her enemies will not need to spend as many resources as in the situation above.
Consequently, after Mercy’s teamwide rez, they will have a better oportunity to win the fight again.

To conclude, withholding healing would often put Mercy’s team at a disadvantage, as it gave the best odds of wining to the enemy team.


I did not then and do not now find it to be fine that a healer was incentivized to withhold healing and to allow her teammates to die

Blizzard in my opinion supports the concept of a Mercy using her pistol because this is part of her kit, same as GA, healing, and etc. A helpful and productive one at that, when used at the appropriate times

I am taking about incentive being provided to NOT use a part of her kit, and in this case, the part that I would strongly argue (and understand others will disagree, which is fine) is the primary and most important part of her kit

I will leave that to others interested in pursuing this much broader topic

I respectfully disagree based on my frequent and regular direct observations of the behavior I described earlier


I dont disagree

I am stating that this behavior occurred, with me directly observing it many, many times, regardless of whether it was the best option towards the bottom line goal of getting a win


And sometimes a max five man rez is optimal. Blizzard didn’t give her five man potential to bit be used.
It’s not incentivize any more than battle mercy is incentivized over current rez. It’s not incentivized any more than speed is incentivized over healing for Lucio or anti nade is more for ana.

In qp, it’s irelevant. I saw and see hammer only torbs. Beam only symms. It’s a wild wild west of fan the hammer only, dps ana , speed only lucios.
Should every kit therefore have these abilities removed?


Mercy was in my opinion incentivized by mass rez to withhold healing from her teammates and encourage them to die.

I saw this over and over and over again.

Blizzard more or less saw the same, and thankfully removed the ability from the game

I dont see any of these characters incentivized to withhold one of more of their abilities by their ult.


Any hero with damaging ult is incentivized to not attract attention to themselves by firing, or their ult has higher chance to be canceled by stun/kill. Ideally to not be spotted at all, before activating their ult, so enemy has less chances to stop them.


I think to incentivize anything it means to reward the behavior or give more value to it. Mercy was only rewarded in comp , and not in qp. The only time a thing eas incentivized imo was dps ana before her dps changes. 80dps to 75 hps encourages dps a bit more.

Mercy wasn’t encouraged to let people die . She did that of her own choice. Potg is something people want. Does zaryas grav discourage anyone from using their ults at other times? No. Yet grav getting more than one other ult combo happens over and over again too.

Neither is mercy.


I have stated that I saw Mercy - incentivized by mass res - choose to withhold healing from her teammates

I have stated that I have seen this many, many times

I really dont have anything to add, other than I am glad that mass rez was removed from the game


How is mass Rez incentivized? What about it encourages or rewards to “incentivize” it?


I’ve already covered that


I don’t see where. I see how you don’t like the result, but not how mass rez is rewarded or made to seen as optimal by the game in how ana once had 80dps to 75hps shots.


Mercy is not fun and is trash.