Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

I know. I was memeing

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Resurrect isn’t on an E anymore remember?

That’s a net decrease in utility.


Not to mention she’s got her pre-rework weaknesses of not having AoE healing and a bit less free mobility without Valk.


You’re putting a new ability on E and increasing the potential value of resurrect. Valk didn’t provide nearly as much utility. Her new E also comes up 3 times as often.


She does have that with the new Resurrect, but the output is much lower than her current Valkyrie.


Awesome thread as always!

I hope this time it gets the devs attention :slight_smile:


People asked for an E ability well before the rework. That was with mass rez. To give her something else to do during a fight other than her ult.


I’ve suggested this before my instead move single Rez to ultimate and it’s instant .it takes 50% to preform and fully charging it rez 3 people for more ult charge by 1.5x.note*mercy beam after healing nerf takes 63 seconds if straight healing so 1:30 is it’s average ultimate gain which is reasonable since 30 secx3 people is also3 but since it’s a ult I wanted to make it instant

And I would say that a 1-up every 30 seconds has a lot more utility to it than a combined 33% damage reduction to a single target for 12 seconds over that same duration.

And Resurrect can’t miss.

While also increasing the likelihood of failure due to additional nerfs to Resurrect.


That doesn’t matter if it’s not balanced. This bloats her kit even more

I missed this on my first check. You’re also eliminating another of mercy’s healing checks: AoE and now burst.


My only concern with the ult idea is the burst heal in the sense that it negates that “Mercy is a single target healer” thing people were pointing out for Valkyrie. I like the flexibility in ult usage, however.


If you missed that on the first pass through, why did you say this:


Because I was referring to an increase in comparison to current rez

I had some ideas for a Valkyrie/Mass Rez hybrid rework but I’ll have to type it out later.

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Aoe and burst on Mercy is cool as long as it is tied to her Ultimate.
If you want to read more about that i recommend you to read point 1.1 of my thread:

Also, the burst heal is supposed to buff res a bit, because the new restrictions are quite heavy. It makes res more to a mid fight Ult which wasn’t the case before, it’s not even a big buff really.


Actually, the AoE advantage has been minimized, as it is a single 150 HP burst heal rather than 60 health/second for 15 seconds.

As for burst… Mercy had a burst ultimate prior to the rework and did fine, so there is no reason to assume that Mercy’s burst potential would be too great if she gets a burst ultimate again.


In that case, potential doesn’t matter, as we know for a fact that in reality mass-rez is less powerful than the current Resurrect.


I don’t agree with this. I don’t want Mass Res back. Valk is a better ult. It needs work, but it is better. Not to mention it looks awesome.

People have to stop with posts asking for a revert. It wont happen. They will probably end up removing Res before they put it back in the game.

I dont think Pacify is an ability that should go on Mercy either. It would be better suited for a new support hero altogether.

Res has to be tied to ult and we have to keep Valk.


This isnt a revert this is another rework Mercy needs.


I agree Mercy needs more work, but not with a Mass Res