Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State


This buff is going to make my life even harder. People will just scream at me for rezzing or using my pistol while in Valk, now. Rip.


New dev update is just salt in the wounds posting this one here cause a few rants were posted in it regarding this


Beam juggling and prioritization with ONE SINGLE BEAM = Shows more skills
GA Managment and Usage to weave amongst the fight and avoiding ults = Shows more skills

Valk, takes all of that from the players hands and lets even someone who hasn’t learned the base kit, succeed.

There was skill you could show with her even if she was mechanically easy to pick up. There are skills outside of mechanical skill. However, Valkyrie and E Rez take away from even the skills that you learn which means they made her easier and therefore less engaging.


This ‘buff’ just feels like them scrambling backwards on the last nerf a bit and not actually addressing the issues. It’s Mercy before her last nerf again except her general healing is still bad and she gets to AFK moth more (seems a lot of DPS can’t even be bothered targeting me as Mercy anymore so I can often just sit there in a corner holding left click).


Just throwing some numbers out there but something like this would be interesting to try on PTR:

Now single target
Heals 100hp/s

It could be horrible, or OP, but I really wish they’d just let us test ideas on the PTR rather than making it an early access to new patches.

Making her Valk healing much stronger but making it single target would force you to actively choose who to heal rather than just afk click one person in the team and everyone around gets healed anyway.


Will this kill Super Jump?

Edit: phew, just tested in practice range. It does not.


I was going through each post in here, but with the new Patch Notes, and what was said on “Your Overwatch” I skipped to the bottom (was in the 4000 range before I jumped ahead).

An they call this a buff for Mercy? Then I found this Gem.


I’ve been gone for a while, and I return to a supposed “buff/fix” to Mercy’s Valkyrie.



I hear ya, I was soooooo hopeful when I saw “Mercy Buff”, then I saw what it actually was… Did a bit of a write-up on the first Link I put in above, worth a read… An no, I didn’t go on an on about only Mercy, but many other problems that I cannot discuss here in the forums.


I dunno how to feel about it.

It just happened, I guess.


Yeah the new change is not really a buff since Mercy is only healing at 60HP/s during Valk and goes back to 50HP/s during ult down time until next Valk. In that time frame Ana and Moira are supplying better heals, this change just feels like a step in the right direction with a step back.


It half cancels out mercy’s last nerf so she’s slightly stronger in ult but not by much and she has her previous ult gain rate.

yea its moreso a semi reversion of the last nerf then it is a buff.

its pretty poor to put it bluntly.


Ah. I see. Thanks, I guess.


What a joke of a buff. That isn’t going to make anyone like Valkyrie. It’s still a boring and pretty pointless ult. Fix Mercy. FOR REAL.


She’ll remain in f tier and maybe if she’s lucky maybe scrap just into d tier perhaps.

probs not though.

but yea all issues with mercy 2.0 remain and this buff serves to only solve the new issues they made by nerfing mercy’s hps.



A buff? It’s a slight revert at best. That’s pretty disheartening


It’s a kind of sort of revert, but we can’t call it a revert exactly because it’s not the exact opposite. Can’t say that Blizz is capable of reverting anything Mercy related, even though we all know the HPS nerf was a revert of her buff from a couple years ago.


Did you try to link that post on Jeff twitter or any other social media he might use? Maybe that will help to gain Blizz balance team attention


So, developers, as usual, make changes that solve nothing?
Can’t say that it’s surprising, but shows clear lack of understanding, why Valkyrie is terrible ultimate. :woman_facepalming:

Unless Valkyrie healing gets buffed to decent, ultimate levels, it will be trash ultimate, with 50 or 60 hps.


As much as I wouldn’t be pleased with a copy of like four other ults, at least it would feel useful and impactful, but I highly doubt it’s possible with rez as a regular ability, which is basically the crux of the issue.