Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State


According to Overbuff, Mercy has a pretty low pickrate now in GM, and she has a decent winrate, probably because she is picked by good Mercy players and in good situations

Also, I think we should not monopolize the whole thread around one’s POV on a couple of words, it’s not adding anything to the discussion, but hey that’s my opinion


The staff is not a mercy player. Chain beams eliminate her autonomy and her improvements of free flight and ammo eliminate her skill .
To eliminate her need for autonomy is to disempower her.
If you have a track race and give one kid a mini Tesla that drives automatically, you didn’t empower the kid. Their win isn’t through their effort. It’s because the Tesla is strong. You didn’t empower the kid. Telsa car is just good.


I respectfully disagree, as the two are not separated in the context of the game…Mercy cannot hand the staff off to a companion and have them heal, for example, nor can an enemy pick up the staff from a Mercy they just killed to heal his or her teammates

In the context of the game, they are one in the same

I respectfully disagree, as Mercy is not even required to use the healing or boosting functions of her staff during Valkyrie.

I respectfully disagree, as a skillful Mercy player generally is able to use the speed and manueverability of Valkyrie for superior evasiveness, and skill is still required to aim the pistol while using the positioning advantages of Valkyrie

In my opinion, a good Mercy player does not run on autopilot during Valkyrie.


And which situations are good for Mercy? Pocketing DPS?
Or being mobile Supercharger?

Every time hero becomes “situational”, players leave for next strongest one. If there is no such hero, players leave for different role, or just stop playing.


Mercy is a particularly good choice on teams where the characters are widely spread out and/or vertical, but she is a good choice on any map, in my opinion, particularly if the Mercy player actually uses all of her kit


Hum yeah, pocketing and spread team. But you’re missing my point, I was saying Mercy does NOT have a very high pickrate, and that her winrate increased with the decrease of her pickrate.

Also yes, in my opinion a main healer should have some situations that are better for them, but they all should be viable picks in most situations (which is not the case at the moment for Mercy nor Moira)


And it’s not going to change, unless she receives some very solid buffs.

Again, you have to give up healing for that part of her kit, so not an option. It’s not Zenyatta, Lucio or Brigitte, who can multitask.

Unless you like to be reported for not healing.



Factually, every character “gives up” one or more potential actions when they choose another

You turn left, this means you have given up the opportunity to turn right

You shoot at the enemy Roadhog, which means you have given up your opportunity to shoot at the enemy Hammond

You heal teammate A, which means you give up the opportunity to heal teammate B

Opportunity cost

Reporting is a separate issue entirely…so much false reporting goes on that I find that people will report a teammate on a whim or less. That said, I dont think most players will falsely report you on the basis that you killed the widow or phara that was decimating your team. Those that do will in my opinion find other things to falsely report you for.


Perhaps the change you proposed wasn’t a Megadodo original thought, but you made an entire thread surroundingthe idea, which is a proposal.

You proposing it and it not being an original thought aside, your wording seems to be very for the change (though, I understand you’d be just as okay if this particular change never saw the light of day).

So, let’s clarify your definitions even more. “Pro-Mercy” is someone that doesn’t want a change, but would be open to a change of some kind as long as the current play style remains untouched. “Anti-Mercy” is someone that wants a change to Mercy in some form. The key word in these definitions being want. To be redundant: You don’t want a change, but you’d be open to one if Mercy’s current playstyle goes unchanged. Am I understanding this correctly?

Maybe it’s clearly explained to you, but the way you choose to word things leaves a lot of space for misunderstandings and misinterpretation.


I did not propose it, and I do not advocate it.

My stance is made clear in the body of the thread - that I would not be opposed to such a change, and my reason for not opposing such a change was that I did not believe it would make much difference to how Mercy is played by most (possibly all) current pro-Mercy players, while it might make a few others (those wanting healing rate increased, those who want to juggle beams, etc) a bit more happy (or less unhappy)

I felt (and still feel) such a change would be worth discussing

There is a difference between discussing an item and proposing/advocating it

To be clear, I would prefer that Mercy not receive this (or any) change.

