Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

It remains to be seen if I get what I ask for…hopefully, there wll be no more personal attacks

All of the posts that I have identified as personal attacks were (and still are) personal attacks

No, it does not.

None of the posts you identified as personal attacks were personal attacks.


Im still confused how 1. You got personal attacks from those post, and 2. not explain why or how they are personal attacks.


(Looks at the most recent exp patch notes)




please tell me im not dreaming

EDIT: to all mercy mains and supports… please keep this exp change alive… remain vigilant. Even if they don’t make it official in quickplay, at least express how much this means to us! We want to enjoy playing mercy again! #nomorenerfcy


not all Mercy/support mains WANT mass rez to return…or for Valkyrie to no longer be an ultimate…myself certainly included

many many many players have expressed unambiguously that they prefer her current configuration to mass rez Mercy

For us, this is a sad day, to think Mercy would regress to that state.

For those who dont know what this discussion is about, click here and scroll down to Mercy


very sad

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Play it first. See how slow she is.

At least this gives room for them to still work with her. I want mass rez because I want her to feel like she is making a difference when ulting, but with the current valkyrie it just feels so unrewarding.


It’s a foot in the door, and that’s more than we’ve ever gotten since Mercy got reworked the first time.

The concept itself of “make rez an AoE ult and Valkyrie (sans chain beams) a cooldown ability” is a good idea. It’s just the numbers that need fiddling with.

Exp changes have been known to make it to live. If we express enough positive feedback, they may seriously consider making a streamlined version.


Its not. Its an experimental for fun. All creators have said so.


“In this limited-edition Experimental Card, we will feature over-the-top balance changes coming directly from Overwatch content creators. Each creator ideated on changes for heroes within their role.”

in what part does it say this is ‘for fun’?

Sad but True

I can only hope they dont, but tho I hate the thought deeply even I must admit that given the amount of dev work that had to have gone into producing this, that possibility is very real.

On the change itself, the way I am reading it, her GA speed is greatly lessened while in Valkyrie form. That sorta kinda doesnt make sense to me - Valk (being an ultimate and all) should imo only enhance her powers, not diminish them. Itd make more sense to me if her regular GA speed were decreased slightly and regular speed resumed in the few moments while in EXPValk mode…though that’d admittedly be a much bigger nerf and not a change I am asking for by any stretch of the imagination

I’m still happy that they did it.

If it’s truly a one-time thing, I’m going to make the most of it and binge until the EXP card goes down.

At the same time, though, we should all keep in mind that “just for fun” exp changes have made it to live before.

“Don’t take this one seriously” exp cards seem to be devspeak for “hey, wouldn’t it be funny if X hero did Y? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Hahaha, just kidding! Unless… :flushed:


The creators in their videos where they explain the changes…

That’s something, at least. Though it would be a bit tricky to find teammates conveniently dead within circle with 8 m radius.


I am guessing this will get you playing again after a 2-3 year hiatus?

Odd that they would experiment and do nothing with all of the changes. It seems it’s just a way of teasing us with hope I suppose. I tried her out, though slow, she can now contest moira in gold healing with valk now. She seems like a viable healer to me

yeah as of right now the respawn time is bugged, I had 4 people that conviniently died to one another, 3 respawned during my mass rez and i got 1 off :expressionless:

The only thing slowing Mercy’s kit down is the cast time on Resurrect, and you’re using that less often now than you were with it on a cooldown.


Valk is on a 20 second cooldown, so I assume you gonna use that often. They nerfed her movement speed for that alot; for both flying speed and ga movement.

Have you read the patchnotes and actually played it?

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