Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State


If you could point me toward a VOD or a youtube video where I could witness this organic evolution of decision making in a gold game, I’d love to see it.

Til then pretty doubtful that’s a regular thing.


I am having it happen now more than ever.
Simply because that is where the game has led.
I am getting quickplay with three tanks just because people are sick of dying.

I never wanted Mercy to do well in tank metas. But I want her to feel good in a basic 2-2-2 set up. She doesn’t.

Even with Mass Rez or Valk she has never been a tank meta choice. That’s fine.

Meta can apply anywhere because there are always people in low ranks who look to higher ranks to learn and try and get people to do what they are doing.
It happens in other games too, CS:GO had people always itching to try and play the pro-strats, no different here.


So you’re running Mercy in a 2-2-2 setting and saying you’re getting ran over regularly by GOATs in Gold?

That is a tough pitch man. It’s so hard to believe.


I didn’t say that it’s regular, since not switching still remains common. But, if players are caring about winning, they tend to pick more tanks, rather than more DPS. Sometimes even more healers, which used to be very rare event.


Anything can run over Mercy in a comp, that isn’t a surprise.

However, I am getting run over by tankier comps more frequently.

GOATS as intended may not be common, by tankier comps for sure are.
And there are more requests for GOATS from team mates than I have ever had during any other meta in the games history.

Goats is easy.
Goats is achievable for lower level players.
Which is why it has been more common at lower levels than other metas.

But overall, tankier comps are run because people don’t want to die.


You keep saying that, and yet so very many people tell you otherwise. That’s adorable, have a biscuit.


You can heal one dead…but team has four more, who would need same. Almost like something particular is missing. And we all know, what it is :female_detective:


Mercy is trash because she was OP for so long. Deal with it. That’s how Blizz wants it.


Ana was in the same situation not long ago so :man_shrugging:


I don’t mind if Mercy is trash in the meta as long as she’s fun. :smiley:


They are unable to have a logical discussion because they’re so focused on being “factual” and it’s a big obstacle for this conversation. There’s nothing wrong with trying to stick to facts, but a flowing discussion is not black and white. Context and general talk is missed with them, as it seems, due to their tunnel vision.


Pro-Mercy, to them, is someone who wants no changes for Mercy. Anti-Mercy, to them, is someone that wants changes for Mercy. I am considered anti-Mercy because I would enjoy seeing some tweaks and shifts in Mercy. They are also considered anti-Mercy, by their own definition of the term, because despite claiming they want no changes, they proposed one (in an attempt to make “anti-Mercy” a little happier and to keep “pro-Mercy” happy).


Does anyone have the reply Animetic made on this post: If you think Mercy isn't fun or impactful anymore
It was a very impactful, in my mind, response to “Animetic likes current Mercy.” Unfortunately, the reply seems to be gone (I may be overlooking it). I wish I had taken a screenshot.


I don’t feel like mass rez would be shoehorned. I think valk currently is shoehorned in from a design point. They’ve done everything In their power to keep it rather than revert it. It should have stayed in ptr and never made it to live let alone comp


This I disagree with. Valk doesn’t empower mercy, it empowers her staff.
To empower mercy she still needa a majority of her autonomy. Valk takes a lot of that away. If valk was more of a “super mercy” and not an “omnipotent mercy” I’d be fine. That being her 100% speed boost but restrict it to GA, 130 hps but single target , 35% dmg boost, and pistol had a lower clip but much higher dps or something.
Because this is mercy still using her kit to the best of her choice and ability. That’s how you empower her. You give her tools to be potentially good. Not inherently good.


I do not find Mercy’s current state to be trash, personally


Saying that, with again, no supporting factors, does not improve anything it just says an opinion. Not a fact.

Factually, this is true.


I did not propose the change, as I had read several others speak of it.

I do not advocate the change, and do not want such a change, but would not object to it as I believe her playstyle would be maintained as is, which is ultimately what a pro-Mercy person wants

All of this is clearly explained within the thread itself


Given that there is no separation of the two in the context of this game, I do not agree with your assessment here


The statement was made as an opinion using terminology that clearly marks it as such