Better said: if I were to rank all proposals I have read for changing Mercy - and I have read a lot of them - this is the one I find the least objectionable

I (and many others) do not want Mercy to be changed from what she is now

The various changes that have been proposed are not equal in terms of how objectionable they would be - returning mass rez or removing rez altogether would be 2 examples (of many) of very highly objectionable changes from my point of view, whereas the bigmainlittlechain change would be far less objectionable and carries some value in terms of appeasing to an extent some of the anti-mercy faction

I respectfully disagree, as the wording in that post is very careful and clear, in my opinion


I blink and I’ve missed 400 posts.


the kid doesn’t have to share their Tesla. In the context of a race, they are the same

He doesn’t have to start his car

Making turns in a vehicle is best to be done my human mechanics. He can use auto for the straight and then manually drive for the turn for using the car to Max potential.
But the base potential is already high. As with valk.

A good driver doesn’t have to use auto pilot to make the most of the Tesla. Doesn’t mean the Tesla isn’t good itself.


Factually, that strategy was detrimental to the likelihood of a victorious teamfight. Thus, factually, Resurrect did not encourage players to stop healing their team.


If Valkyrie does everything for Mercy, which in my opinion it doesn’t, wouldn’t mass rez do more for Mercy? Considering she didn’t have to heal, fly, or do anything until everyone was dead and she could swoop in to press one button that does her job for her.
(I don’t think mass rez was this easy, nor Valkyrie. This just shows how easy it is to believe something solely because you want to.)


I respectfully disagree

Regardless of whether it was detrimental to the team or not, the behavior I described was what I saw over and over and over again when Mercy had mass rez.

I saw Mercy players repeatedly withhold healing with the intended result of having a larger number of dead teammates to resurrect

With mass rez, then, withholding healing was incentivized.

This incentive is no longer there with rez as it is now, as you will only ever rez one teammate


Would be that way, if mass resurrect was automatically teleporting you to location, where you can reach all teammates, in exact right moment, even if you press Q fifteen seconds ago and no one died yet.


Not anymore than any other ult does the job “for them”
Mass rez was instant so her normal duties were required back unlike valk which literally does her job for her.
Mass rez was different in nature than her base duties. This was about bringing teammates back to the fight. Not the same as healing or dmg boosting or pistoling. This is about maintaining what’s there. Valk is about maintainingnting what’s there. And it does it for longer. Again, valk takes away what is needed from Mercy’s autonomy

This Is “enhancing” her kit. But it doesn’t eliminate her base play and decisions needed.

Her kit in valk now, is bloated and covers too much. It’s bad design.


Similarly, mccrees will wait to try and get a six man high noon… That goes away as you improve. For mccree, his high noon isn’t the main determining factor of sr. It was and is for Mercy and rez. That’s an issue of the game. Not the mechanic


I think you fail to understand the criticism that I and many other people have tried to address you already. At least, that is my understanding of what seems to be emerging from your posts.

A fact is a fact whether it is proved or not. But when this fact is questionned, saying “it is a fact because it is a fact” will hardly convince anyone.
A personal experience that does match with a statement does not warrant that statement to be a fact. At best, they can be in correlation.
As such, when someone asks you to elaborate on one of your statement, answering with “I believe what I said earlier is correct, and I stand by it”, does not answer the question, as it adds nothing to the conversation and often leaves the interlocutor to feel confused or cheated.

I do believe you are not trolling, but I regretfully have to admit that I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that arguing with you more often than not limits the discussion to an argument on semantics instead of opening an actual debate.

Whereas the kryptonite to the Mercy discussion would be an undefeatable oponent, I find MegaDodo to be more of a hollow thus powerless kryptonite. From the outside, it seems to be actual kryptonite, but when you start scrubbing at its surface, it is empty.
They are not interested in taking part to the conversation, but they are faking it by using sophisms and arguing semantics.

Moreover, I do not find accurate to minimise the Mercy discussion to anecdote and emotion. Most Mercy advocates do bring logic points and statistics when trying to explain the flaws they see in current Mercy’s design, as this thread has shown.